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Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail(short story)

Easter rabbits candy

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Posted 05 April 2014 - 09:21 AM

Note: My regular writing site is down so is hopefully a solution.  I Was told in this thread this is ok, If I misunderstood sorry.




Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

Everyone has heard of the Easter Bunny, as well the song that goes with most famous name “Here Comes Peter Cottontal”,  but the town of Cottontail, Pennysylvania, has a more sinister version of the children’s character. It all started one spring evening, Iin the beginning of March, when the town’s rabbit population(a rather large one hence it’s name) began mysteriously disappearing, as spring comes rather earky to this town for some strange season. Responding poice officer noticed a fire deep in the woods, after getting a call of a “disturbance” people screaming in the woods late at night. They found a horrifying scene, a group of people dressed in robes, had been viciously mauled and mutilated. They found remains of rabbits in a cicrle. The police assumed Satantists had sacrificed them to some sort of demon, but the ritual went horribly wrong, and whatever it was killed them.  Some say the vengeful  spirits of the bunnies took revenge on the Satanists. But that wasn the beginning of bizarre  events that continue to plague the town to this day. Children who were outside playing would sudden;y saying “Give me candy or I’ll eat them instead”, or a variation thereof. Parents frantically flocked to drug stores trying to get everything from Peeps to jelly beans, to chocolate bunnies, and left them at their front overnight, only to find them gone and the children safely in ved. After it became a recurring problem at Easter season, parents started getting it asa soon as it shelves. Some parents who think it’s a sick joke, or just leave carrots, never see their  children again. Eventually however chocalte and candy didn’t satisfy him, and he started eating human flesh, and eating kids mercilessly, A child named Krissy was playing  in her backyard, when a man in Easter Bunny suit came out of the woods,  and held out an Easter basket, her parents couldn’t stop her in time and they never saw her again. The most horrifying incident was at a family Easter celebration, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The parents decided to let their kids go for an Easter egg hunt in the woods at edge of their grandparents property, with the older kids upervising, All went well for the first half hour or so, then one of them came out of the woods crying, saying they saw a “bunny monster”. The two their fathers, plus their uncle, along with some neighbors, who supplied some shotguns, went in after it. They heard blood curling screams, and then one of the neighbors came out all bloody and traumitized. The  police arrived and the neighbor told them a 6 foot rall bunny, brown with fangs and razor sharp claws, charged out of the bushes and ripped them limb from limb. The police went into the woods and found a trail of blood with no trace of the bodies. The police did a sketch which the neighbor identified as the “monster rabbit”, and the man was committed to an asylum. The plolice dubbed the creature “Tyrannosaurus Cottontail” or of course a shortened version, “T-rex   Cottontail”. Ever since then the residents adopted a song for the creature set o tune of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”.

Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

Roaring down the bunny trail,

Fe fi fo fum

Bloodshed’s on it’s way

You best lock up your house

Put your kids somewhere safe

Or  you’ll wake up Easter Morning

And you’ll find he ate them all
Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

Roaring down the bunny trail

Fe, fi fo fum

Bloodshed’s on its way

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