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Polaroid Ghost 'Wright'er

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Posted 30 August 2004 - 08:45 AM

Did anyone by chance catch the Unexplained Mysteries episode that aired on 23 August?  I was curious since the events it documented took paranormal activity and research to a whole new level.

The story was about a home owner, 'John', who purchased a small rustic cabin dating back to 1906 that was nestled in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. Shortly after moving in, in 1985, he began noticing odd sounds, but he usually just explained it off as part of the price one pays for living in such an old structure: creaking floorboards and settling walls. He would also feel a strange prickling feeling on exposed skin, but the house always seemed drafty to him.

But, in 1990, these oddities seemed to step up a notch. He often 'felt' like there was someone else in the house with him. Shadows would move out of the corner of his eye. Loud banging noises began emanating from a seldom used back room. The prickling sensation felt more like a sunburn. He became convinced he was sharing his house with a presence of some sort. Friends and visitors began noticing things, too: shadows, noises, glowing orbs of light.

John received a Polaroid Instamatic camera as a Christmas gift in 1991, and that's when things got really interesting. That March, he got the sensation that the presence was very close to him. He happened to have the camera in his hand, so he pointed it at a doorway and snapped a picture. Suddenly, the door swung closed! The camera ejected the photo, and as it developed, in his own words, he "...got this strange-looking thing that was either scary or comical." They showed the picture on the TV show, and it did look somewhat like a cartoon ghost.

At first he refused to believe that he was really snapping instant pictures of the entity, so he bought several new packs of brand new film. However, strange ghostly images continued to develop in many of the shots. John had the film and the camera inspected by friends at a professional film lab, and no signs of defects or tampering could be discovered.

Shortly after, a visiting friend was playing around with the camera and stated out loud "Are you here?" as he clicked a picture. As the picture developed, a word appeared to have been scratched into the film...


They were both shocked and amazed at what had just happened. They tried again, asking a different question:

"What is your name?" was answered with...


They continued asking different questions in this fashion for several minutes. At first they kept it simple.

"Are you a good ghost or a bad ghost?"


In the months that followed, they took almost 100 photos like this. Most had their responses in English, but occasionally the answers would come in Latin instead...

"Where do you go when you're not here?"


One of the most chilling answers came in response to when they asked...

"Who is Wright?"

"Et alia corpus delicti."

Among other things, A murder victim.

John contacted the parapsychology department at UCLA for assistance in getting to the bottom of what was going on. A small team of photographic and parapsychology experts descended upon his home. All new Polaroid cameras and film packs were brought along by the skeptical team. Their skepticism was put aside a few hours after their stake-out began, when their first question was finally asked and answered.

"Are most spirits good spirits or bad spirits?"

"There are numerous remedial lemurs"

At first they thought they were being played a joke upon, after all, lemurs are monkeys, aren't they? But then, after consulting a Latin dictinary, they discovered that lemur is also an ancient Roman term for 'night-walking spirits of the dead.' As the evening progressed, and during subsequent investigations, the team witnessed dozens of pictures created. They also witnessed first-hand the odd burning sensations and banging noises.

The study team eventually came to the undisputed conclusion that some paranormal entity was indeed leaving messages on the surface of the film as each picture was shot. They were able to closely duplicate the look of the scrawled messages in a laboratory setting, but it left the film looking obviously tampered with. With the message pictures, they had solidly and conclusively established a 'trail of evidence' that left absolutely no room whatsoever for the possibility of human tampering and forgery.

After a time, a renowned psychic was brought in without having been given any information about the activities within the house. One of the first things he picked up on was that he felt the house was sitting on an ancient Kiva, a traditional Native American ceremonial center. He felt several spirits nearby were of native ancestry. He also felt there had been a murdered corpse buried in the area, but that it was not connected to the Kiva, or any of it's uses. The UCLA Archaeology department was then called upon to dig a number of test holes around the property to see if any evidence of an ancient settlement could be uncovered. It didn't take very long until shards of Native American pottery surfaced from the holes, certain proof that a Kiva probably did indeed stand at the house at one time in the past.

Although the messages scrawled onto the surfaces of the pictures have stopped, John says he still feels the entity nearby occasionally. He feels when Wright has more to say, he'll let him know.....

Unfortunately, the nice folks at Unexplained Mysteries didn't put any of the photos from the show on their web site, and to me, that was what made this particular incident stand out from all the rest.  
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Posted 30 August 2004 - 09:24 AM

Now THAT is a cool story. I would love to see the Polaroids...let us know if they are ever posted online!
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Posted 30 August 2004 - 11:10 AM

I wished I would have gotten the chance to watch it!
Sounds very REAL!
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#4 soul_drifter


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Posted 31 August 2004 - 05:38 PM

Yea, I wish I had watched that as well. Its a lil creepy, but cool nonetheless. I hope we see the Polaroids!!
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#5 earth_spirit


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Posted 31 August 2004 - 06:59 PM

If you go to http://unexplainedmy...?page=90&addd=1 you'll see the original picture that John took of Wright attached to the folder with the program information.

In the meantime, I'll be searching for any of the polaroids that were taken.
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#6 secretsign


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Posted 07 September 2004 - 05:48 PM

I watched that I wanted to see some pics too . It was pretty weird
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Posted 21 September 2004 - 08:25 AM

thats pretty cool.

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