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#1 hisoka222



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Posted 13 July 2014 - 01:50 PM

is ouija real ? cause i tried it with a friend of mine and it didn't work

#2 MoonChild


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 08:56 AM

It depends on how one use it. It is merely a tool, but always helps to take enough protection.

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#3 CaveRat2


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 08:56 AM

It's as real as you allow it to be.  The danger is if you allow belief to take over.  The use of a board is primarily a matter of automotor responses; subconciously you cause the answer you want to appear.  As far as a tool for communication I don't ascribe to it, and neither do most who investigate the paranormal.  It is simply a parlor game, nothing more.  Right up there with the Ovilus and Magic 8 Ball when it comes to getting answers to questions.

#4 carlotta


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 10:22 AM

It can depend on the people. I've used it with some people and we got no movement. I used it with one particular friend, and it worked very well and gave evidence that we could verify. Neither of us was possessed by the experienced.


If you connect with 'spirits', you don't know who you're talking to, so use your common sense. As with the living, if it sounds too good (or odd) to be true, chances are that it is.

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#5 Ravus Aranea

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 03:29 PM

To set up an ouija board means that you are opening yourself up to communicate with the spirit realms...you are trying to create a portal. It works if all the elements are right...you could do the same with a chess board or a monopoly board or a wooden plank you dug out of the trash......its not the item you use that has the power...it is the intent, will and faith that you put into it.Beyond that, think of all the people that have set before an ouija board wide eyed and expectant...that builds energy...it has created a collective mind set that allows it considerable power. Say the words "Ouija Board" to anyone and watch their response....even those who would never dare to pick one up believe in its ability to call fourth demons and spirits. It may have been created as a fun parlor game...but the vast amount of energy and expectation that has been funneled into it have created the popular tool it is today......be careful what you wish for folks...you just might get it.If you insist on playing with one ...create sacred space first..be specific about what is allowed to come fourth and always close it afterward...if you dont know how to do these basic things ...perhaps some research is in order.

#6 Phantom Hitchhiker

Phantom Hitchhiker

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Posted 29 January 2016 - 06:00 PM

Based on my experiences, I have come to believe strongly, the "Board" is NOT a toy and should carry a warning label attesting to it as such. Something like "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK".

  Ghosts are a fact of life. Just because we choose to or not to believe in them makes totally no difference to them or  so I "have been told".

#7 loganinkosovo


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Posted 03 February 2016 - 07:39 PM

I will not use one. I will not be in the same room as one. I do not want to be in the same building as one. I may kick you up the bum if you try to use one around me.


Like most occult things, it's operated by fools who have no idea what they are playing with.

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