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Visit To A Strange Set

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Posted 28 July 2005 - 07:42 PM

Visit To A Strange Set

By Scott Lamar Spencer
Written: Thursday, July 28, 2005

John Belushi was upset. He’d had enough of filming for the day. He was hungry, tired, a bit dehydrated, and most of all, he was still upset at Landis for throwing out his coke the other day. It had almost come to blows.
John decided that he needed to find a place to just rest and relax. It wasn’t happening, though. Everywhere he went, there was always some Extra wanting to chat him up or a Tech making sure the lighting and sound were all set or Landis somewhere in his line of sight. He knew a couple of important scenes were coming up and he “had to get bright” for those, especially the concert sequence later at the Hollywood Palladium.
Right now, though, he needed an escape.
Still in his suit, tie and shades, he walked across Lankershim Blvd and chose a house at random. He went up to it, knocked on the door and waited.
After about 15 seconds, the door opened, revealing a young man in his mid twenties.
“Can I help you”, asked the man politely? This guy was from Texas, John thought as he noted the man’s accent.
“Yeah. Hi. You know who I am? I’m John Belushi.”
“Oh Man! Big fan. I love you’re work…..”
“Yeah, thanks. Listen, I’m hungry and I’m tired. Can I come in?”
“Uh…yeah. Sure. Come on in”, said the bewildered man. Before he could say another word, John walked into the house, past the man and into the Living Room. He looked around for a moment, nodded to the man and said, “Nice place.”
John walked into the kitchen, went directly to the fridge, opened it up and started making a sandwich. The astonished man went into his bedroom where his wife was taking a nap and gently shook her awake.
“Scott, what is it? I’m trying to sleep.”
“Baby, you’re not gonna believe this! John Belushi is in our kitchen right now looking for…something to eat! Shelly laughed. Scott must have been asleep too, and had one hell of a dream.

“Where’s Belushi?”
Danny Aykroyd came into the room with his hat in his hands, but with his shades still on.
“I thought he was here with you.”
“Nope. I’ve been looking for him for 10 minutes”, said John Landis.
“Well, let’s go check his trailer,” said Dan.
“Been there, done that!”
“Well, we’ve got to get over to the Palladium soon. The DJ’s and performers holding down the fort for us can’t do it forever. They’re going to wonder where we are and so will the fans,” Dan said.
“Darn it, he’d better show up! He can’t walk out on us now,” said a suddenly very concerned Landis.
Fifteen minutes passed and Dan, John Landis and the Band were all at the Palladium in the backstage area. Fortunately, it was there that they ran into John. He looked bright, fresh, rested and ready to go.
“Jesus, we’ve been looking all over for you. Where’ve ya been?”
“Right here. Is the band ready?”
“Yeah. How do I look?”
Dan and John hit the stage and the shoot for that day went perfectly, although at times, John looked a little bewildered. He really was a trooper, though and just went with the flow. The Audience went nuts for every song and Landis felt the good feelings from the crowd flowing into him.
After the shoot was finished at the Palladium, Aykroyd and Landis headed back to Universal to watch the dailies. Belushi had once again disappeared, but Dan didn’t worry about it. He and Landis would see him later at the Chateau Marmont. They drove back to the studio in Dan’s car.
As they were driving, Dan made a wrong turn on Lankershim and ventured into unfamiliar territory.. He passed a couple standing in front of their house, having a discussion of some sort. As Dan was about to pass, the man looked in his direction and said, “HEY! STOP! STOP THE CAR!”
Normally, Dan would have gotten the hell out of there, but something about the mans voice and the urgency in it made him stop. The man walked over to Dan’s car, looked him over and said, “You’re Dan Aykroyd, right?”
“Yeah. How ya doin’?
“Uh….fine, I guess. Look, we have a little problem. Maybe you could help us.”
“Well, if you have a problem, call the cops.”
“No, I really don’t want to cause any trouble for anybody. It’s just that…uh….well, you’d better come with me.”
Curious, Landis and Aykroyd parked and went up to the house and at the invitation of the man and his wife, went inside. The man turned around and said, “If you’re looking for John Belushi, you don’t have to look any further.”
“What?” asked Dan, confused.
The man motioned with his head to go with him into the Living Room. Sure enough, crashed out on the couch was John Belushi. Dan and Landis looked at the sleeping Belushi, mouths hanging open in shock and then at each other.
Dan went over and awakened Belushi. Belushi came awake slowly, blinked a few times and looked at his friend. Suddenly he sat bolt upright.
“Holy crap! I overslept! Did I miss the shoot?”
“Don’t worry about it, John. It’s okay. We took care of it”, said Dan, who looked back at the still astonished Landis.
Belushi got up, straightened his suit and looked at Scott and Shelly. Scott felt suddenly sorry for him because he looked so embarrassed.
“I’m really sorry for intruding. I hope this will make up for it.” Belushi reached into his coat, pulled out his wallet and offered Scott and Shelly a few hundred dollars.
“No, that’s okay,” Scott said with a smile. “Keep your money. We are honored to have you in our house.”
The three of them left together: John relieved, rested and slightly embarrassed, Landis trying to put 2 and 2 together and lastly, Dan Aykroyd who was wondering to himself and would wonder until the day he died, who it really was who took the place of John Belushi on the stage that day.


It has been said that our Earth is but one Earth of millions in millions of Solar Systems and millions of Universes. Every once in awhile, one of those other universes containing one of those other Earths, for some inexplicable reason, connects with our Earth, however briefly. In one instance, someone from that other Earth might be in the right place at the right time under exactly the right circumstances.
In this one instance, “Joliet” Jake Blues, Elwood and the Blues Brothers Band were rehearsing “I’m A King Bee” at the Palladium Hollywood in Los Angeles, California for a show they would do the next day. A storm had developed over the city and broke during the song. The Palladium took a bolt of lightning, there was a power surge and as the circuit breakers and surge protectors struggled with the massive load of high voltage, Jake’s microphone shorted out, sending a jolt of electric shock through Jake’s body. At the same time, the lights went out and as sometimes happens during such chaotic times, people got lost.
Maybe it was Fate which allowed Jake to gently step out of his Universe and into ours when help was needed. And after his work here on our Earth was done, maybe Fate took him gently back home again, to Elwood, The Penguin, the Band...and the Blues.

The End.

Copywrite: 2005 Scott L. Spencer
In Memory Of John Adam Belushi

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Posted 28 July 2005 - 09:45 PM

Interesting story.

Check out my artwork at:http://www.jimdemick.com/
and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Art-of-Jim-Demick/261669903877527

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Posted 29 July 2005 - 12:22 AM

:D is there any more explanation?

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Posted 29 July 2005 - 03:12 AM

:hug: is there any more explanation?


I saw a documentary called "The Making Of The Blues Brothers". In it, Dan Aykroyd recounted how John left the set one day and went over to the house of a perfect stranger to eat and sleep. John went to sleep on the couch. John Landis and Dan found him and got him back to the hotel or back to the set at Universal.
Last night, I had a dream about John Belushi. He was wearing his shades. We just sat and talked about various and sudry things. I got the feeling that he was sorry that he had hurt so many people with his untimely death. I wished him well and left the place where he was/is.
The combination of the Interview with Dan and the dream inspired me to write the above story.
I hope you like it.
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