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March 3, 2010

Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic by Monica HolyFringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic
By Monica Holy
Publisher: Weiser Books (October 2009)
Pages: 198 - Price: $16.95

Review by Lee Prosser -
Official Review

This book details the life of Monica Holy as a psychic medium and spirit guide. This is her first book, and in it, this gifted artist details her personal experiences with the world of the paranormal.

Monica Holy also discusses what the Akashic realm looks like. In her story the reader will see what the Gird is, that invisible reality beyond the five senses that underlies all physical forms as humans know them.

Following the acknowledgments and introduction, the author presents to the reader ten chapters. Each chapter proves to be interesting, and informative. Titles of the chapters include "Love's Light," "Thank You," "The Flacker," "The Greys," "The Healing," "Grey Wolf," "Frog Medicine," "Mars," "Synchronicity," and "The Grid."

The reader will find the story enjoyable reading from start to finish. The chapter, titled "The Greys," will certainly give the readers food for thought as will "The Healing." Paranormal readers will find much helpful information in this book.

The book is worth your time to read, and these true stories from Monica Holy will keep you interested.

Click here to buy this book now.

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