NEWS - April 14, 2002 - #20

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

I know it's been a little while since our last newsletter, and my response to that is... tough! These things don't write themselves, you know. If our Witch friends out there have any spells for making me write these things faster, please let me know.

Speaking of writing, I want to say thank you to all of the people who have written in with questions and comments on my "Legends of the Supernatural" column. Every other week, I will continue to bring you folklore, investigations, and interviews on the supernatural. And I would like your help in spreading the word! I'm currently speaking with a few different newspapers about the possibility of running my column in their publications. You can help by contacting your local newspapers and alternative weeklies and asking for the column by name. You can send them to our Web site, or give me the name and email address of the editor and I'll send an introductory message. 

Over the last few months, we have grown quite a bit. We have added over 600 new subscribers, our Town Square message board members have grown by several hundred, and we continue to see new faces. What makes our community great is the diverse background that each of you bring to our giant table.

Please keep your questions and comments coming, and be sure to tell your friends about us.

Hey, when you have a minute, check out >>this<< post in the Town Square message boards. Many of our Ghostvillagers have posted pictures of themselves. 

Find the Ghost and Win!
Something new this month -- The "winner" icon on the left has been hidden somewhere on If you're the first to find it, email us with the page it's on, and you win this month's prize. The graphic could be on any page on the Web site -- maybe at the top of the page, maybe the bottom, etc. Once we have a winner, we will announce it on our home page. By clicking on the "winner" icon within, it should launch your email with the appropriate subject. If not, email, and in the subject or body, put the URL of the page you found the icon on. Good luck!

This month's prize: Mystery in Mind: A Collection of Stories of the Paranormal is a hauntingly good anthology of mystery stories by various authors, including Martha Lawrence and Rosemary Edghill. Packed with 23 haunting tales, this book is a mystery lover's masterpiece!
"...riveting, page-turning reading." Tamara Thorne, author of The Forgotten, Bad Things, and Candle Bay

Didn't win it? Want to buy it? Click on the book or link above.

Help Needed
Patti Hamlin is doing research for a potential book on the phenomena of Forest Park Cemetery, and she is trying to contact the author "Chris" of the encounter at "Forest Park Cemetery" from the archives: His email address came back as no longer valid: ""

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of "Chris," please contact:
Patti Hamlin
Brunswick, NY USA
Tel: +1.518.279.0011
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, and would be mentioned in any publication.

Supernatural Library is seeking an experienced book reviewer for our library section! This is not a paid position; however, you will get your work regularly published on, and you will have access to all of the latest books on the supernatural for free.

To be considered, please send two sample book reviews (the books can be from any genre, not necessarily the supernatural) to >><<.

Legends of the Supernatural
Since our last newsletter, the following columns have run:

Sťance - A Round Table Discussion - April 5, 2003

Exorcism: Vanquishing Demons - March 22, 2003

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven? - March 8, 2003

Which Witch is Which? - February 22, 2003

Being Psychic With Peter James - February 8, 2003

If you know of a publication that may be interested in running this column, drop me a line. >>email<<

Recent Encounters
If you have an encounter, please share it by clicking >>here<<.

Dreaming Man - Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Night Shadow Man - Ontario, Canada

Brooklyn Doorman - Brooklyn, New York

Nightly Horrors at 1:15 AM - Brisbane, Australia

Prankster Boy - Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Hand in the Dresser - Livonia, Michigan

Childhood Orbs and Mist - Hibbing and Chisholm, Minnesota

Tagging Along and Playing Pranks - Central Illinois

Spirit Send-Off - Lowell, Massachusetts

Attacking Old Hag - Bradbury, California

Welcome New Members
Since our last newsletter, the following people have joined us in the Town Square. Please welcome:
barb, creepykat, No1Vampire, wolfman, Vickie, 651_Paranormal, tierney, ellie2891, bone, dani, iwasfloyd, demoness, topdog407, Kirsty, Magdelina, MouseHunter, reizod, Fif, cosmic_Lunar, whispers_of_fire, spookykaren, snowbirdmo62, queenmarylady, Shadow_Ranger, scghostgirl, RushHourSoul, guard_princess, curious, Cleokat45, morningstar, CB, nancycassie, mnwild, ProtectedBySpirits, haroldwendell, MYDARKQUEEN, jamie, nennydog, Serenity, xbloodykissesx, monroe1225, TSSI2, Laz_Milvenner, BB2tasty, barblkr, Crimsonkitten66, MistressAngelique, eyeC, tats, Vittorianna, sorscha, Marilyn, mattyboombatty, phaota, icekat, kats_god, dctouring, JuJu, missy930, Melissa17, disturbedxkiten, silvia23, Shadows, civictouring, Coll, babe, MJmoonwolf, morgauseblue, mucspoogy, jamm, ghosthunter1, BJoanRickels, star_fire, IrishGhost, Forever_Blackmist, howellin, novembersun, Teardin, Quester, SilverAngel33, crazysweet4, Raymond_Booran, michizzz, michie, bigdog007, Debi, spiritdragon, VINAY, Saneguy, indianaghost, Stockie, foodland, ghosthunter1956, linkinpark_guy, honey, shadowgirl01, nanna, Kollision, Whitesburg_Tanya, emcmahon, ZachariahDaMan, Demonologist, Mfoster, luckylu, Jennifer Sanfilippo, earth_healer2, sunshine, reikiforcritters, thorned, 2ndSight, Midnyte_Stroll, spunky7974, Tanya_S, TheDarkicon, heavenmarie, MisledYouth, lilyrose211, The Great Gazoo, h_sievers, paranormalstantsn, stephie0482, bhoot, kelinbrewer, each01, JennKrieger, sexy-pants, os_cal, gingerpennell, ghostly_punk23, haunted_gurl24, SWAN, dchristle, mad_dog123, GhostlyEMTgirlie, 3_sided_dice, roadcree, kjinx, Baggy, SpiderGatesGal, whittthehit, Willow, Lenore, Clement, jojomzz, Paperdoll, hippiecowboy, qItah, minirio, ghostfairy, despisedguitarist, Virgo3172, mrshamlin, mommydkb, Pyerewackett, qwacksalot, eilish69au, SwampFox, flycece, sarahbelle41, liquidhate, richards_1, glitch, STAR_3421001, Stilett0, jackalmom, cinderpreps, swingashock7, witz_1824, thedeadwillrise, Slcgemneye, sham, thornical, Tsara, joefink90, Ranella, teensoccerstar, shadowson666, malva, nrj413, ghastly, tamic1977, cspencer, Raythorn, Ebonierose, Jubriella2283, ghostlyvamp07, andy, traster70, oevets311, chilean_diva, DeAna, dbracken69, story_huntress, knockingtime2003, kwolf, ghostman666, armageddon, dbcutie15, neenee112, vampire91, hotcheerchick101, cali7070, robertc, adicted_to_ouija, natassa, Lil_chikY, crazyeights, and Jaded_Wulf. Quick Stats:
11,667 Messages in the Town Square Message Boards
1,429 Members in the Town Square
16 "Encounters" listed in 2003 so far
272 Paranormal Web sites in the Ghost Search directory
2,503 Subscribers to this newsletter

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