April 10, 2002 - #11

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Dear Ghostvillagers,
Welcome to the 11th installment of the newsletter. Be sure to pass this on to people you feel will be interested, and encourage your friends to sign up at Gets a Facelift
Recently has donned a new look and some new features. The look is intended to be more modern and easy to navigate. At the top of every page you will see a link that says ">Launch the Ghostvillage Marquee<" -- clicking that link will launch a small window that displays who is online and how many messages you have. The data will automatically update itself about every minute. This small window is intended to add to your community experience -- you can keep the window open and see who is coming online while you browse other pages. Basically, everything is a lot more integrated now. A very big thank you to Greg DiFalco for helping with some of the programming. Visit his company's Web site.

New Ghost Chat
We now have a new Ghost Chat room that is integrated with the Town Square.  When browsing the Town Square you can see who is in the chat room.  Ghost Chat has been a lot more active since implementing this new room so float on by soon!  Ghost Chat is available anytime, but regular chats are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9 PM EST.

New Ghost Search
Our Ghost Search Web directory is expanding and better than ever. The new Ghost Search has more categories and more sites. And now we have the ability to see how many people clicked on a specific link as well as rank each site. Be sure to add your favorite ghost sites and rank them.  There are currently 190 sites in Ghost Search and growing quickly. A special thanks to Cindy for her help in checking all of our old links!

Welcome New Members
Since our last newsletter the following people have joined the Town Square: star, Seven, singr50, ParanormalMama, incbs69, hunnylou, Gradock, THE_FULL_BULL, Punchers, marasia, Ghostasee, kenpid, Gothicdoll13, Soceel, greenlady, Nathan, nightstar, Lala, tienamarietheresal, jolena73, My2Sense, guitar_chick3, ohioparanormal, mp1027, waddub, shine, mredman81, PollyB, JimDe, xfkirsten, ParanormalPrincess, Cheyanne, melosh, germanx17, MasterOfSeeth, Altinure, grand6evil, replacement, pjmeado, shirhia, Fantom, jwls, aatarmisb, MyDevlin.

Ouija Boards
I have recently begun researching my next article for the Legends section. The article will be on the history and use of Ouija boards. I know from the message boards that this is a hot topic -- some believe the "witches" board is a dangerous gateway to evil, others believe it can tell the future, and others still (Hasbro) think it's just a game.

If anyone has had any interesting experiences with a Ouija board I would be very interested to hear about them. Please email me: Quick Stats:
3766 Messages in the Town Square Message Boards
12 "Encounters" listed so far in 2002.
184 Paranormal Web sites in the Ghost Search directory
335 People have signed up for free G-Mail.
936 Subscribers to this newsletter.

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Remember, this is your Ghostly community! Your input, ideas, photographs, recordings, and experiences are welcomed. Please email us anytime at

Happy Hauntings,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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