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Updated October 16, 2012

Spirit Photography

American Paranormal Investigations
American Paranormal Investigations features some amazing photography taken during investigations and submitted from all over the world. We invite you to tour our free site.

Anomalous Research Cincinnati
Anomalous Research Cincinnati, Ohio. Photographic anomaliesm spirit photography.
Since August of 2007, we have been cataloging paranormal photographs and videos. We have been absolutely compelled to get out and capture this phenomenon. The images appear in various shapes and sizes, and also seem to be making 'Intelligent Designs'. We have spoken with many individuals in the paranormal field and they feel these are related to the changes in the earth's atmosphere and more photon energy entering our planet. We can feel their presence and believe they are "Benevolent Spirits" here to help our planet raise the level of our consciousness. Many of the images appear to be very Mayan looking in their appearance which leads me to believe, did the Mayan civilization really have it right? Will the year 2012 be what so many are now predicting, as the Mayan Civilization previously did? We strongly feel that the Mayan Prophecies are coming to pass, and the hour is upon us to enlighten the world to their existence and help awaken humanity to its calling. We would welcome any information or possible interpretation for study to see if these beings could be sending messages for humanity at a time where help is needed. Please visit our website and the YouTube site We are in the process of creating a new page for our website for viewer's submissions of orb and other paranormal photographs. We received many amazing photos from people in Australia that sparked this idea. If you have any photos that you would like to be published, we would welcome your submissions. Please let us know if you would like to be credited for the photo, or would prefer to remain anonymous. Also, we would love to hear any experiences you may have encountered dealing with this phenomenon. Blessings Linda & Larry

Carissa on the Web
Photographs taken of Carissa (in Hawaii) by Carissa's grandmother, Norma and by Terri, Carissa's mother. Different cameras and different rolls of film were used at different locations and ages all showing energy forms believed to be spiritguides.

Earth to Scorpiona
Dedicated to life after death, human and animal spirits, card readings, haunted tours, documentaries, an evening or two night stay with Scorpiona, a national and international paranormal hostess located in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

This site is about paranormal and orb photography. We focus on haunted locations in Connecticut but will have more soon.

Ghosts From Beyond
Real ghost pictures of people from different areas.

Karen's Ghost Page
This site features only photographs with a short description of each photo, including type of camera and film used.

Lance Reed Researcher of the 'Schreiber Method'
The site follows Lance Reed, a UK-based researcher of the 'Schreiber Method' and shares all his new results and breakthroughs. Please join him in his passion with this amazing method of communication called the 'Schreiber Method.'

Journey Paranormal Society
Journey Paranormal Society™ founder Sharon Coyle is known for her ability to obtain remarkable photographic evidence, be it with digital, film, or cell phone cameras. She has captured everything from shadow people, full body apparitions, animal spirits, elementals, and unidentified objects and entities. References available upon request.

Port City Paranormal
Port City Paranormal has posted still photos of the Ferry Girl from Ferry Plantation House,and videos of shadows & paranormal activity from the Battleship North Carolina and Charley Brownz Downtown Lounge ( Wilmington NC) Lots of EVP evidence from Willard NY, Bellamy Mansion,USSNC and other non private cases along the haunted Cape Fear.
Ongoing, two-year study of clouds in Orlando, Florida for supernatural/paranormal evidence. We are ghost hunters who take ghost and spirit photos.

The Society for Paranormal Investigation
The Society for Paranormal Investigation - Dallas/Ft. Worth - Washington D.C. - New Orleans Units: While we employ many technologies and approaches in our ghost hunting, our expertise is in photo analysis, video editing, infrared and gothic photography. We are soon coming out with a book on exotic photography for the spirit realm and paranormal investigation.

Spirit Journey
On our site you will see photographs taken by a retired firefighter from New York City GAW while he was recovering from major surgery in Northampton, Massachusetts. Some photos have facilitated healings. Others are evidence of people, animals, angels, and other worldly beings of spirit in vivid colors and a variety of circumstances including a ghost of a male in a neighbor's house.

Based in Brookpark, Ohio, we're searching for the unknown, orbs, ectoplasm, and EVP.

Scientifically Tested – Scientifically Confirmed. Jim DeCaro’s spirit photography has achieved international scientific recognition as photographic evidence of paranormal and spirit activity. Since 1999 - Spiritography by Jim DeCaro.

Spooky Pics
Online collection of paranormal evidence and other spooky pictures.

Walking With Ghosts: True Encounters of the Paranormal
This is a meticulously documented, no-nonsense account of the author's life-long experiences with ghosts and the paranormal. Supported by more than 100 startling photographs of paranormal encounters and a fascinating description of the author's tour through areas of documented sightings, the reader is pulled into a world as enigmatic as it is potentially frightening. Readers safely follow her through descriptions of her deeply personal experiences as she travels into regions as diverse as Salem to Gettysburg and west to Old Town Albuquerque. From the author's dream visitations to her personal tours, from her comprehensive definition of ghosts and the paranormal to her solid research and citations, readers will discover a world that suddenly seems as logical as it is compelling.

2014 Haunted New England Wall Calendar by Jeff Belanger photography by Frank Grace
Check out the 2014 Haunted New England wall calendar by Jeff Belanger and photography by Frank Grace!

Paranormal Conferences and Lectures
Don't miss the following events and lectures:

Jeff Belanger and “The Bridgewater Triangle” at Dedham Community Theatre - April 6, 2014 9:00PM

The Spirits of the Mark Twain House - Hartford, Connecticut - April 12, 2014

Paracon Australia - East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia - May 10-12, 2014