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Basic questions about ghost hunting gear

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Posted 03 March 2005 - 07:06 PM

please keep us updated how your screen play and movie production are going. I am fascinated!!!! Will we be able to buy a copy?
Dont doubt your $30,000 dollar budget, remember Blair witch project, Roger & me, and other small budget movies, they had a new idea, and were in the right place at the right time, You can do this. Best wishes !

Will do. The one that's actually going to get made is still in pre-production right now. A first draft of the screenplay was finished by the main writer. I made some suggestions and changes, and some of them will be incorporated, some won't. Once we get a second or third draft finished, we start looking for investors and thinking more seriously about casting.

The filmmakers have done three features prior to this (two have been released on DVD so far). This will be their first time shooting on film. 'Midnight Skater' is kind of a Troma-esque horror comedy made for $500. 'Demon Summer' takes the basic 'Evil Dead' plot and mixes in some original ideas in the subplots, and was made for about $3000. Both are shot on video, and can actually be rented from Netflix. 'Midnight Skater' is really rough around the edges, but if you just look at the editing, shot compositions, and pacing aspects you can see the raw talent. It's just a very juvenile gross out comedy, so not for everyone. 'Demon Summer' was an attempt at making more of a real movie, and it succeeds most of the time. There's two scenes in particular that I think are as well conceived and executed as anything in a major studio horror film. You just have to look past the budgetary limitations and uneven acting. The new one, which they're still finishing the music tracks for, is called 'Red Skulls' and will hopefully get released before the end of the year. I've seen some rough footage, and it looks even better than 'Demon Summer'. The acting is better, the effects are pretty impressive, and the overall look is much slicker. I think despite the still very low budget, this one will stand on its own without apologies. So having seen their progression so far, I think this one I'm working on has a real chance of breaking them out of the shot on video horror underground and into the wider independent film scene. I was a little iffy about them doing something other than horror at first, but the screenplay won me over. Only time will tell, but I'm pretty excited.
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Posted 03 March 2005 - 11:35 PM

Heck Dennis, it's ok, we will probably always disagree on this subject. Yes, I do realize what you discussed as the truth for sure. All of that aside though,

All that aside though??? :P ROFLMAO :P

At last I have met a man that is just as stubborn as I am! *snickers*

Good luck on the venture Bob. How about maybe giving a thought to an infrasound source affecting the ghosthunters psychologically into "feeling" a spirits presence? :rolleyes:
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