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Dear Ghostvillagers,

In the realm of paranormal discussion, few topics are as controversial as demons. Are there dark, non-human creatures or elementals that can mingle in our lives or maybe even attach themselves to us? Is it just bad people stuck on the other side and we mislabel them? Or is it all in our heads -- the notions of good and evil locked in eternal battle?

It's interesting to note that different parts of the world seem to discuss demons more than others. I can't quantify this any more than saying I communicate with a lot of people and groups from all over the world, and it's simply a trend I've noticed: Regions with a heavy Catholic influence (like New England, like Chicago, like Italy) tend to discuss demons more than other regions. I'm not saying you need to be Catholic to believe in demons, but certainly that influence plays some kind of role.

Throughout history, there have been truly terrible people who have walked among us: Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer just to name a few. These are mass murderers, cannibals, and dictators who killed innocent people on a grand scale. "Evil" is certainly an acceptable term to place on these people. In the media, some have also been called "monsters" and even "demons." When they die, if they're still around, would they change their ways, or would they continue their cruel habits?

Religious texts, folklore, and legends are filled with non-human entities that have come into our world and run amok. Grab your holy water, good luck charms, and sacred books, because this month on Ghostvillage, we're going to look more closely at the subject of demons.

This month we added a new Webisode of "Paranormal Journeys," where we head to Salem, Massachusetts, to attend a table-tipping sťance with a coven of Witches. Be sure to check it out:

This is also the last newsletter of 2007, so I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for an incredible year. This was our busiest year so far -- more people visited our village this year than ever before, more folks subscribe to this newsletter, and we've become a big voice in the paranormal community. In 2008, you can expect more great content, new features, new regular contributors will be joining us, and we will remain a place to openly discuss all facets of this dynamic topic.

So from our family to yours, have a warm and wonderful holiday season... and be sure to tell a ghost story or two around the hearth.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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This month's prize: We're giving away an autographed copy of Jeff Belanger's latest book, The Ghost Files, a window sticker, and a t-shirt!

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December 19: Jeff Belanger on APSR Radio
January 19: Las Vegas Paranormal Conference, San Francisco Conference-Forever Family Foundation
February 2: Jeff Belanger on Exploring Unexplained Phenomena
February 7: Tombstone Ghost Conference - Arizona - Jeff Belanger will be speaking at this event
February 9: Your New Life Attitude With Rick Hayes

Who's Who in the Village?
Get to know some of your fellow Ghostvillagers.

>>Joven76<< - member since October 18, 2007

What is your name?
Christopher Pressley. (No, I have not seen Elvis lately.)

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Cary, North Carolina.

What do you do for a living?
I'm an Order and Government Contract Administrator.

What got you interested in the paranormal?
I've always been interested in the paranormal ever since I can remember, and have had minor personal experiences, but my wife got me more involved. She has had many experiences and has shown me there was a lot more to the paranormal then I knew. I started listening to her experiences, along with others, and decided I wanted to learn even more. We both have started investigating together to further our knowledge. She has been a great guide along the way.

What piece of ghost investigation equipment is most important to you?
Ok, I know this is going to sound really weird, but it's my wife. Without her, I wouldn't be as involved as I am. She has a lot more knowledge than I do when it comes to the paranormal. I'm always picking her brain when we encounter something we can't explain. And together, we are learning so much more.

Have you had any experiences with demons?
No... But luckily, if I ever do, I have a contact to assist me.

Do you or your family have any good holiday traditions?
Yes... We have a few. Before I got married, my family always had a special dinner on Christmas Eve: waffles and bacon. I know it sounds weird, but we did it ever since I can remember. Once I got married, I found out my wife had a similar tradition -- she had fried shrimp, buttered poppy seed noodles, and clam chowder. So, what we do now that we're married? No, not fried shrimp waffles and bacon clam chowder -- that's just gross -- we alternate years. This year it's waffles and bacon -- woo hoo!

Another tradition in my family was adopted when I got married. My wife's family always sets an extra place at the dinner table for Jesus for Christmas Eve dinner. And if anyone ever came to your house at that time, you were to invite them in to dine with you. That would symbolize Jesus eating with you. Well, a couple of years ago we had just sat down to Christmas Eve dinner when the doorbell rang. My wife, daughter, and I all looked at each other in amazement. Someone was here during our dinner. When we answered the door, it was the Fed Ex man delivering a package. I think we scared him a little when he saw how excited we were that he was here and invited him in for dinner. Unfortunately he could not stay, but he did take some cookies and a Coke to go.

Last Month's Theme - Featured Content
Our last month's theme was pareidolia. Here's what you missed if you haven't checked in since last month:

Newsletter: Newsletter Introduction: What is Pareidolia?
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The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley [AUTHOR INTERVIEW]
Pirate Ghosts & Phantom Ships by Thomas D'Agostino
Photography and Spirit by John Harvey
Tarot Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles
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Meeting Grandpa - Jerome, Idaho
The Woman Who Protects Me - Stuart, Florida
Glowing Eyes At Grandparents' House - Barto, Pennsylvania
The Presence in Room 3 - Nicosia, Cyprus
Grandpa Checking On the Kids - Hazel Park, Michigan
La Llorona on Channel Road - Sanger, California
Uncle George's Last Visit - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Hear the Storm - Sebago, Maine
Hearing Voices - Riverside, California
Smoky's Return - Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

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2008 California Ghost Hunters Conference in Sutter Creek [CONFERENCE WATCH]
2 Gypsy Clans' Feud Over Fortunetelling Offers Rare Glimpse Into Insular Culture -Desert Morning News - Newport Beach, California - December 7, 2007 [EXTERNAL NEWS]
Ghosthunter Mum Chases Scotland's Spooky Past - Daily Record - Glasgow, Scotland - December 4, 2007 [EXTERNAL NEWS]
Fla. Town Welcomes Visitors to Commune With Spiritualists - USA Today - December 3, 2007 [EXTERNAL NEWS]
Announcing Northern California's Largest Paranormal Conference [CONFERENCE WATCH]
The Gay Ghost of The George Hotel - Gay Wired - Los Angeles, California - November 23, 2007 [EXTERNAL NEWS]
Paranormal Researchers Create New Device

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A Sťance in Salem - Paranormal Journeys - December 10, 2007 [Webcast]
Psychic Vampire: Michelle Belanger - Ghost Chronicles - December 5, 2007 [Podcast]
Nazi Theocracy - by Lee Prosser - December 3, 2007 [Column]
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Violet Road: The Grave of Michael Bashor - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin [Column]
Phyllis Glade and Fate Magazine - Ghost Chronicles - November 14, 2007 [Podcast]

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Events Scheduled:

Tombstone Ghost Conference - Tombstone, Arizona - February 7-9, 2008
Ghost Rush 2008 - Volcano, California - March 28-30, 2008
MASS Monster Mash - Watertown, Massachusetts - October 18, 2008

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Interesting Symbols In The Dollar Bill
Random graphic design or something more?

Vanishing Graveyard
Did an old cemetery in Kentucky disappear without a trace?

Devils and Demons: Do they really exist?
The rising level of noticed activity over the decades.

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