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Enoch, Demons and Aliens

Book of Enoch Demons Christian Christianity Catholic Aliens Demonology Fr.Jack Ashcraft

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Fr. Ashcraft


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Posted 31 May 2014 - 02:22 PM

With so much talk of Globalism, impending wars in the Middle East, worldwide economic collapse, and perhaps even a global food shortage, one might well ask why take the time to think about angels, demons, and UFO's? Even for theologians, the subject tends to be pushed to the perimeters of theological discussion or debate. Under the circumstances of the sociopolitical realities of the day, there certainly appears to be much more important issues to concern ourselves with. However, this was not always the case and the subject might be far more important to the current state of world affairs than many would suspect. For example, during the 4th century, when the Visigoths marched upon the Roman Empire, when civil order was collapsing and all manner of corruption had become common - people were indeed turning their thoughts to the activities of angels, both good and fallen. At that crucial point in history they wanted to know one thing: Were angels ever embodied as physical angel-human hybrids in order to interact with humanity in ways that violated both their nature and the dignity of the human race? Though most of the ancient debate is almost completely lost in the mists of time, we can ask similar questions today. If angels ever did become hybrids that looked like ordinary humans, what would they be like? How would you pick one out in a crowd? Would he be good and holy, an example of everything Jesus taught? Or would he be evil, one of the malevolent fallen angels? Regarding the latter, our questioning gets a bit more delicate. If fallen angels lived on earth, as Scripture seems to indicate, became a hybrid, could they not still be among us? Given the state of affairs in the 21st century, where would we find them today? Do they manipulate our government? Are they behind some sciences, such as Eugenics and Transhumanism? Are they connected to the UFO phenomena? Could they be responsible for the alien abduction scenario?
Theologians of the 4th century had some of the answers, preserved in ancient Hebraic scrolls. Fortunately for us, if we examine the writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, what we discover is the amazing fact that they indeed knew something about a hybrid race of fallen angels, and that later in church history this very same knowledge was considered so threatening that it was banned and declared heresy. The Ante-Nicene Fathers, back in the first few centuries after Christ and the Apostles, were exploring the origin of evil in the world. And the majority of them agreed that evil was rooted in the activities of those angels who fell from heaven; the scriptural account of Satan's rebellion against the God (Isaiah.14: 12-15) and the other rebellious angels who were cast out with him (Rev. 12:9). Oddly, when most Christians think of these beings they think only of incorporeal, demonic entities tempting humanity to commit acts of sin and blasphemy, implanting the seeds of evil in the minds of humanity. But certain passages in Sacred Scripture and other sacred writings of the Ante-Nicene era told of one group of these fallen ones taking on very much physical forms and creating a hybrid race of beasts that can only be described as alien.
Embodied Angels
The physical embodiment of angels shouldn't be such a difficulty for theologians, though you will find many of them will argue against it with passion. Take for example the angel with whom Jacob wrestled, who was physical enough to physically hurt him. So physical was this angel that the Book of Genesis (32:24) calls him a 'man', although elsewhere (Hosea 12:4) Scripture reveals that he was an 'angel'. The angel said to Jacob, "Let me go, for the day breaks." How could Jacob have had such a hold upon an incorporeal being? Also consider the angels who visited Sodom (Gen. 19:1-11) who had to be bolted indoors in Lot's house in order to protect them from an intended sexual assault by local townspeople. Again, these angels appeared physical enough as to arouse the lusts of at least some of the residents of Sodom. Or what of Manoah (Judges 13:3-21), who offered to cook dinner for his guest - presumed to be an ordinary man, until he ascended to heaven in the fire Manoah had lit? "Then Manoah knew," explains scripture, "that he was an angel of the Lord." The belief in the ability of angels to assume human form, despite its seeming unorthodoxy, is an established fact in Sacred Scripture, and was an established fact in the Ante-Nicene church.
The Book of Enoch
Now consider the Book of Enoch. This book was once revered by Jews and Christians alike, and was often quoted by the Ante-Nicene Fathers. It wasn't until well after the Apostolic era that the Book of Enoch fell into disfavor with some of the most politically theologians of that time. The reason? It was because of its controversial teachings on the nature and activities of the fallen angels. Its teachings were considered so heretical by one of them, Filastrius, that he literally publicly condemned it as heresy despite the fact that men who knew the apostles had accepted its testimony. Rabbis too spoke against it, no doubt because of its widespread acceptance by Christians for so long a time. Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai in the 2nd century A.D. pronounced a curse upon those who believed it. So the book was denounced, banned, cursed, no doubt burned and shredded for a very long time. But with an almost divine persistence, the Book of Enoch found its way back into the public eye two centuries ago. In 1773, rumors of a surviving copy of the book drew Scottish explorer James Bruce to distant Ethiopia. There he found that the Book of Enoch had been preserved by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and that it formed part of their Biblical canon. Bruce secured three copies of the book and took them back to Europe. Fifty years later, when the book's first English translation was produced, the modern world gained its first glimpse of the forbidden mysteries of Enoch.
