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Updated June 15, 2012

Haunted Locations

Started by Will Whitmer, the goal of Afterlife-Evidence is to promote collaboration of evidence, encourage partnerships among local ghosthunting organizations, and create a list/database of legitimate haunted locations around the United States. We are also collecting evidence giving full credit to the investigator.

Allegan Lodge Paranormal Investigations
Have you ever wished you could go on a Ghost Hunt at a REAL Haunted Building? Here is your chance of a lifetime. You will be talking about your experiences at this VERY ACTIVE HAUNT for a long time. The Allegan Lodge located on M-89 in Allegan, Michigan is the Paranormal hotspot of Paranormal hotspots. A must see, feel and experience for all who are into the Paranormal. Numerous spirits, apparitions and entities are seen and heard constantly in this eerie building. It has been named "The Most Haunted Place in the Midwest", USA. The Allegan Lodge is open for Public Ghost Hunts and Private Investigations. Goto the website to Reserve Your Spot or for more information. Hurry, Space is limited. Featured in Articles, on Radio and on up-coming television shows, is one of the hottest Paranormal topics on the www. Find out why..Reserve you spot now!

American Ghosts
American Ghosts is a compendium of hauntings around the United States. The goal of this site is to cover each haunting with as much detail as possible. The haunting's will be listed by state and will contain the following information: location, type of haunting, and history/details.

The Amityville Files
The Amityville Files is the largest archive of Amityville-related research on the Web. Our mission is to present our readers with both the facts and the myths surrounding the Amityville case from all sides of the controversy. The site includes a vast archive of information, allowing the viewer to do their own research into the topic, and decide for themselves where the truth lies in this highly controversial case.

Black River House
An investigation into the Black River House murders of 1992 and the "lost band" disappearance of 1996 both of which took place within the walls of Black River House. The site aims to shed light on both cases whilst exploring the folklore of the region between County Clare and County Kerry in Eire in Ireland.

Boo Ray's Ghostly Journal
Boo Ray's true story of her haunting experience at Adelaida Cemetery which is located 20 miles west of Paso Robles, California. An apparition, supposedly Charlotte Sitton, and a large orb showed up on her film/negatives.

Cape Encounters - Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Publisher of the regionally-popular Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories, which has sold 10,000 copies in its first year in print.

Creepy North Carolina
Learn about local ghosts and the creepy and haunted places of North Carolina. From Blackbeard the pirate to the hauntings of the Appalachian Mountains of NC.

Dead Ohio
Northeast Ohio's haunted places, abandoned cemeteries, urban legends and local oddities.

Encounters With The Unexplained
Encounters With The Unexplained is a blog where you will find a collection of experiences with the paranormal world. Posts focus on haunted places, paranormal phenomena, UFOs, and Bigfoot. Videos on these subjects are here as well.

Locate haunted, abandoned, or the just plain weird places in the U.S. View a directory of places, photos, stories, and comments.

Ghost Cam at
We are located in Ontario, Canada and we believe that we have a haunting. We've set up a Ghost Cam to try to capture an image of our uninvited guest.

The Ghost Database
An encyclopedia of hauntings and paranormal phenomena. Real ghost stories, articles, photos, discussion forum, and much more.

Ghost Haunts
Ghost stories, haunted locations, and true encounters.

Ghost Lovers For Life - Virginia
This site is about ghosts and hauntings in and around Virginia. Some inns and B&B's in Virginia are included. Reader's ghost stories, and many other topics of the ghostly world are covered as well.

Ghost Roads of Ohio
Webmistress's personal experiences with ghosts and haunted places in Ohio. Links, Stories, Tips, Cemetery Pages, Haunted Places, Store, Photos and more.

We are developing a new site to serve Clermont County, Ohio and the surrounding counties. We are currently listing haunted sites in these counties and taking first-hand experiences from viewers. We are also capable of listing photos and EVP from viewers. We are hoping to have a team ready to investigate within a month. Our home base is located in Williamsburg, Ohio and founded by Chastity Carter.

Ghost Stories
Ghost stories and the most haunted buildings in the UK.

Ghost Stories and Haunted Places
A blog dedicated to posting one ghost story, or discussing a visit to a haunted location every day. is a new and unique tool for ghost hunters everywhere. We have installed two robotic cameras within a house believed to be haunted. Onlookers can control these cameras, sweeping the area in a 360 degree turn or zooming in and out. They even have night vision for the nocturnal spirit or audio for the noisy spirit. To top it all off, a $500 reward is offered to the viewer who produces the first legitimate photo of a ghost seen within these walls.

