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Picture Yourself Legend Tripping by Jeff Belanger
Picture Yourself Legend Tripping: Your Complete Guide to Finding UFOs, Monsters, Ghosts, and Urban Legends in Your Own Back Yard -- Jeff Belangerís new book, DVD, and Web site. Enjoy the trip!

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

This month Iím thrilled to tell you about a new movement in the paranormal, plus a new book/DVD, and Web site I launched this week. Itís called: Legend Tripping.

Okay, itís not really a new idea. In fact, itís been around for thousands of years. Legend tripping is a folklore insider term that refers to a rite of passage for kids and teens to try something with an often paranormal implication. For example, remember sneaking out of the sleepover when you were a kid and going to the graveyard at midnight to knock three times on the alleged cursed headstone? Thatís legend tripping. But Iím redefining the term here and now. 

Itís so much more, and itís not just for kids. Legend tripping is to pursue all avenues of the paranormal. Itís time to put it all on the table together: ghosts, aliens, monsters, urban legends, and even religious legends. In our quest we will put ourselves into the story. You donít need fancy equipment (though you can go in that direction if you really want to), and you donít need to belong to a group. You do need a sense of adventure and a thirst to stand where bigfoot was said to stand, to crawl through haunted buildings, and to look at a night sky near a UFO landing site. 

Any paranormal television show youíve ever seen is legend tripping. First, someone heard a compelling story, something that rang true with them and caused them to want to investigate. Bringing along thousands of dollars in equipment is okay, but my concern is that flashing lights on a meter becomes a surrogate for a real, human experience. My fear is that some people spend too much time watching their gear instead of the world around them. Some folks trust their senses less than their equipment and thus humanity is removed from the legend experience; which is the biggest tragedy of our time. 

It always has been and always will be about the human experience. And itís a wild ride.

Becoming a legend tripper is arduous and not for everyone, but if you think you have what it takes, here's how to do it.

1. Grab a mirror.
2. Look in the mirror.
3. Say, "I'm a legend tripper."

Okay, you're in.

So I come to you today asking for your support. Today Iím proud to announce my latest work: Picture Yourself Legend Tripping: Your Complete Guide to Finding UFOs, Monsters, Ghosts, and Urban Legends in Your Own Back Yard -- a new book and DVD that is now available! The cover price is $24.99 but you can get it on Amazon for $17.99 right now. 

Here's the big favor: I'm asking you to buy the book by this Friday (July 16th) because if a bunch of us buy the book over the next few days, the Amazon sales rank will rocket up and catch the attention of many others because it will become a hot seller. I know times are tight for many people right now, and I'm asking you to part with your hard-earned money. All I can tell you is it's worth it.

Plus, Iíve launched a brand-new Web site for us legend trippers (and if youíre on this email list, Iím guessing youíre already a legend tripper): Iíd like your help with the Web site too! Whatís there now is only the beginning. I want you to share your local legends, tales from your own legend trips, and read what others are doing. 

The new book and DVD is a road map for what legend tripping is. This is the ground floor, and you have the opportunity to take this idea and run with it. To help shape where legend tripping goes. To become part of the story yourself.

Iím right there with you. After you read the book, Iíd love your feedback, and Iíd appreciate if youíd take the time to post a review on Amazon. All of that helps tremendously. 

In this monthís ďmessage board of the monthĒ weíll be focusing on your favorite local legends and your own legend tripping experience. 

In recent weeks Iíve also seen the conference calendar heating up! Iím glad to be attending so many great events. Coming up next for me is the Haunted America Conference in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 27-28! This will be a great event and worth checking out. I canít believe how fast the busy Halloween season is coming this year. What a great time to get out there and explore some legends!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter below!

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

Twitter: @THEJeffBelanger
Facebook: Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger's Upcoming Events
This is the place to find out where author and founder Jeff Belanger will be speaking on the subject of the supernatural. If you're interested in booking Jeff for a conference or other event, please email us for more information.

Events Scheduled:

2010 Haunted America East Coast Conference - Cape Cod Community College - West Barnstable, Massachusetts - August 28, 2010
Ghost Adventures Crew and Darkness Events - Mansfield Reformatory - Mansfield, Ohio - September 9-12, 2010
A Paranormal Retreat: Virginia City - Virginia City, Nevada - October 1-4, 2010
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Memorial Hall Library - Andover, Massachusetts - October 6, 2010, 7 PM
A "Weird" Massachusetts Evening - Bolton Public Library - Bolton, Massachusetts - October 7, 2010, 7 PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Bancroft Memorial Library - Hopedale, Massachusetts - October 13, 2010, 7 PM
A "Weird" Massachusetts Evening - Dighton Public Library - Dighton, Massachusetts - October 14, 2010, 6:30 PM
A "Weird" Massachusetts Evening - Fiske Public Library - Wrentham, Massachusetts - October 19, 2010, 7 PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Beaman Memorial Library - West Boylston, Massachusetts - October 26, 2010, 7 PM
Beyond Reality Events - The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado - November 5-8, 2010
Ghost Adventures Crew and Darkness Events - The Queen Mary - Long Beach, California - December 2-5, 2010
Phenomenology 103 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - March 24-27, 2011

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July 15: Jeff Belanger on Down at the Crossroads Radio
July 24: Jeff Belanger on Spooky Southcoast Radio
August 13: Awakenings: Developing Your Psychic Potential
August 21: Ohio Paranormal Convention, Weird 10, Jeff Belanger on UKPN RADIO
August 28: Haunted America East Coast Conference - MA
September 9: Darkness Radio and Ghost Adventures at Mansfield

Who's Who in the Village?
Get to know some of your fellow Ghostvillagers.

