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good haunts in northern illinois

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Posted 12 May 2009 - 08:24 AM

In Rockford there are a few I know personally. Bloods point cemetery? I don't know? but the road's not haunted. I know the guy's who started the whole myth back in the 70's and we perpetuated them in the late 80's and then it got out of control. In the mid 90's a bunch of teenagers destroyed a bunch of gravestones and through stones through windows, basically caused chaos among that rural community. Traffic got really bad at night news and meetings were held and police were arresting kids constantly. All the signs were stolen so now it's just called BP RD.

Blood's the last name of a farmer who lived on the road and got it's reputation from that and Blood's Point cemetary. Just hype over words.

We use to go driving out there as teenagers and play pranks on our willing passengers. Keeping the myth alive. One time I stood out there with white makeup on and waited for my friends car to drive by. I found a box and wore it as a hat on the side of the road. We'd turn off the car as we went over the bridge, in which we'd say a woman's head was found underneath back in the 50's. This one girl was so scared she had an asthma attack while running away from the "stalled" car.

We created a monster and within 6 months every wild teenager seeking a thrill in winnebago county was going out to bloods point.

There's a house across the street from Swedish American hospital (not the one in the parking lot) that is haunted in which violent crimes took place and 2 families moved out because of paranormal experiences. I'll try to get the address.

There's no such thing as the tipple or tibble house.

There is the Wagon Wheel Inn many people say is haunted and My buddy had seen, what he thought was someone working in the abandoned building through the window, which he was actually thinking about buying, the ghost? was carrying something like a broom? and disappeared into the darkness he knocked on the door, called a number, and they said nobody was working on it. I guess so many people have seen strange things there that they thought someone was squating there. It's patrolled by police now.

There's no "hanging tree" in Twin sisters park. The only hanging in rockford outside of jails was done on Samuel Church's farm, Which is now a huge chunk of the urban west side.

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Posted 15 October 2009 - 11:00 AM

Hello! I read a great book from the Rockford Library that I thought you might enjoy. Its called Ghost Whispers: Tales From Haunted Midway by William Gorman. I couldn't put this book down you really need to check it out. They even have some stories from our own Green Wood Cemetery. Plus some local legends, I know I had never heard of, until reading this book. I have yet to chase down any of the stories because Iím to chicken to go by myself. Happy Hunting!

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