Ghosts of Crowley Hall
There have been many supposed ghost sightings at Crowley Hall in England. During its life, the Hall has had a number of paranormal incidents suggesting the presence of ghosts, and there are ghost stories dating back to the 1950s. There is currently a full investigation into the activity there.

Ghosts in the Ville
Our small town of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania boasts of over 20 haunted sites, the stories of which I have recorded in two books, Ghosts in the 'Ville, and the soon to be published, More Ghosts in the 'Ville. is a well laid out site containing much information on Gold Camp Road, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The site includes factual information, historical timeline of events, pictures, submitted stories, and even directions on where to find the haunted tunnels of Gold Camp Road.

The Governor Sprague Mansion
Located in Cranston, RI, this mansion's former owners were once one of the most powerful families in 19th century America. The mansion and surrounding property has been the site of endless ghostly sightings and happenings.

Haunted Bridgnorth
A site dedicated to all that is paranormal in the historic town of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK.

Haunted Cuyahoga
A comprehensive guide to the many ghosts, hauntings, and legends of the Cuyahoga Valley in northeast Ohio. Includes locations from Cleveland, Akron, and beyond. Also features information about the book of the same name.

Haunted Devon
Haunted-Devon is a site dedicated to Devon's ghosts, spirits, and paranormal with supporting video and photographs. Locally hosted with forum and interactive Web chat. We welcome new forum members worldwide.

Haunted - The Experience
Haunted locations in northeast Wisconsin, Michigan, and other locations in the USA. Haunted locations reviews, photos, video, chat, discussion, and more.

Haunted Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Website about the ghosts and hauntings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Haunted Hamilton
Dedicated to the research and investigation of ghosts, hauntings and historical structures in and around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as well as all around the world. Site includes a renowned list of 50 of the Scariest Movies of All Time, Ghost walks, Events, Costume Balls, Bus Tours, Day trips, and lots of other stuff!

The Haunted Hovel
Large list of Haunted places in the Uk as well as other information about most areas of the paranormal.

Haunted Lighthouses
The desolation and loneliness of a lighthouse lends itself to spooky tales, spirits good and bad, and other spectral beings. Many legends and supernatural lore have sprung up about the lightkeepers, their family members, and perhaps lost souls wrecked on the reefs. This site aims to list all of the haunted lighthouses in the U.S. and eventually all of North America.

Haunted Lighthouses.Info
A site about real haunted lighthouses.

Haunted Montana
Karen Stevens, author of Haunted Montana and More Haunted Montana, invites you to visit some of Montana's most notorious haunted sites. Do you dare to spend the night in a haunted bed-and-breakfast, where the late landlady might appear to plump your pillows? Perhaps you'd rather hoist a beer in a haunted bar, or listen for the echoes of a ghostly bugle on a haunted battlefield. Every site is historically important, currently haunted, and open to the public.

Haunted Nevada
In addition to teaching classes on ghost hunting, Janice Oberding lectures on Nevada's history and haunts. She has investigated several haunted sites throughout Nevada and has written three books on the ghosts/haunts of Nevada.

Haunted North America
If you are looking for haunted sites in North America to visit, come check out our database! You may also add your own locations to share with others. We have a very vast amount of information on hauntings in North America, won't you come join us?

Haunted Ontario
Providing information on the folklore, legends, and eyewitness accounts surrounding the ghosts, spooks, spirits, and poltergeists haunting Ontario.

Haunted Places
The site features a paranormal travel guide for the United States.

Haunted Places (Pennsylvania)
Quaker Cemetery located in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania is the subject of much local folklore concerning ghost and hauntings. Many unexplained things are known to happen here.

Haunted R&R Station
Haunted R&R Station, a docudrama from Tremont Avenue Productions, about the ghostly activity at R&R Station Hotel in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Directed by Roger Marsh. Hotel owner Sherry Wingrove says that more than 15 ghosts are regulars who haunt the restaurant, bar, hotel rooms, and hallways of this historic building.

Haunted Salem!
Salem, Massachusetts is home to a world of haunting enchantments! Walk the narrow streets of our “Witch City” and you will pass unusual shops, strange museums, and travel through time as you read the epitaphs of history on one of our many colonial graves. Meet real Salem Witches who are waiting to guide you through our city’s mysteries. Shop mystical emporiums that will entice you with treasures found nowhere else. Scare yourself with one of our several family oriented haunted attractions. Take a tour of the Witch City’s streets with a guide who can introduce you to real local haunts!

