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Whaley house

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Posted 17 June 2004 - 08:09 PM

The most haunted house in Cali :o

Heres some great sites





here are some of the encounters

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Posted 25 March 2005 - 04:22 PM

I just joined this site this morning and was posting re: the chapter in Mr. Belanger's book about the Whaley House. I thought I'd post it in here, since some of you have had similar experiences. =)
I have been to the Whaley House with my brother and my cousin. We were there in June, 2001. It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, shortly before they closed for the day. There were very few people besides ourselves touring the house. When we went upstairs, we saw a few strange occurances.
First of all, I need to mention that the upstairs rooms are closed off. No windows are or can be opened. No tourist can enter any of the rooms, as the doorways are completely closed off with clear plastic or glass, I'm not sure which. Either way, no one can enter them without a key, and no air can get into or out of them unless the glass or plastic partition is opened, and I'm sure that's only after all of the tourists have left.
My cousin, brother and I were the only ones in the upstairs. We looked through all of the rooms quickly, then went back to look again, as all of us felt as though someone, or several someones, was/were watching us. In one room, there is a very heavy curtain over what I believe is either a closet or a connector to the next room. About 1 or 2 feet from the curtain is a rocking chair with an ostrich feather hat sitting on it. While we were looking in the room, the curtain started moving up and down as though someone were tugging on it. When we raised our cameras to take pictures (hoping to get orbs or ectoplasm or something), the curtain stopped moving. When we lowered the cameras, the curtain would start moving again, as though someone was getting a big kick out of this. Interestingly, the ostrich feathers were not moving. If a draft of air had somehow entered the room heavy enough to move the curtains, wouldn't the feathers be moving as well?
At another point, we were looking in one of the bedrooms, smelled some weird smoky scent, and heard heavy footsteps in the room across the hall. We immediately went to look, but all we could see was a part of the rug was up now, as if someone had tripped.
I started getting scared, as the atmosphere got very tense up there, and whomever was stomping around seemed angry. I wanted to leave, and my brother and cousin came with me. On the way down, my cousin and I both stopped on a step near the top, feeling very shaky and scared. (Later we found out that was about the place where Anna Whaley and her children had been held at gunpoint while their house was being robbed.)
When we reached the bottom, my cousin turned around to take a picture of the upstairs, and his camera wouldn't work. His camera had been working fine all the rest of the trip, it just wouldn't work then. My brother pointed his camera up the stairs and it took a picture.
We left right after, as I was feeling really drained and shaky. When we developed the pictures, all of us had something interesting in a few of the shots. The picture my brother took up the stairs showed an outline of a man. (Keep in mind there was NO ONE up there when we were up there.) A picture I took in the kitched showed a bluebell-colored orb and what looked like a floating nightshirt through which some objects could be seen. My cousin had several pictures of orbs in various rooms. All of us had pictures of a weird, misty substance near the arch in the ceiling between the parlor and the next room.
We have been to many haunted places since--Salem, MA; Jamestown, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Yorktown, VA; New Hope, PA; New York City; Staten Island, NY; the Queen Mary; La Purisima Concepion (in CA), etc.--but at the Whaley House we took the best pictures of supernatural phenomena. It seemed like those ghosts either wanted to show up on camera, for the most part, or the atmosphere there is very conducive to capturing those images on film.

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Posted 28 March 2005 - 01:52 AM

hey all!:D im new here to the boards and im from san diego. born and raised.
I've been to the whaley house a few times and just actually went there two days ago (spring break... nothing much else to do) so i just thought i would give my input. before you all read this... i just wouldn't want anyone to get their hopes up. There isn't always activity and the last time i went, I felt absolutely nothing... saw absolutely nothing... heard absolutely nothing. Plus, there were tons of people looking around and it was about 3:30 in the afternoon so I'm not sure. I've seen very little happen in that house... maybe it would be better after 9:00 pm.
I just think the whaley house is ....overrated? haha i don't know. just don't expect too much when it's crowded in the daytime.
but then again, maybe it's just me!:) lol
It would be very nice to experience all the things I hear others experience.
oh well:) just thought i would comment. it's not 100% activity 100% of the time or anything. i'm just disappointed :rolleyes:



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Posted 28 March 2005 - 01:50 PM

I had a nice little private tour of the Whaley House almost three years ago to the day. There was absolutely no one touring the house so a docent gave me a tour, just the two of us. She shared several of her own encounters and bought out all of the notebooks for me to look through with pictures and letters that people have sent. about their experiences. She told me that children see things in the house much more frequently than adults. The history of the property is absolutely amazing and make the tour worth every dime (as long as you have an appreciation for that thing).

I didn't get anything in my pictures, but the inside stairway gave me the heebie jeebies - bad feelings, I couldn't get up or down them fast enough.
Religious people fear going to hell. Spiritual people have already been there.

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