Enoch reveals for the people who live at the end times the secrets of the origin of evil and the nefarious activities of a hybrid race. The book takes u back in human history to a disturbingly diabolical point of corruption upon the earth. The trouble, according to Enoch, began when a group of angels known as Watchers, and their leader named Samyaza, developed an insatiable lust for the 'daughters of men' and an irrepressible desire to beget children by these women. Samyaza didn't want to descend alone, and so he convinced two hundred other Watchers to accompany him on his mission of sexual perversion and blasphemy. Then the Watchers took oaths and bound themselves to the undertaking by curses. Once such a pact was sealed, betrayal was punishable by unnamed penalties. In their arrogance, the Watchers descended and took wives from among the daughters of men. They taught the women sorcery, incantations, and divination - twisted versions of the miracles of heaven. The women conceived hybrid children from these Watchers – the Nephilim, evil “giants”. The Nephilim hybrids devoured all the food that humans could produce. They killed and ate birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish. Their appetite was so severe, nothing was sacred. Eventually they turned to eating humans. One of these Watchers named Azazyel created unnatural adornments for women, such as eye makeup and fancy bracelets, to enhance the sexual appearance and desirability of women. As for the men, Azazyel taught them "every species of iniquity," including making swords, knives, shields, breastplates; the tools of warfare. Enoch explained that war not as a human invented or God sent plague, but as an evil act of the fallen Watchers. Finally, having had enough, the human race cried out in the midst of oppression and pain. Heaven responds swiftly. The archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel appeal on behalf of humanity before the Most High God, the King of kings. The Lord orders Raphael to bind Azazyel hand and foot. Gabriel is sent to destroy the "children of fornication," the alien hybrid off-spring of the Watchers, by inciting them to their own self-destruction, in mutual slaughter. Michael is then sent to bind Samyaza and the evil hybrid offspring who survive "for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgment." Then God sends the Great Flood to help wipe out the evil Nephilim hybrids, who have somehow managed to escape capture. But some of the hybrids survived, and later return to influence humanity. Likewise, the Book of Enoch tells of the Watchers who still hold power over humanity (in some curiously undefined way) until the final judgment of these Watchers and their hybrid offspring. There is also the most significant passage, near the end of the book, which speaks of the End Times:
"In those days will the angles return and hurl themselves upon the east… to stir up kings and provoke them in a spirit of unrest…. And they will march up to and tread under foot the land of His elect ones… They will begin to fight amongst themselves… till the number of corpses through their slaughter is beyond count…"
I suspect this is a prophecy for our modern era, with wars and rumors of wars in "the east" and the countless corpses in the Holy Land at the hands of Islamic terrorists and the reactions of nations attacked by these militants.
The Obvious Ramifications
It seems that ever since the fall of the angels, pride and lust have been the cause of pain, hate and wars. If Nephilim, a malevolent hybrid between human and angel, use every trick to turn our attention to the lusts of the flesh and the eye, we should more fiercely resist temptation - knowing it is part of an organized conspiracy against their souls, the dark plot of a race of beings who, though alien, are not from another planet. Making the victim believe that they are benevolent beings from another planet or realm, a seemingly totally scientific possibility - is the brainwashing tactic of the principalities and powers of the fallen angels. It ought to be kept in mind wherever mass manipulation becomes a factor in deciding the issues of life - where definitions are redefined and the Truth is seen as the lie, and the Liar is heralded as the savior of humanity, there is a hidden hand manipulating the outcome with an agenda of enslavement. Such is the case with the messages and methodology of the alien abduction scenario. What many today sense as "something wrong" with the prevailing message of world peace and love to come out of alien abduction accounts (though not all, certainly) – something they cannot quite put their finger on - may very well be the manipulation of the minds and spirits of humanity by those ancient hybrid Nephilim who have clouded the issues of Truth and error.
Aliens Are Demons
Examining the evidence, we can present a case for these so-called aliens in fact being the hybrid Nephilim. Ten facts stand out more than any others, though entire books could be written in the topic.
1.The “aliens” continue to do what the Watchers did. That is, we find repeated examples of manipulation of human DNA, and producing alien-human hybrids. This is exactly what occurred when the Nephilim embodied.
2.Aliens never affirm the deity of Christ. In fact, they either speak blasphemously of Him, or will parrot the New Age line that He is just one of the “enlightened”, an “Ascended Master”.
3.They changed the stories of their origin time and time again, even though they appear in the same forms. As humanity has gained more knowledge of the universe, stories of being from Jupiter vanished, and now they claim to be from galaxies far too distant for us to have any solid knowledge of.
4.While claiming to be much more advanced than humanity, they are quite obviously dependent on us in a physical way; for DNA, the propagation of their species, etc. This again lines up with the witness of Enoch.
5.There have been many abductees who, after seeking help from Christians who understand the nature of the phenomena, have stopped any further abductions by invoking the name of Jesus, as has been noted time and time again by the likes of Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen and others.
6.The message consistently brought by these “aliens” is diametrically opposed to the message of Sacred Scripture, and in fact promotes New Age and Globalist ideas. They always encourage a rejection of the Gospel and an embrace of the esoteric and occult.
7.Abductees, as a result of their experience, often find themselves involved in occultism and
esoteric cults, rarely retaining a faith in Christ. This matches the demonic obsession state.
8.Aliens often deny the existence of a God, teaching abductees that we have all evolved and they are here to advance our evolution (through their eugenics program), or that they are our creators.
9.If we accept the claims that many “black projects” are based on alien technologies given to us, then we again have a connection to the Watchers; the technologies are always used for destruction and war, just as in the days of Enoch.
10. Many abductees often tell of the beings having a foul odor, sulfuric smells, or a scent of decay. Could this be the scent of decay, a product of the manipulation of their rightful nature as incorporeal beings?
Final Thoughts
The revelations of Enoch and the expose of the hybrid conspiracy against Truth and human culture need not be a message that leads us to despair or fear. The legacy of Truth passed on to us by the prophet Enoch and our Lord Jesus Christ, both of whom taught us essential lessons about the fallen angels, is ours to embrace and use with discernment. Humanity has endured centuries of lies and half-truths, wars and hatred, political oppression and social chaos, because, from an age long since gone,humanity has been manipulated by fallen angels and hybrid Nephilim. But as Enoch prophesied, the time would come when humanity would be delivered from the machinations of these enemies of God, and see the judgment and ultimate destruction of the Liars and their lies.
*copyright 2014, Fr. Jack Ashcraft

