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Learning How To Protect Myself: Please Help!

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#1 MissVelma



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Posted 19 April 2014 - 02:59 PM

Hello, my name is Briaunna and I am VERY sensitive to spirits. This is mainly because of spirits who have not allowed me to ignore them, most of which were very mean and terrifying to deal with as a child. Over time I have slowly been able to shut out all spiritual energy from myself by choosing to dull my senses until I have gained enough control to protect myself. This is a largely avoided conversation between myself and my family, mainly due to the fact that I was raised in a Christian household. My father doesn't believe in spirits or demons affecting the physical world (because God protects us all) and I'm not sure what my mom thinks, but I know she was very worried about me for a long time and had me tested for pretty much every form of mental illness and chemical imbalance. I've learned how to block out energy from affecting me a lot better than I used to, but I'm inexplicably drawn to the invisible world. Like a calling, I guess? I don't know. The frustrating part is that for over 10 years I have been basically harassed off and on by spirits, demons, whatever. I've learned to channel my energy to heal and have prayed constantly through the years for angelic protection and even God's interference when I was attacked by a spirit who I'm sure was trying to possess me. I need help. I can feel a wave about to come, and I need to prepare myself, but I've never had a teacher and the spirit guide who is asking for my trust is someone that I'm not sure about. There's an angel who has been protecting me for a long time, and I love him very much for doing so, however I also want to be able to grow spiritually and also be able to defend myself from unwanted energy. Any tips? I'd super appreciate it. I'm not really good at finding authentic helpers, and it's beginning to really discourage me. I don't want to be cut off from this part of my life, but I also don't want to be scared every time I venture out into the unknown. Can anyone please help me?

#2 colink2209



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Posted 20 April 2014 - 08:29 AM

There are two types of spirits, 

1)  the spirits of human beings who have departed

2)  spirits that was created as spirits, like angels and djinn, some are good, some are bad


  Two different types of spirits with different powers     

#3 MissVelma



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Posted 20 April 2014 - 09:42 AM

I have been attracting spirits my whole life. I've already figured out the basics of what I'm dealing with. My issue is figuring out which spirits I can trust since I've been dealing with some pretty deceptive spirits who do not wish me well. So if you have anything productive for me, please let me know. Otherwise please reread my original post. I'm not sure you understood my question.

#4 Ysbryd


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Posted 21 April 2014 - 11:26 AM

Can I ask if you know of any of your extended family - i.e. grandparents on either side or aunts/uncles - who may have this same ability? Since your mother hasn't been as direct as your father in stating her beliefs, or lack of, I'm inclined to believe she knows something. I wouldn't be surprised if she had you tested at the direction of your father.

#5 JessMarie44



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Posted 09 May 2014 - 02:08 AM

  Miss Velma, I am too in the same boat as you are but I only started noticing my gifts seriously when I was about 27 years old after I experienced something very traumatic of my Father In Law's death. He should have been my  Father as close as e were and no relationship with my own. I also rememer feeling as though I was ALWAYS being watched in my bedroom as a little girl and would always end up on the couch as I knew I was never alone. I was told I put my mediumship and other gifts on hold or blocked them b/c of all the crap I went through growing up, and well Dad's Death was my trigger and I started a full on awakening, and wow was this the most life changing, loving experience I ever had and am still having as I still am awakening and will be for a long time. I am just now in the process after finally having severe panic attacks and Anxiety, going through Protection classes and reading so much online as well about protection and so on. You should go to a site called "in5d" as it has so much on this site and also can explain how to better protect yourself from all the jerks of spirits that are trying to walk all over you, as I have learned they love to do this to people who dont know how to protect themselves and also ones who are giving up on their gifts. I would never tell you what to do honey, but I have learned the more I try and ignore my gifts the worse the spirits get with me. I also am a believer in God and started thinking, he saw fit to give me these gifts for a reason, whether it may be b/c I am a very strong girl from all the bad I went through growing up til about 20 or b/c I am so empathetic towards everyone, and I mean everyone as I don't like injustices and inequality in any way shape or form. I also have very strong feelings about what people go through in general as I hate to see anyone in pain. So what if God gave me these gifts b/c he knows WE are strong enough to fight the evil and do good with the good ones. We are NEVER given more than we can handle from the Lord, and trust me when I say "I was ?ing all of my gifts as well for a long time as I was running to the darned E.R. thinking I was going to die of a Heart Attack all the time but ended up being my Anxiety and Panic causing this and also the FEAR of what I was feeling and seeing as I am an Empath as well, so I pick up on everyone's pain & anger and Physical ailments. I just think you should think long and hard about why you want to give up your gifts before you do, make a list of all the pros and cons and then make an informed decision but don't do it because your not protected b/c I will work with you to make sure you are ALWAYS protected honey. Just remember God thought us as special nough people to give us these gifts and there is no better feeling than knowing you are helping others as you will be if you decide to keep your gifts. If you ever need anything honey, please write me and I will always make sure I am there for you, Love, Light and many Blessings Miss Velma...biggrin.png wink.png tongue.png laugh.png 

#6 MoonChild


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Posted 10 May 2014 - 11:38 AM

This could help you, please check: http://www.ghostvill...=33533&p=577122

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