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Flight 93 Crash site

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#1 DSF


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Posted 29 June 2003 - 06:13 PM

Hubbby and I took a road trip today.  We stopped in to see his grandparents in Latrobe and then continued our treck up Route 30.  We were heading to Somerset to find the crash site and memorial of Flight 93.

After taking a wrong turn and landing in the little town of Somerset, we stopped at a Sheetz to get directions.  The had printed sheets of directions behind the counter, guess they get a lot of people stopping in for that reason.  So we grabbed our bottle of Mountain Dew and headed off.

No trouble finding it, once you get going in the right direction, it is pretty well marked.  Plus all the houses along the road leading up to it have flags hung out or they have painted their trailers red white and blue.

I was expecting to feel a great sadness when we got there, but instead I felt pure amazement.  I thought that I would be creeped out at the scene, instead I was in awe.  I had heard stories about how this site is supposed to be haunted, that security guards have heard voices in the woods and that several times, there has been a knocking on the door of the security trailer and when they open it up, no one is there.

I didn't get a feel for any of this. I got an amazing sense of peace, even of triumph.  There is so much stuff there, and writings scrolled everywhere.  And even on a hot June Sunday, it was crowded with people.  So many had left their stuff behind.....flowers and crosses, rescue helmets and t-shirts, pictures and poems.  The names of the heros were everywhere, on the little memorial angels, on the benches, on the monument.  One thing really stuck out, the mother of a soldier that had fallen in Iraq had written a letter to thank the heros of Flight 93, she included her sons pictur.  Here is a woman who just lost her son, you would think she might be angry at the whole thing because it started the war that took her son, yet she was thankful to those courageous people.

There was so much love in this little area that it outshined any other feeling.  We were all strangers standing there this afternoon, gazing at a flowing meadow with a chain link fence.  There really is no sign of the crash, but you could feel how significant this place has become.  People were just sitting there, staring off into this field.  One lady, I guess she is one of the volunteers, was explaining the site to a couple that barely spoke english.  Others were moved to tears.  I even caught myself with a lump in my throat once or twice, as I read through the messages that were scrawled on boards, banners, and even rocks and the guardrail.  

It was and is an amazing place.  If you haven't been there, definitely make the trip, it is worth it.

#2 ghosthunter_girl


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Posted 29 June 2003 - 07:13 PM

A truely lovely, moving story, mrsspookypants.

Thanks for the info, my best friend and I plan on making a road trip this summer before our freshman year in college, so maybe we'll head up in that direction!
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#3 caligrl25



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Posted 30 June 2003 - 01:42 PM

That is a very uplifting story.  

#4 secretsign


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Posted 30 June 2003 - 02:01 PM

Wow, Spooky that gave me dove bumps.
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#5 krcguns


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Posted 30 June 2003 - 02:04 PM

Spooky...I am really glad to know that you felt peace there!  I think all of those people died as heros and I am very happy that they are memorialized that way!  I would also imagine that there is a haunting there since so many died so abruptly.

Thank you for sharing that wonderful story and if I can get out east I will definitely make that trip.  I can imagine that like you, I would also be in awe of the site! ;D
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#6 maharet



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Posted 23 July 2003 - 09:50 AM

Perhaps their spirits are resting in peace because they know their deaths were not in vain. They're all heroes because they saved the capitol from eminent destruction and many more lives could've been lost.

#7 Justlookin53



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Posted 23 July 2003 - 03:01 PM

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story.  It made me a little teary eyed though.  :'(   Those poor people.  But they did not die in vain.  That is the good part.  

#8 freyjasdottir


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Posted 23 July 2003 - 03:02 PM

Welcome Justlookin, hope you stay around for awhile...and you and Maharat are completly right....they did something that none of the other flights were able to do
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#9 Noelle1966


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Posted 01 August 2003 - 09:18 AM

Mrs. Spooky Pants,

I found that to be a very intense story.  I will definately place that down on one of my locations to visit.

Six months after Sept. 11, I began to have intense nightmares regarding the World Trade Center.  My nightmares were very violent.  I could actually hear screaming and glass breaking.  People who I talked to couldn't understand why I had nightmares.  One friend commented that she had been to the top of the Empire State Building but if it fell down she would not have nightmares.  Well, it wasn't as if I was choosing to have these bad dreams.

Three weeks ago I finally came to terms with these dreams.  They hadn't been as bad as in the beginning, but still I was having them.  I travelled to my home of New York to visit relatives.  While there, I was determined to visit Ground Zero (I never liked that name).  Relatives wanted to know why I wanted to visit "that hole in the ground."  I said that I wanted to see it.  When I stood inside of the World Financial Center Winter Garden, I looked out onto the former WTC site.  The first feeling that I had was the same as when I first saw the North tower fall - rage.  True, it was a gap in the ground, but to think that so much pain and suffering happened there.  I watched the workmen with trucks building and building down inside of that large gap.  Even though the WTC is gone, someone is still building inside of there.  Positive activity was taking place.  The World Financial Center and the hotels around the WTC were rebuilt very nicely and were showing a very patiotic atmosphere.  Of course, there were a lot of police and security guards in these areas.  The sadness started to set in when I went downstairs in the Winter Atrium and looked at the responses from children around the world to the entire tragedy.

My next stop was Battery Park to view the sphere which survived the attack, though heavily damaged.  

When I came back to Florida, I looked at a book and saw photos of the same places that I visited.  These photos were taken right after the attack.  Everything was covered in white ash and was deserted, but I could recognize the escalators and lobbies that I stood in at the World Financial Center.  The thing that made me feel better was that feeling that recovery was made and the bad people just can't keep us down.  

Will the WTC site be haunted?  My guess is yes, but I haven't really heard anything yet.  I suppose that we will see in the future.  The best thing about the entire visit was that this country was NOT defeated.
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