>>ChuckMcB<< - Ghostvillager since May 2, 2010

What is your name?
Charles J. McBrearty or Chuck

How old are you?
One month shy of 24.

Where do you live?
Hernando Beach, Florida, but I grew up in Howell, New Jersey.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a full time college student at St. Leo University, studying history and tourism.

What got you interested in the paranormal?
As far back as I can remember, several members of my family have always had various experiences so I've always been comfortable with the idea of spirits being around. I was also obsessed with the Ghostbusters as a young kid, I had all the toys and even a uniform. One of my first Halloween costumes was Slimer. I will admit that I never thought much about getting into paranormal investigation until the Ghost Hunters show came about. About two years ago a friend called me because he was experiencing a rather active haunting and I was the first person he could think of. So I picked up a cheap EMF meter, a voice recorder, and a borrowed digital camera and drove 600 miles to begin my first ever investigation. I was lucky enough to actually catch a glimpse of that spirit and I've been hooked ever since. I didn't get any actual evidence but a local team with much better equipment went in after me and got some nice EVPs.

Whatís your favorite local legend?
They actually included the Jersey Devil in my third grade class on the history of my home town. I'm still convinced that the Pine Barrens could be hiding some sort of unknown creature. Something ate all those chickens afterall.

How are the Washington Redskins football team going to do in the 2010 season?
I'm not too sure. It's very strange after ten years of mediocrity and torment to hear all the supposed experts talking about the Skins with respect now that we have a winning coach, a trusted general manager, and a true franchise quarterback. It's tough to lift a team back up from rock bottom in a single year and I don't like our schedule, but we've got a shot at the playoffs if McNabb stays upright and healthy. Right now everything seems to have changed at Redskins Park but we'll see if that's true come kickoff in September.

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Paranormal Roundtable: Part Deux By 30 Odd Minutes June 29, 2010 [VIDCAST]
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Hidden Realms, Lost Civilizations, and Beings from Other Worlds by Jerome Clark

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Attacked in My Room - Malvern, Iowa
The Teddy Bear on the Floor - Milton, West Virginia
Ghosts Watching Me - Cascapedia St Jules, Quebec, Canada
The Crying Baby - Tampa, Florida
The Ghost of Nicole By the Bridge - Rochester, Illinois

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From the Desk of News Editor, Christopher Balzano:
Dan Gordon and Mickey Bradley could not have timed it better if he had been standing in the closet rattling chains. The two authors have just released Field of Screams, their second collection of stories chronicling the odd curses and ghost stories surrounding Americaís Game. The news hit the wire like a large, orange banner waving to upcoming traffic announcing the opening of a new restaurant -- or maybe it was more like Prince Fielder hitting a Taco Bell sign -- There are ghosts in Major League Baseball. And in case you think itís just an idea cooked up to sell copies, out comes two current players to tell you they wonít sleep in a hotel because of the spirits that reside there.

Reporting ghostly experiences always has a price to pay. One of the great things the Internet has done is allow people to realize they are not alone in what has happened to them, but there are still others who remain silent because they do not want people to think they are crazy, or in some cases cursed. The more public the figure, the higher the stakes. For a professional baseball player, it most certainly means some snickers and a lot of media coverage.

This month Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria, both players for the San Francisco Giants, asked to change hotels after they had disturbing experiences at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. It was reported by several outlets that both had had disturbing experiences before at the hotel, and a recent nightís stay confirmed what they both had already thought; something was not right at the Pfister. Major league players have long had a problem with ghosts disturbing sleep at the Vinoy in St. Petersburg, Florida. Scott Williamson, playing for the Red Sox at the time, came out a few years ago about his sleepless nights, only to have the community split itself about his revelation. Some said he was crazy, but others whispered about what had happened to them.

Haunted hotels are the bloodline of the paranormal consumer market. It becomes easy to dismiss reports from owners and employees because there is a dollar to be made. It becomes something very different when a celebrity not trying to promote a new ghost movie comes out to talk about what scared them in the night. There is a machismo that drifts through professional sports, unwritten rules that dictate how a man handles a situation. You donít talk about ghosts, and the fact so many of these types of stories are leaking out means there might be something to this whole haunting thing. They become the loudest mouthpiece of the lore.

Creditability comes from odd sources at times. If you wonít believe your neighbor or friend about spirits, maybe you can trust your favorite athlete.

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Pandas and ghosts do not get along; two Giants flee haunted hotel NBC Sports Milwaukee, Wisconsin - July 7, 2010 [External News]
Womenís Paranormal Retreat to be held at Parastudy on July 9 and 10, 2010
HUNT FOR THE HUGE BLACK DOGS HAUNTING UK'S COUNTRYSIDE Devon, United Kingdom - July 4, 2010 [External News]
Get ready for a frightening night on the seacoast NH.COM Portmouth, New Hampshire - June 30, 2010 [External News]
New keeper at Point of Ayr Lighthouse BBC Point of Ayr, Wales - June 21, 2010 [External News]

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Religion and Spirituality
Religion vs. medicine - does religion have a role in medicine?

Magnetic fields - can magnetic fields interfere with paranormal phenomenon?

Real Life Occurrences
The majority of Americans still believe in global warming, do you?

What is Your Opinion on Paranormal Research?
Is paranormal research a science or entertainment?

Spirit Communication
Astral projection.

Personal Encounters
Thayer Cemetery/Schoolhouse, am I crazy?

432 Abercorn, Savannah.

Most Disappointing Episode - Para TV Question
What is the most disappointing episode of a paranormal show you have seen?

Haunted Places
EconoLodge, Gorman, California.

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