August 24, 2002 - #14

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

Happy August to you all. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this is known as the "Ghost Month" because the gates of the underworld are opened to allow the deceased to walk the Earth until the month is over. There are festivals to remember the dead in China this month, with offerings of food and entertainment for the living as well as the dead. (It would be a shame to prepare a big feast and only leave it out for ghosts.)

There are big changes coming to this newsletter. First, it will be going to a bi-weekly format, and then it will turn into a regular column on the supernatural. If you are signed up to receive this newsletter, you will automatically be signed up for the new column. The hope is to get this column syndicated on other Web sites, newspapers, and the like. If you're interested in finding out more about getting content for your site or publication, email me.

Subscription Service
Our subscriber list has grown significantly, and we now have a Web-based system to manage the list. If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe, look for the "Subscribe" box on various pages around the site. This new system will eliminate any duplicate entries and allow people to come and go from the list as they please.

Supernatural Library
This is a brand-new addition to  The Supernatural Library will feature book reviews, author interviews, and more. Here's how it's going to work: Someone from will review the books, and anyone visiting the Web site will have the opportunity to write their own review of the book, which will be posted underneath each title. (Okay, so we stole the idea from Amazon, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.) Our first book review of A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural, by Gerina Dunwich is up now. If you have written or published a book on the supernatural and would like it reviewed, contact us. (Only new books, please.)

Recent Encounters
Here are some Encounters that have been added since the last newsletter:

Haunted Land - Ashland, Tennessee
Grandmother's Visiting Spirit - Ardmore, Oklahoma
Beating the Angel of Death - Chicago, Illinois
Haunted Graveyard - New Carlisle, Ohio
Footsteps in the Bedroom - Matoaka City Limits, West Virginia
A Spirit Named "Fred" - Manchester, United Kingdom
Children's Dancing Light - Harrogate, Tennessee
Grandma's Hand - River Pines, California
"For My Kids" - Red Lock, Ohio(Our first EVP!)

Welcome New Members
Since our last newsletter, we have had a lot of new people join us in the Town Square. Please welcome: JennYankeeDoodle, xtine, spookymonkey, ghosty, coalminer100, mickeyrob, MERLIN, fiddle1227, sue573, Margaret, SapphiresDream, dolphinwoman, clockwork5869, Midnight_Watcher, shipoffools, angus, johnnymcfall, Magoo, tryagain, Tamara, CharlieD, CottonCandy, beautifullikelove, ghostbitch, mario66, Aurelia, GhostBuster24, The_Stepchild, Drift_Inn, pntballplaya22, Cyclops48, TIFFANYJEAN, BlackHalo, leeshadwick, Akia, bobbyb229, Holy_Paladin, Ghostieisme, Casper, idfcv, Black_Knight, Teresa529, judecat1, salshana, and rockisfine. Quick Stats:
5,573 Messages in the Town Square Message Boards
567 Members in the Town Square
37 "Encounters" listed so far in 2002
216 Paranormal Web sites in the Ghost Search directory
956 Subscribers to this newsletter.

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Hauntedly yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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