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Singing the praises of WD-40

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Posted 12 April 2005 - 03:01 PM

Here are some other uses for WD-40 kindly provided to the company by WD-40 fans:

The wood paneled walls in my 40 year old house were faded and lifeless. I put wd40 on a wash cloth and rubbed it into the paneling. The paneling looks like new and our 40 year old house looks great again. Thanks WD-40! P.S. I worked at Convair in the 50's on the Atlas Program where WD40 was born. --- Henry R. Sterner, San Diego California,

WD40 clears up hoof rot in goats. I had two goats with hoof rot. They were limping badly. I sprayed their infected hoof twice a day for three days. The limp is gone and there is no sign of hoof rot. - Ken Andrus, Cedar Hollow Farm, Burkesville, KY

I've been using WD-40 to shave my face for quite some time! I usually shave when I get out of the shower so the beard is soft. I spray some WD-40 into the palm of my hand and then apply it to my beard, then as usual I apply the shaving cream on top of that. If any of you gentlemen try this you'll find that you get a much more smoother, well lubricated/ moisturized face without cuts. A minor downside is that the stubble in the razor is a little harder to flush out and the sink gets a little 'greasy' but I just give the razor a blast of more WD-40 in order to rinse the stubble out. Just once try this method of shaving before you dismiss this as a crazy idea and you will probably keep a can of WD-40 on your shelf beside the shaving cream like I do! It's probably needless to mention but common sense dictates that you keep the WD-40 away from the eyes, nose, mouth etc.! --- Michael M., Toronto, ON Canada

In a laundromat where I was maintaining various large capacity washers and dryers, we used WD-40 to clean and polish the stainless steel outer frames. Spilled water rolls off the top. Stainless steel cleaner/polisher is available but usually left streaks. Also it helps keep people from placing their kids on the tops of the washers because they slide. --- Jerry C., Oneida, NY

My husband spilled almost a whole bottle of power steering fluid on his work shirt. I washed it but it didn't come out. Then I read on the net to spray wd-40 on it and rewash so I did and it did the trick! Took every ounce of powering steering fluid off his good work shirt! --- Clarissa - Tampa,Fl.

My daughter went to sleep with a super size ball of fluorescent green Silly Putty. When she woke up it was in her HAIR, on her jammies, on her sheets......everywhere. WD-40 saved the day! --- Jill Nystul

We use WD40 to assist in removing burrs from our horses and cattle's, manes an tails. --- John H., Ludington, Michigan

At the top of your list for uses of WD40 should be that it removes duct tape glue...Talk about a compatible product ! --- Ken Yup, we recommend this frequently (at the site)

As a fisherman I always keep in my tackle box for lubing of fishing reel and I always spray on my minnow or nightcrawler - it works better then any other fishing attractant I have found in the store. But I have the best luck using it for walleys. --- Chuck Nelson

As a contractor I found WD 40 to be great for cleaning aluminum screen/storm doors. It cleans the finger prints off after installation and will also shine the door up when it has become dull from weather and exposure. --- Leah Bullard

Use WD-40 on the brisles of a push broom. This holds the dust down when sweeping concrete floors and also will put a shine on the floor without making it slippery. I use this in a warehouse enivorment. --- Keith Goodchild

I have an 8:30 a.m. Calculus II class. My seat sqeaks every time I move causing all the other students in class to wake up and give me dirty looks. So this morning I applied some WD-40 to the underside of the seat and then there was silence. Well, silent except for everyone's snoring. Just thought I would let you know what's going on here in Paducah, Kentucky. Oh, in case you don't know where that's at, its halfway between Possumtrot and Monkey's Eyebrow. --- Chris "Rowdy" Yates, Paducah, KY

I found that WD40 starts an idle lawn mower after winter storage. A couple of squirts into the carburetor of a stubborn mower ensures that it will start PRONTO. --- Gilbert J. Maroon, White Pine, TN

WD-40 is MUST HAVE... around the marine environment! On my sailboat I use it for every piece of gear exposed to the elements and all the machinery below. I found it fights engine corrosion the best when liberally sprayed onto an engine after a 20 minute warm-up. The metal having expanded seems to absorb the WD-40, this penetrating action acts as a barrier coat against rust and corrosion for months! --- David L. F., Atlanta, GA.