Pax Tecum,

Fr. Ashcraft

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Posted 27 September 2014 - 09:35 PM

Have you ever seen the UFO conspericy? It's a documentary that talks about a loans being demons.

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Posted 05 October 2014 - 05:16 AM

I've never seen or heard anything regarding the aliens' opinions (one way or another) of Jesus or the supreme deity of any religion...


The stories of Enoch, the Nephilim, etc is all well and good, however this completely whitewashes the fact that good and evil are both parts of human nature.  It's how we conduct ourselves that make us either good or bad.  It's easy to say something after-the-fact that something was the work of demons (or, as Flip Wilson used to say 'the devil made me do it'), but we as humans have the ability to be either or.  It's what we do that makes that distinction.  To look at something that we don't understand and say it must be the work of the devil or whatever is also part of human nature - not accepting that it's our own fault, or beyond our comprehension.


There is no devil or satan - it is the humanization of the evil that is inside all of us, the boogey man that we can point to when something bad happens.  Most of us have control (in various degrees) over this "inner evil", guided by our own definition of morality and goodness.  Whether this is from what we've learned in books like the Bible, the Torah, the Quran or even Dr Suess...we have a guide.  Some either forget or ignore what we know is good because...again, here comes human nature, we want more.  Power, money, land, property, people...whatever it is, some people just feel they want (or are 'entitled' to) more. 


Everyone has choices - good or bad.  When the good is shown, things are wonderful; when the choice is for bad, it's quite simple to shake your fists and say it was the devil.  I, personally, don't believe there is an actual devil.  But it does make a quick, simple scapegoat doesn't it?

Beannacht ort

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Posted 23 December 2015 - 02:42 PM

I believe that aliens are fallen angels as well. I once had an alien encounter where I believe that Father God had intervened and chased them away.

It is not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

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Posted 29 April 2017 - 11:33 AM

Here is an interesting article about aliens, demons and the end of times. Enjoy.

Strong Delusion - Bible Prophecy - Alien Resistance



It is not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

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