Haunted Tales
A great new site for discussion and information. We focus mainly on ghosts, ghost hunting, hauntings, ghost photos, and posession. We also discuss myths and folklore as well as anything considered unexplained. We encourage everyone to come and learn something new. We also have games and jokes for kids. We have webcams to view and much more! We have just added a Fortune Teller and Dream Dictonary.

The Haunted Traveler
A travel guide to haunted and historical sites across the South: Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Provides personnel recommendations on haunted places to visit, haunted hotels, local ghost tours, and tourist information.

Haunted York
Promotional site for the new full-color guide book Haunted York. Written and researched by Vincent Danks and designed and illustrated by Ian Forster. An illustrated guide to the other residents of an ancient and haunted city.

A Haunting In South Dakota
This is the continuing saga of my haunted house. I provide updates regarding the paranormal activity, even photos and video when I can. When the activity settles down to just the occasional phantom footfall, I post reviews of horror films -- the good, the bad, and the zombie. is a state-by-state guide of haunted places that you can tour, explore and investigate. We also have the latest paranormal news, ghost stories and special events where you can take part in a professional paranormal investigation.

Haunts of Yuma, Arizona and the Imperial Valley, California
We offer a look at the ghosts of Yuma, Arizona, Imperial Valley, California, including: Lutes Casino, Hotel Lee, Hotel Del Sol, Old Town, the Whaley House, Yuma Territorial Prison State Park, and more.

The Headless Horseman - Your Online Ghost Guide
Information on ghosts and spirits, famous hauntings, the legend of Sleepy Hollow and more. Your online guide to ghost sightings, ghost hunting tips, and more. We have spirit photos, spooky stories, paranormal phenomenon, and lots more.

Hello Ghost
This site is about a possible paranormal "thing" that seems to be residing at, or visiting, our house in Clermont County, Ohio. I generally update the site when really strange things happen or we catch some weird images.

I Want to Believe: Adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle
A guide to Massachusetts' premier paranormal hotspot: the Bridgewater Triangle. Here you'll find a collection of humorous essays describing my paranormal experiences in haunted New England. This site will also act as a forum where folks can share their experiences with ghosts and the supernatural. Topics include, and are not limited to: Ghosts, Spirits, Psychics, Mediums, UFOs, Bigfoot, and other Fortean phenomena.

Imperial California Haunted
Imperial County California listing for Hauntings part of the San Diego Haunted website.

In this site you will see what we have found on some interesting trips we have taken around Massachusetts. Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural? look inside and judge for yourself.

Michigan's Otherside
Michigan's Otherside is devoted to Michigan's paranormal world and beyond. Learn about Michigan's ghosts, hauntings, legends, UFOs, ancient mysteries, and more sprinkled with a bit of humor throughout. Created by The Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization.

Myths, Ghosts, and Legends
Myths, Ghosts, and Legends from the Isle of Wight. Spooky history and ghost investigations from "The Worlds Most Haunted Island!"

Northwest Hauntings
Oregon and Washington paranormal investigations. We have forums to share paranormal experiences.

"Oddmap" - A Map Of The Strange
Oddmap is (to the best of our knowledge) the only online directory of its kind on the planet. It combines visual maps with a large database to allow users to find haunted locations, magic shops, and other "Odd" places to visit in the United Kingdom.

Paranormal Michigan Book Series
New paranormal book series showcasing haunted locations, legends, and personal experiences throughout the state of Michigan. Web site also includes an online form to submit your experiences or stories.

Paranormal Images
My site was set up to share my experiences and strange photographs caught on paranormal investigations around the Midlands (UK).

Paranormal In South Africa
Ghosts, Hauntings, Photos, Investigations, True Stories from South Africa.

Parapsychology Database of activities within the UK and the World. From Ghosts to UFO's and mysteries.

Port City Paranormal - Battleship USS North Carolina
One section of the Port City Paranormal web site is entirely dedicated to the Haunting of the Battleship USS North Carolina. Project BB55 is our three year study of the site,it's history and the ghosts who remain.We have posted the best audio & video evidence from twenty investigations.Located in Wilmington NC,along the Cape Fear, The Battleship North Carolina is the most haunted ship on the East Coast, visit us and see why.

Psychic Theater
As seen on "Exploring The Unknown!" and the Travel Channel, attend a seance at the Psychic Theater in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Paranormal demonstrations that end with an actual dark Victorian seance! 1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton, PA 18508.

