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Weird things happening to me??

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#1 sibeltokgoz



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Posted 09 January 2014 - 04:09 AM

I've just turned seventeen and ever since then, I feel like my senses are heightened. I hear noises in my house (crying noises) and one night about a year ago, I went to the toilet at four AM and I turned the bathroom light off once finished and I saw a really dark patch and naturally, I thought that my eyes were just adjusting to the darkness but I walked through it and I felt like I swallowed something before dropping to the ground. It was literally like I was paralyzed for a second or two.

But recently, I've been able to power electrical devices off my finger? The other day I had my phone charger in my hand as I tried to find a plug to put it in and whenever my finger touched the metal bit at the end of the plug, my phone would begin to charge (this lasted for a minute or two before stopping). Sometimes I can even tell what somebody's feeling just by looking at them. And whenever this happens, it's like all their feelings just transfer over to me and I start to feel how they're feeling.

I also feel like I can hear things that nobody else can. Like, I can hear people whispering when they're sitting far away from me and sometimes i hear footsteps stamping at the front of my bedroom door when nobody is there.

And I don't know if this'll help, but my mum has dreams about things before they happen and she can also sense/see bad spirits.

Please give me your honest opinion! I feel like I'm going crazy and I just want some reassurance!

#2 soulrunner


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Posted 09 January 2014 - 09:32 AM

there could be many things happening here. Firstly (and I do not mean any disrespect) you are 17yrs old. you are just coming to a great changing point in your life, you are neither classed as an adult nor are you a child anymore. 17 is probably the worst year of anybodys life. depending on where you come from, at 17 you can join the army, fight and die, but you cannot drink alcohol or vote for the people who would send you to war. You can go to work but probably live at home so you have spare money to spend. your diet has also probably changed with that spare income, and you probably indulge in alot more sugar than you used to. your body has certainly changed and hormones will rage through you like crazy (being a man I cannot help you with that one) My point is in the last six months to a year your whole life has probably changed beyond reccognition and as a result you are experiencing new sensations. My advice would be to first take a step back from everything, take a long breath and see if your life has changed. Check your diet, sudden vast amounts of sugar can make anybody vunerable, but someone as young as you doubly so. It could even lead to hallucinations. Do look with a clear an open mind for the logical first and if something has changed vastly in your diet, change it back and then see what happens. log when it happens and if it co-incides with "mother nature" it could be you are mildly anemic. If these things continue to happen after you have checked all the logical then seek more help. Whatever the outcome there is one thing for sure, you are not going crazy you are just growing up. :-)

#3 BlastEpsilon



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Posted 10 June 2014 - 06:11 PM

Well you could be possessed by a demon, or your house could be haunted, or you could be possessed by the fear of being possessed. I could help you find out.

Ask... to Take.

#4 Ravus Aranea

Ravus Aranea

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 08:39 PM

Hormones and demons aside...you may very well be a sensitive....try to find out if any of the other women in your family have had the same type of experiences..it sounds like your mother might have. You are listing some of the classic symptoms...please know that you are not alone....and that it is nothing to fear...many people have the same types of abilities that you have listed....

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