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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) - Our Topic of the Month!

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#1 Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 11:53 AM

Dear Ghostvillagers,

If you’ve ever seen me speak at a conference, lecture, or school, you know my passion is discussing the odd and unusual in front of people. When I’m speaking on a stage, I feel a connection to everyone there. That energy is incredible. And by watching the facial expressions and body language of my audience, I can learn what topics make them lean forward with interest, and which stories make them start checking their phones for Facebook updates. That connection from one person to a group, or even from an individual to another, is a tangible energy that can be felt by everyone involved.

On January 28th I had the honor of heading to New York City to give my first TEDx talk. My topic was: “History is a Ghost Story - The Haunted White House.” I was the first paranormal investigator who has been asked to give one of these talks. I prepped for weeks to make my 10 minutes count. My talk is now available online for free here: . Please watch it and share. I feel the message is important.

You may have noticed that hasn’t had many updates lately. I want you to know why: We’ve been rebuilding this baby from the ground up. Back in 1999 when launched, the site was just six Web pages. Updating six Web pages doesn’t take much time. But over the years we added thousands more. Each page is a unique HTML file. While that worked great years ago, today it’s too big for its own good. So I’ve been working with a programmer to move all of that content into a database. From there, we can do anything with it. You can search for exactly what you’re looking for and create your own unique Ghostvillage experience.

The new will officially launch next month with the next newsletter. I’m thrilled for you to see what we have planned. And once on the new platform, we will welcome new contributors, content, and discussion like never before.

This month, I thought we could explore the concept of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) a bit more. EMF is a buzzword on any paranormal TV show. Many investigators use EMF meters in their investigations, but why? The theory is that ghosts are either comprised of electromagnetic energy or the intelligence behind them manipulates EMF in some way, but again I ask: Why do we think that is so? I’m not saying it’s necessarily wrong, I’m just saying we should understand the logic behind the theory and not just repeat it because we saw it on television.

The original ghost hunter Harry Price was exploring electromagnetic energy as it relates to ghosts as far back as the 1920s. He went down that road because psychic mediums before him believed that this newly-harnessed power called “electricity” could explain psychic phenomena. Maybe it can. What do you think? Discuss it in this month’s message board of the month: http://www.ghostvill...hp?showforum=27

I have some big events coming up soon. First, I’m proud to announce that I’m coming to Paracon Australia May 10-11! If you’re one of our many Aussie Ghostvillagers, please come investigate Maitland Gaol with us. And this April 12, we’re holding a Legend Trips event at the historic and haunted Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut!

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of
Twitter: @THEJeffBelanger
Facebook: Jeff Belanger

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#2 leslie_dragonlvr


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 02:47 PM

Ok Jeff! Here I go...
I strongly believe that spirits are energy myself. I will explain after my first thoughts on the TV show and group aspects.
I would not conclude that an EMF meter would confirm such things, as they try to do in the TV shows, because most of the groups do not follow up checking for any other electrical sources in the area. They jump the gun and claim there is a spirit there from the get go because of that little meter.
So needless to say, not all can be proof that a spirit is near, let alone make it seem like this is the way to go due to a TV show saying so. Many of the shows have begun to lack in follow up debunking of these things.

Now, as for my self..
Many here on GV know how I am including you Jeff.
I want to explain some of the things that I strongly feel are taking place and have been misconcieved by the paranormal world on a whole pertaining to spirit energy.
1st of all, it has gotten crazy with people claiming that because they have gotten "3" scratches during an investigation, that the entity in question is demonic. It's not! Why? Because if you stick out your hand to touch someone, what are the first fingers that touch that person??? Answer, your "3" middle fingers of your hand. Now, when this type of thing happens, the spirit has drawn up enough energy to leave what I call an "electrical" type burn or scratch mark as it is seen. I have had this happen to my own self during an investigation. The little boy I was talking to early that evening and was not wanting me to go and I knew he was really upset and sort of reaching for me. As we finished packing up and got in the car, my leg began to burn like crazy! Being so busy prior packing up, I didn't noticed the actual event happen. It was hurting pretty bad in the car and as soon as we got home I had to get my pants off to look at my leg! I looked at my thigh and I actually had 2 finger burn marks, very small in size, but small enough to be a child's finger. I took pictures and Greg looked at it and we talked about the fact there was nothing in the building that could have created this at ALL! I told the group what had happened and that this little boy was trying to get me to stay just as we were packing up.
The TV shows, with the producers encouraging "fear factors" to keep an audience, which I know they do (I've had emails that this is one of the main things they are looking for and said in their own words!). People want to get scared, no doubt there, paranormal groups are looking for that too, which I have seen with quite a few out there and some personally. They run from ghost tour to ghost tour looking for just that, evidence is not on the high priority list it seems. You never see any other back up work done on the investigation.
I know you work with GA a lot Jeff and they are one of the main shows people watch for just that! How many demons can one run into, let alone claim they are gonna "kill Zack"??? Come on now...
I have watched the "fake" psychics do their thing too, which really ticks me off knowing what I do and how it is seen to others...OMG are you kidding me???
Ok enough of that, back to the EMF meter...
It is a tool and that is all it can be looked at. It is not something that can fully say there is a spirit in the room etc. There has to be more back up work done when using it.
Greg - You and no other - Forever and Always! Gv ge yu!

