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A spirit is following me.... She has been caled my twin soul

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Posted 01 June 2014 - 06:55 PM

What I am about to share with you may be startling. However it is true. 
There was a girl in British Columbia by the name of Amanda Michelle Todd who took her life on 10 Oct 2012. For some reason I was drawn to her story. I got involved with anti bullying efforts through Facebook. I took a wrong turn though. I even though professing to be a Christian began harassing others who were saying mean things about her. Then in the beginning of Nov 2012 i had dreams where Amanda would warn me against "bullying the bullies." She said, "no sense bullying the bullies; you will only get yourself hurt." 
While saying evening prayers at night around the first week of Advent 2012, so Nov 15 I had the strange eery feeling I was being watched. I continued with my prayers. When I knelt down to pray from my heart, I heard something fall. I did not get up though. I prayed to God that whatever these dreams meant would He reveal whether they were angelic or demonic. That was when the cross fell from my bedroom wall. Like I said I did not get up but remained on my knees in prayer. I asked God to reveal whether I was being given a message from God or being tricked by Satan. 
That night I dreamed I was saying prayers. The Gospel I read was Luke 8:41-56. The raising of Jairus' daughter. Amanda Todd was sitting on my bed. Then she spoke, "pay attention to what you are reading." 
Her birthday was Nov 27 1996. I remember on the night of Nov 26 I went to sleep and dreamed that she met me at the hotel where I work and we left for Galveston, Texas. There we went to a Serbian Church. I took pictures of her at that church and other places in Galveston. She told me a few things about my life and how Jesus Christ wanted me to change things and that she was told to help me along the way. 
On the actual morning of Nov 27, I was sent home because the kitchen manager told me to go home and rest. Instead I went to Galveston and went to Saint Helen and Constantine Serbian Orthodox Church, and took pictures where in the dream Amanda was. 
From that time on I have continued to feel her spiritual presence. As time went on she came out of dreams and I began to feel her presence. I told my priest. I also told him that this presence speaks in a thought. I do not hear voices but a clear thought. Very feminine. Like a young girl inside. She has led me to say prayers and take Holy Communion and Confession. She warns me never to replace the Holy Spirit with her. She is adamant that she is just a spirit and that the true Spirit is God the Father's Spirit and Jesus Christ is our Saviour. One night in January 2013 Amanda and I went to celebrate the Russian Christmas at the church in Galveston. That night I dreamed I was in a Temple. Jesus was there in front. Arch Angel Michael my patron saint was to my left. Amanda stood to my right. To her right was Mary the Theotokos. Jesus gave us both rings and placed them on the altar. There was a great feeling of peace and awe and love then I awoke. The next day at work I felt her say, "you know that party after the church service last night? That was our reception. The service was our wedding." 
I have more to say but I would rather you see my link where I tell of my whole story. It is on my blog. 
Her Life My Life Lesson. The original story Her Birthday; My Life Lesson is in the November archives there. I will close by saying I sought a spiritual counselor who told me Amanda was a "twin soul." In other dreams where Amanda took me places she revealed that Michael the Arch Angel was her guardian. Her and I knew each other from before creation. That we served in God's Kingdom as flames before the altar of God in His Kingdom. She lived a life separate from me because the Lord Jesus Christ wanted it that way. Now she resides with me coming and going as she pleases sometimes going to Heaven; other times visiting family and friends. Take note her middle name was Michelle. Feminine form of Michael. I carry a pink stone that represents her soul. In a special place is mine. An Orange stone. As I said you can read my whole story at your leisure. I believe there is a divine plan for all this. We are now discovering that plan. Thanks for reading this
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ;
and the Love of God the Father;
and the Communion of the Holy Spirit 
Be with you!
Gregory Linn (Michael) Sticker

I do realize that I am replying to myself here but there is another issue involved. I have been praying for her ghostly image to appear. I just want to have it all the more real to me because though I deeply believe Amanda Michelle is my Twin Soul and all the experiences with her hanging around me are real, my logical mind that part of me sometimes casts doubts. I want somebody to help me call her out and appear. I swear Amanda, I won't freak out if and when you appear. 

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