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Dear Ghostvillagers,

The holiday season is here! When you have a four-year-old, like I do -- it's magic. It’s supernatural. It’s awesome. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Santa Claus these days. My friend Al told me recently that he was struggling with telling his four-year-old daughter about Santa Claus. “It’s the only lie I’ve ever told her,” he said. I was quick to respond that Santa is not a lie. He’s a legend. All legends have a solid foundation in someone’s reality. From there the story grows and evolves; it becomes part of a collective human experience. Legends are real. The point can’t be argued.

Of all the legends in America, there can be none as prominent, or as real, as that of St. Nick. Like Bigfoot, I don’t have to tell you what Santa looks like, where he’s from, or what he does. The very name is synonymous with his deeds, but before there was the holiday hoopla, there was a man—a regular man who was the foundation of something extraordinary.

Nicholas lived in the land of Myra around 300 A.D. He was the only child of a wealthy family and was orphaned at a young age. A true philanthropist, and inspired by a person named Jesus who lived long ago, Nicholas gave away his wealth. He left gifts for children in their shoes, he was known to toss small sacks of gold through open windows, and to lavish affection upon the poor.

The Catholic Church canonized him shortly after his death, making him St. Nicholas. Incorporating Nicholas and his spirit of generosity into the Christmas season was a natural fit for the Church.

Over the centuries, Nicholas’s story was passed around through a natural folklore process. He was copy-catted by others who took joy in giving away money and toys to poor children. As the centuries passed, his legend grew to mythic proportions and took on supernatural attributes.

The Dutch people called this figure “Sinter Klaas,” and brought him over to New York when they arrived in the seventeenth century. Washington Irving wrote about this figure in his History of New York where he described the arrival of the Saint on horseback, but it was a poem penned by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 that defined Santa Claus, his sled, the reindeer, what he looks like, and his chimney-arrival behavior. That poem is called “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” better known as “The Night Before Christmas,” and in 1931 the Coca Cola Company made the figure of Santa in a red suit with white fur trim a cultural icon as part of their advertising campaigns.

The first time a child meets Santa Claus, it’s like meeting the world’s biggest celebrity. Most of us never forget the racing heartbeats, the giddy excitement, or maybe even the fear of meeting this omniscient, supernatural being who can lay your most desired toy under the Christmas tree, or crush you with lumps of coal and sticks in your stocking.

As we get older, our ideas of Santa morph and evolve until many of us actually become Father Christmas—either at the office holiday party or when we have children of our own. The Santa experience offers genuine miracles on both sides of the fluffy white beard in a world where most mysteries are dying off at an alarming rate.

I don’t care if you’re Christian or not. I'm a paranormal guy. I believe in possession. In Judaism there’s the concept of the “Dybbuk,” which is a type of spirit possession. This possession can be a bad thing: like if you're inclined to drink too much or do drugs, a spirit that did that in life may cling to you and push you over the edge; or it can be a good thing: you're trying to get healthy and exercise and a spirit who did that in life may be drawn to you to help. We get possessed by good ideas, gut instincts, and inspiration all of the time. We also get inspired by great legends... like Santa Claus.

Santa's legend and story has spread throughout the world. Each Christmas we get inspired... nay, possessed by this good spirit. I'm thrilled my daughter is eagerly awaiting St. Nick visiting our house in a few weeks.

By carrying on these traditions which were based on a real man, I become part of the legend. I write myself into the story. I write my daughter into the story in the hopes that one day she too will become possessed by the spirit of Christmas. That she will be reminded to behave because someone is out there watching, that she will feel the urge to give to charities a little more, that she will know there’s still magic in the world.

Believe in Santa, Al. His legend is real. He’s real. He’s you. He’s me. He’s a bit of all of us. And next year he’ll be back, because we’ll never stop needing him.

Let’s discuss holiday spirits this month, Ghostvillagers! And if you’re looking for any last-minute gift ideas for the paranormal person in your life, check out my books. I have autographed copies for sale here (, or you can buy them at a discount at online retailers.

Thank you all for an amazing 2011. My family and I wish you and yours much laughter, love, and legends in 2012!

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Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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David L. Kern aka Magik which is a nickname I got when I worked in a magic shop while in Jr. High School

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Columbus, Ohio

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I design and sell T-shirts, I'm the owner of Freaky Tee's.

What first got you interested in the supernatural?
My first experience with ghosts came after my Grandmother called me after my grandfather died in 1975. The problem was that she had died herself 13 days before he did. Once I realized that it was her, static grew on the line until I couldn't hear her anymore. But ever since I have fully believed not only in ghosts but that she watches over me. I have lived in three houses that were haunted including the current one.

Do you think there’s a time of year where ghosts are more active?
Although ghosts always seem to be active, I do believe that you get better EVP results in the fall and the winter.

Do you have any holiday traditions in your family?
Being married to a Filipina, not only are birthdays a big deal but so are death anniversaries. Plus, if the Christmas tree isn't up within a week after thanksgiving, and Christmas carols on the radio, my wife gets real cranky. Personally though, my favorite Christmas song is "I Think My Christmas Tree is Haunted."

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