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The Zombie March(short story)

zombies voodoo New Oreleans

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 05:43 PM

The Zombie March

The Zombie March(or March Of The Zombie Soldiers) is an eerie tune, accompanied by(as it’s name suggests, marching zombies) heard throughout New Orleans on Halloween night. It all started around Christmas 1941, shortly after the United States entered World War II. An African-American by the name of Hank, was employed by the Hollingsworth family as part of their estate’s various... staff. Florence Hollingsworth, the family’s youngest daughter, had a boyfriend who recently left for Wold War II and Hank would often console her, usually with jazz music, as he was talented musician and she was quite fond of him and his talent, and eventually they began a secret romance, where he would soothe her with his music . Her father Horace, however was a major racist, and viewed Hank as a slave, and of course opposed their romance. Four years later in 1945, when Florence’s boyfriend James returned home, he noticed she kept making excuses to avoid him. Then in October 1945, Horace told James the truth. One night Hank , while on his rounds, was walking by Horace’s private study, when he overheard a plot between him. He planned on seeing a voodoo queen, Madame Harriet, and making a voodoo doll of Hank, then we would invite him to perform at a ball had been organizing for months for New Orleans soldiers who had come home safely, then push the voodoo doll off a table, causing Hank to fall of the stage, hoping the humiliation would cause Florance to go back to James, and Hank would never even go near her again. One thing he didn’t count on was that Madame Harriet was in fact Hank’s mother, and she lover her only son more than anything in the world, she would even give up her voodoo if e didn’t approve, and gave him a voodoo doll with no magic, while she and Hank came up their own plan . On October 31st 1945, when Hank went up on stage, He started to play “Oh When The Saints Come Marching Come In, while the soldiers marched up to the stage with beautiful woman being escorted by their arms. James and Florence were among them, Horace then put the voodoo doll on the table, only to find it wasn’t working, and then a horrifying sight occurred, all the soldiers tuned into zombies, and went after Horace. Hank and Madame Harriet had in fact, used a spell that would make his music turn all soldiers into zombies, and then obey his commands he made with his music, known as The Zombie March(or March Of The Zombie Soldiers). They marched toward Horace and carried him off. Florence went insane, and after the connection between Madame Harriet and Hank both were lynched with Hank vowing to get his revenge by turning all soldiers into zombies from beyond the grave. One year later on Halloween 1946, a soldier who had grown up in New Orleans but moved elsewhere prior to World War II, had come to visit his family, as well as pay respects to all the soldiers from New Orleans who had been killed in the line of duty. As he was approaching the cemetery dates, he heard an eerie version of “Oh When The Saints Come Marching Come In , approaching from somewhere in the distance, then he realized that hands were coming out of the ground, and to his horror, all the soldiers moved towards the music as it got closer, then saw a man in a tuxedo with a saxophone, with a bunch of men in soldier uniforms approaching, then realized he had no face, not even any skin just bones, the last words he heard were “Oh When The Zombies Rise From Their Graves, All Soldiers Will Be In That Number, When The Zombies Rise From Their Graves.

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