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Posted 24 June 2014 - 12:51 AM

So first off this i have had some strange stuff happen in the past. When I was in my teens and in church I was asking god for proof. I asked for a particular candle to go out. Concentrating with all my effort the candle did go out. I wrote it off as some mental power I had or a very odd coincidence.

My feelings are that everything can be explained. My wife and I live alone. I was up later than she was. Being a gross guy I was biting off my nails and even pulling out some unwanted body hair. To add to the general disgustingness I was throwing it between chair and table. It was honestly going to be swept up in the morning.

My wife left for work early. Had no reason to be in my office and would not pick up my mess anyway. It was also in an area that no one would look anyway. When I started work I noticed the hair and nails were neatly piled on a paper on the table. I called my wife to get the BAD_WORD chewing out of the way and she stated that she never entered my office before leaving.

My wife's mom died last year and we inherited a bedroom set. I do not sleep real well in that spare room. Very vivid dreams.

So either the wife is lying which isn't her MO, someone broke in took nothing and cleaned up my mess or I slept walked and cleaned it up.

I really don't seem to have a question other than does hair have any significance. I know Victorians were odd about it but don't know the reasons. Also "magic" stories talk about such things. Not the type of person to think along these lines but have no suitable explanation.

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