#3 greg_dragonlvr



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Posted 19 February 2014 - 09:19 AM

Hi up there, fancy meeting you here! Posted Image

Couple of things on emf meters and energy fields. Caverat has a good thread going on the meter itself. But most of us have neither the funding or technical background to get really involved in that level of equipment. But the physics still stands and several things can be done with the standard 'spook' gear to compensate somewhat for their shortcomings. You will need several meters though, positioned at different orientation. EMF is very directional and that is why two people with meters may not get equal results. Orientation was probably the same and just the distance would make all the difference. By holding 2 meters at different angles, you will get an increased shot at detection.

Virtually anything can produce an EM event. In an investigation, just as sounds are noted (like traffic, people moving, etc), sources should be as well. Just because the lights are out, the refrigerator still cycles, the computer router and blue tooth devices are still active and carpet still produces static and so on. I personally think that if spirits do produce a EM event, there is just too much environmental contamination to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The reality shows should come with a label that reads "For Entertainment Purposes Only" as far as investigations go. They have the really fun toys thought. When standing next to a cable run right below a light fixture produces a spike and spontaneous celebration occurs because they got a response from a haunt, it is just sad.

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#4 White Witch

White Witch

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 09:58 AM

Jeff I enjoyed your video on Facebook. Very interesting. I was surprised the people didn't laugh right away at your jokes, I thought they were funny.
Right this way to my haunted space.

#5 meanderer



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Posted 21 February 2014 - 03:08 PM

Can anybody tell me where I could donate larger font sizes to Jeff? Posted Image
Beannacht ort

#6 wipsi


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 03:54 PM

If you use EMF meters and think electromagnetic fields are correlated with ghostly paranormal phenomena, then you absolutely need to read this critical review by Dr. Jason Braithwaite. You can download the article for free.
Magnetic fields, hallucinations and anomalous experiences: A sceptical critique of the current evidence
The Skeptic | Volume 22. Issue 4 / Volume 23. Issue 1. The article can be downloaded here: http://www.academia....urrent_Evidence

#7 CaveRat2


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 08:45 PM

The purpose of any EMF scan, be it meter or monitor, is to establish where a field exists which could cause false positives from your other devices. Period. There is no conclusive evidence that any spirit causes or affects the EM Fields. However there IS evidence that fields of certain amplitude and frequency can affect the brain wave patterns, especially in the regions below 20 Hz. The reason is these are the frequency ranges of normal brain waves and they are electrical in nature. So it stands to reason that the brain can and does respond to electrical activity in those frequencies.

So want to monitor that area just in case something also generates such a field. It also becomes important that what we use to monitor must be at least half ways reliable, we can't have equipment that is prone to errors and unstable responses. beter we use no equipment and get no data than creating false data which serves to make us look like morons who don't understand what we are doing.

It would be too long to post all the various ways that some misuse euipment and use inferior junk to get false positives. I have put up descriptions and lab analysis summaries on my website regarding several fallacies that do go into this. for those want to know why I am so down on KIIs, ghost boxes, Echovox, Ouija boards, and the Magic 8 Ball, I cover the science behind it in the Q&A section of my website at
Visit my website

#8 greg_dragonlvr



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Posted 23 March 2014 - 08:13 AM

I have used these gadgets for years for tracking power lines in walls, bonding of electrical panels and buried power lines. This is when I noted that just about anything will effect these units: water running through piping, police radar guns, CB broadcasting, shuffling feet, etc... They are always used in that capacity with large amounts of salt, but it beats tearing out a wall, or misplacing a trench.

Just as aside, dowsing rods will correlate with the tracker within 50% when tracking power lines.

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#9 jimmary


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    Did I mention porn?

Posted 11 April 2014 - 09:05 AM

Good reponses from CaveRat and greg-dragonlvr, and educational.  I don't have an aptitude for most things electronic, so this is good stuff to me.

leslie_dragonlvr, you hit that nail on the head about "demon" or 'trinity' scratches; it makes me shake my head when those on "GV" (or any other show) jump to the "Demon" conclusion.  I have discussed this with my physics/chemistry teacher wife in regards to energy, and I have considered that the scratches could be a badly controlled or over-zealous attempt at contact.  I can't jump to a conclusion on any of this as no one has a firm grasp on why this or that happens or what is behind it, in my opinion.  I have a firm rule that it is all speculation and that we accept or twist evidence according to our beliefs.  In most cases I actually believe most evidence is twisted to conform to one's belief without an attempt to consider or confirm alternate possibilities; I have seen this too many times on tv and in real life.

meanderer, I agree.  Maybe there should be a font intervention with Jeff.  I gave up reading it.

White Witch, I didn't know Jeff posted FB videos; I'll have to check them out.


Just a note: this is how OCD I am; I hit the edit button just to add a single comma.  I'm too OCD for this world.

Edited by jimmary, 11 April 2014 - 09:06 AM.

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