Rolling Hills Asylum
Located in western New York 40 minutes from two major airports, Rolling Hills Asylum is a hot bed of paranormal activity. Disembodied voices, doors slamming, footsteps, sounds of furniture moving, full body apparitions, shadow people, touching, and more! The property was established on January 1, 1827 as the Genesee County Poor Farm. Over the years it has operated as a poor farm, infirmary, orphanage, tuberculosis hospital, nursing home, and more. Residents and Inmates ran the gambit of widows, orphans, disabled, mentally unstable, murders, and more. Over 1700 bodies buried in unmarked graves. Come out and investigate this very, haunted and active location!

Rotherham Ghosts
This site is an information site on ghosts sightings mainly around South Yorkshire, UK. Pictures, videos, and photos which have been taken regarding possible ghosts sightings.

San Diego Haunted
San Diego Haunted is a portal site for possible haunted locations in San Diego, Ca. We also offer free research assistance for those in need.

Shadow State
Shadow State, deals with haunted locations across the state of Wisconsin. Using various sources, I have listed sites that range from the state capitol in Madison, to an abandoned schoolhouse in Lafayette County. Whenever possible, I have tried to give some background on the site. The activity, and a reason why the site may be haunted. Pics, videos (on some sites), and directions are also included. I hope to be continually adding more sites, as well as updating the sites that are already listed.

Strange USA - Ultimate collection of strange locations in the USA.

Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State
Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State: Combining Fact with Folklore since 2006! This site is designed to explore the haunted history behind some of the legendary West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky hot spots. In addition, there are tons of great informational links and articles on paranormal topics in general, plus profiles on historic buildings, historic homes and families, cemeteries, weird history, and book reviews. Owned and operated by Theresa, Research Manager for Huntington Paranormal Investigations and Research.

True Ghost Stories
True Ghost Stories is a UK based site which features hundreds of real life cases of hauntings. Post your own true ghostly experiences, interact with other paranormal fans in our forum, and more.

The Unexplained World
This site is for those who have experienced or believe in "The Unexplained World" of the paranormal to share your experiences and to learn what others have learned. Covering ghosts, spirits, hauntings, haunted locations, Psychic abilities, and more in the Chicagoland area and the Midwest. Where the border between the natural and the supernatural will be nothing any more but fuzzy.

Posting the Paranormal since 1997! The has been compiling and categorizing Wisconsin paranormal happenings for several decades. Ghosts, UFO sightings, Bigfoot news, Alien abduction claims, rumored werewolves, haunted houses and more! We have been placing them on this web site for the world to use since 1997 with the aim of aiding to further their understanding, research and investigation of Wisconsin area anomalies. Most people visiting are looking for the complete list of Wisconsin Oddities (currently around 200 reports archived) or the smaller list of Ghostly Reports (currently around 100 reports archived), enjoy both!

Weird Croydon
Weird Croydon (England) is a skeptical look at strange local stories, ranging from news reports of poisonous spiders found in warehouses and frogs falling from the sky, to haunted hotels and poltergeist activity in high-street bars.

Weird Fresno
A Web site that deals with ghost stories, urban legends, and other folklore tales from the Fresno, California, and surrounding areas.

West Virginia's True Ghost Stories
West Virginia's True Ghost Stories is dedicated to all of the legends within the great Mountain State of West Virginia. We have a collection of over 160 True West Virginia Ghost Stories. We also have a wonderful Message Board, true photos, movie reviews, along with a lot more enjoyable topics.

Woothie Cam
The Woothie Ghost Cam is situated in the basement of our home in Canada. Help us find the ghost.

Wrems Curious Country
We are the paranormal investigation team of Oregon. With our connection to the Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, we have excellent high-tech equipment for discerning the best evidence and access to local businesses, churches, and schools. As an educational non-profit, we are teaching the community how to appreciate hauntings, history, and the paranormal. We handle the extraordinary with credibility because of our maturity and professional training. All in all, we make this look good!

Your Ghost Stories
Your Ghost Stories contains articles about ghosts and famous hauntings, real ghost pictures, and a section for people to share their real ghost experiences.

2014 Haunted New England Wall Calendar by Jeff Belanger photography by Frank Grace
Check out the 2014 Haunted New England wall calendar by Jeff Belanger and photography by Frank Grace!

Paranormal Conferences and Lectures
Don't miss the following events and lectures:

Jeff Belanger and “The Bridgewater Triangle” at Dedham Community Theatre - April 6, 2014 9:00PM

The Spirits of the Mark Twain House - Hartford, Connecticut - April 12, 2014

Paracon Australia - East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia - May 10-12, 2014