The foot stretchers ( basically a slanted board with a pair of shoes attached to it so the rower can pull him/herself, while sitting on a wheeled seat, back to the start of the stroke position) in our older boats are adjusted by T-nuts in an anodized aluminum track. Over the years the tracks get bunged up and dirty thus making the T-nuts hard to move. A few shots of WD-40 and things slide easily again for weeks. Same for the sliding seats, we couldn't row without it. --- Don Rumrill, Pres., Hiawatha Is. Boat Club

WD-40 removes unsightly "burned rubber" from the fenders of your car, and it won’t harm the paint. --- Dan Ruggiero NJ

The other day, a huge roach crawled out from under my refrigerator in my apartment. I searched frantically for a can of roach spray, but no-one had any. I looked over and saw my can of wd-40 and sprayed it on the cockroach. Not only did he die, but he died almost instantly. The bug stopped moving completely within a minute, unlike roach sprays which when applied take hours for the darn roach to stop squirming. I will use wd-40 from now on. Thanks. --- Rusty Mayer, Deland, FL

My dad fox hunts (its a Southern thang). So when he had to borrow a horse this past weekend, the only horse he could borrow had a curly tail. The guy that let my dad borrow the horse used an entire can of WD-40 to make the tail straight (as is required in this sport).--- Patrick Dashiell, Spartanburg, South Carolina

* Also*

LONDON (Reuters) - The makers of the handy spray lubricant WD-40 proudly list 2,000 uses for their product, from unsticking rusty screws or squeaky bicycle chains to polishing frying pans.

But police have found another -- keeping the public from snorting cocaine off toilet lids in bars.

Police in Bristol said on Wednesday they have been advising pub and nightclub owners to spray the colourless lubricant on toilet seats and other flat surfaces in the lavatory that customers often use to snort drugs.

Apparently, cocaine and spray lube don't mix.

"A chemical reaction takes place with the cocaine that causes it to congeal and become a mess so it's unusable," a police spokesman said. "It's one very small, very cheap way in which you can very seriously restrict the amount of drug use in your premises."

Constable Graham Pease, a liquor licensing officer, said he discovered the trick a few years ago while discussing with pub owners how to reduce drug use on their premises.

"We were discussing with licensees how we could keep cocaine from being snorted from surfaces," he told Reuters. "It came about that we wanted to spray something on surfaces that cocaine would stick to. And somebody mentioned WD-40."

The new use seems to have taken its makers by surprise.

"Its not meant to be ingested. It says so clearly on the can so we wouldn't advocate it for that purpose. But people will use it how they will," said a British spokeswoman for the San Diego, Calif-based WD-40.

At Bar Excellence in Bristol, deputy manager Julian Barraud said it was part of the drug fighting arsenal.

"It does work. It's one of the tricks that we've got to try and tackle the problem," he said.

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 02:10 PM

The stuff is indestructable!!!!!! :weeee:
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Posted 13 April 2005 - 02:58 PM

And it still works pretty good for removing those irritating "tattletale" fragrances I mentioned :rolleyes:
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Posted 13 April 2005 - 03:46 PM

Word of warning- don't use it on computer keyboards. It was the only thing we could think of to stop it sticking after midori was spilled all over the desk (midori being the stickiest, gooiest liquer imaginable)... after the WD-40 the keyboard never worked again and had to be replaced- although that could be down to the amount used. I may correct my initial statement to never get carried away with WD-40...

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 04:20 PM

A good point! Being petroleum based, WD-40 has a tendency to soften plastics and remove ink from their surfaces, as well. It's no fun typing on a keyboard with no letters on the keys!!!

I'm old enough to remember when keyboards were field repairable items, but in this day and age if you spill something on your keyboard, throw it in the dust bin/trash can and buy a new one!!!

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