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Is this all connected and "something" ?

Ghosts touching Hearing battlefield cries seeing green upon wakening ghost photos

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 10:34 PM

I have had various psychic/paranormal things happen to me since I was about 10. I saw a ghost look in my bedroom window at age 10, and yet I wasn't afraid. Odd for me, as I was afraid of my own shadow back then. We lived at the bottom of the road that led to the town cemeteries and I later learnedafter my marriage that  my gr-gr grandfather who came from Ireland was buried up there in our church cemeteryand this  the person who looked in that window looked very much like him.  - this I noticed when I was given an old family picture to see after I got married and we were doing genealoogy research.


On the day of my mother's funeral, two months after I had a miscarriage - a spirit guide or an angel was talking to me  - sounding like your  own voice does in your head - told me I was pregnant and that I would have a girl. Went the following week to the doctor for a pregnancy test and I was PREGNANT and it was WAS a girl... I have seen our beloved deceased husky in the house a few times, felt the bed go down while lying on it, heard a dog drinking while lying on the bed when I was sick and our present dog was on the bed WITH me...had "something" open up a make-up bottle after I couldn't open it and used something else in its place...SO WEIRD. Took pictures of my deceased dad's car when my son was going to trade it in and there is this misty GLOW in front of ALL the pictures - while all the others before and after these 4 pictures were GREAT.


Well, lately, a spirit has been tapping me on the side, touching my sandal at a dr.'s appt. 1 1/2 hrs. from the house, I've been seeing "green" at times when waking up......things have gone missing, and the most strange, I was just starting to walk down our driveway to get the mail  and heard this blood curdling SCREAM - as though someone was witnessing someone or something getting KILLED! They were saying something in 2 syllables that started with an "M". My dad was a Medic in WWll - came home with PTSD and didn't talk much about it - he's gone now...I have a researcher looking up records on him with the National Archives. The weird thing is that both my husband and neighbor were walking up the bottom of our driveway and they DIDN'T HEAR A THING !!!!  You would have to be DEAF not to hear this through the woods here. I thought one of the two dogs had gotten loose from them and run onto the highway and my husband or neighbor was screaming at seeing one of them getting hit by a car! THAT was not the case - thank God. And this scream really was BLOOD CURDLING !!  Someone was DESPERATE that was screaming. They were witnessing something heartbreaking and tragic. I am NOT Schitzophrenic. I really am not. I am getting close to something I believe - I don't know what unless this researcher is going to find out something truly astounding. Also, maybe my father is showing me how hard his life was as a Medic he wouldn't tell me before. The voice had such loss and that things were going to be FATAL. By the way, I was one other time given a message other than when I was told I was pregnant. The other was when the girl who was kidnapped in Aruba who was blond and murdered by the Dutch boy they thought....can't think of her name - her mom tried and tried to get to the truth.. What came to me from beyond was this " She was sold".... Just 3 words. That she was never found and the kid from Holland was such a liar and would tell nothing and everyone assumed she was dead ?  IT seems the perfect thing for him to have done to have the last laugh. Especially with that so called boat that came in where they were.    Back to what I was talking about. I have also at times, awakened to be seeing "GREEN" - that just lasts a few seconds then disappears. Can't really find anything on the NET about it.  Anyone have any ideas on all this RECENT activity ?  I am really starting  to wonder what the heck is going on here ???  Especially hearing what no one else does ??  Of course, my husband has never seen our previous husky either - just me - which I feel privileged that he has come to see me.owl.gif . I have had my brother's obituary that I put for safe keeping - he lived and died in England and the obit was from there - placed for safe keeping in my bureau top drawer - only to find it missing and gone one day. I had never removed it from this drawer.... "Something" took it our of the drawer" and put it under some papers that had fallen on the floor byacross the room, the window .......I never took it out of the drawer and my sister-in-law had given me the obit from England - I had treasured it and so it was in with my jewelry for "safe keeping".. My brother had been cremated and it was very cold that winter and I think he was tried of not being buried and sitting "here" and that was his way of getting "my attention" to make burial plans - by the OBIT suddenly going lost and I had to find it, as it drove me CRAZY - There was NO REASON for it to leave that drawer. This was a year and a half ago. THAT was easy to figure out what my brother was doing . Things of LATE ?  I have NO CLUE ! 

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