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Odd experiences in Lamberton Middle School

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 11:23 PM

I've mentioned before in other topics that I've had encounters at work, and figured I'd collect them into one topic and update it as I experience them.



  • Hearing spurs in one of the seventh grade classrooms
  • Feeling like I was being watched by someone outside the 6th grade math room windows (this in particular along with another freaked me out.)
  • Jo, Judy and I all hearing a cat meowing, then a minute or so later, just Jo and I hearing it. There were no animals in the building, all the lights save for the bathroom lights and a few of the overhead lights in the main hall were off.
  • A black shadow figure with red eyes heading across the main hall from the 8h grade classrooms to the hall between the cafeteria and LGI (auditorium) when I was about midway down the hall.

During the renovation:

  • I was cleaning the bathroom area of the boys locker room when Jo was off one time when I heard what sounded like a guy say something from the door to the hall. I finished what I was doing and went to ask Gary if he'd come down to the locker room while I was cleaning it. He hadn't and we were the only ones in the building at the time.
  • I've seen a few shadows darting past the edges of my vision on several occasions, especially at night.
  • Also, I've heard people talking when it's just been Jo, Gary and me in the building and we've all been in our areas cleaning. I've even occasionally heard them over the music I have playing over headphones.
  • Tonight, I was sitting in the library, working on some knitting after I'd finished up cleaning and had a chance to finally sit down for a bit, since we tend to work straight through our lunch and breaks, and saw a small whitish... thing float past one of the waist high bookcases for about a foot, foot and a half before disappearing. A few minutes later, the lights popped on in what was the French room on the old lay out and is now one of the cyber classrooms. I was the only one in the building, since Jo took a day to go to her grandson's graduation, and Gary had left at 8:30. Also, the lights in that room are on a motion detector, and usually take maybe... 10-15 minutes to go off if no one's in there. That spooked me enough to leave the library and make my way to where we normally set the building alarm.

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