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Dear Ghostvillagers, has always been a Web site about ghosts and the paranormal. By discussing ghosts we're really exploring what comes after we pass on. Ghosts offer us a safe way to explore the topic of death without facing it head-on, but death is indeed the elephant in the haunted room, isn't it?

Youíd think a person like me who believes in an afterlife and explores ghosts full-time would have gotten so used to death that a friend's passing would be easy. It isn't.

This past week myself, the Ghostvillage community, and the greater paranormal community suffered a great loss. It's with a heavy heart that I need to announce the passing of my friend and colleague, Lee Prosser. He died July 10th at 10:30 AM and was 66 years old.

Lee has been a prolific and steady Ghostvillage contributor since 2003. He's been our book reviewer, a columnist, and more than anything, a friend to not only me but the paranormal community at large.

I recall many telephone conversations Iíve had with Lee over the years. We talked about ghosts, about books, the writing life, his art, and sundry other topics. Lee was a kind and open soul, ready to listen, eager to laugh, and fond of putting himself into lifeís mysteries. Whenever I had troubles or stress, Lee always offered to light a candle for me in the hopes that better days were coming soon. He must have lit over a hundred for me over the years. He was a Vendantist -- a person who studies an ancient Hindu text called Upanishads, and who follows a philosophical system whereby believers strive to transcend the limitations of self-identity and become one with Brahman -- the highest possible level of living and enlightenment. Lee didn't just believe this, he lived it.

Lee was also a sensitive, he could see spirits almost everywhere he went. He would use those experiences to fill some of his many books. Some of Leeís titles include: Isherwood, Bowles, Vedanta, Wicca, and Me; Night Tigers; Running from the Hunter; Desert Woman Visions: 100 Poems; Midwest Hauntings; Branson Hauntings; Missouri Hauntings; and UFOs in Missouri. We're fortunate that he's left us so much of his work to ponder.

I literally received a post card from him two weeks ago. It's so hard to believe he's gone and not available for me to just call him up anymore.

When Lee started writing his column for Ghostvillage several years ago, he decided to call it "Bide One's Time," the point being that weíre all biding our time until we pass on to whatever comes next. If anyone can reach back and give us some hints, I have no doubt it's Lee.

His writing wasn't all Lee left behind. He's survived by his wife, his children, and grandchildren. Lee was not a wealthy man. His heartbroken widow, Debra now faces a great number of bills related to Lee's untimely death, his hospital bills, and his funeral costs. In an effort to help Debra and remember Lee, Ghostvillage has set up a memorial page for Lee. On there is a PayPal donation button where you can send funds directly to Lee's widow, Debra Prosser.

Also, if anyone wants to reply to this email with any thoughts on Lee or well-wishes, we will forward them all along to Debra who is feeling Lee's loss more than any of us ever could.

Lee had a love for music, for painting, for his many cats, and for writing -- passions I have no doubt he will continue pursuing in the next life. In the coming month we will remember Lee through his work in the paranormal and through his books.

Please keep his wife, Deb, and his family, friends, and fans in your prayers as they mourn his loss with the rest of us.

Lee, Iíve lit a candle for you, though its flame will pale in comparison to yours.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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>>Daewen<< - member since November 14, 2003

What is your name?
Arianne Rahmon

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Cleveland, Ohio

What do you do for a living?
I'm just out of college, so nothing at the moment, but if everything goes well I'll end up being one of those people who makes enough money to travel and then travels. Then repeat.

What got you interested in the paranormal?
I got interested in the paranormal after I saw a ghost in my mom's bedroom when I was little. Ever since then, I've always loved mysteries.

What do you think is the most compelling evidence of ghosts?
Personal experience. I think that if I had never seen a ghost or had any other experiences with them, I probably wouldn't believe in them, even if someone tried to convince me with photographs, EVPs, objects moving on their own, etc.

Whatís your favorite ice cream flavor?
Moose tracks.

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From the Desk of Christopher Balzano, News Editor
What do ufologists and ghost enthusiasts have in common? To the outside world they are two sides of the same coin, odd people who spend their time looking for things that donít exist. Theyíre all weirdoes. To those on the side of that coin, there might be a great deal. The two donít always mix, to the point that infighting has occurred and both have spent time explaining why they might look for ghosts, but want nothing to do with aliens. Aliens are out there, but the soul ends at death. Lately, however, paranormal researchers have taken a staple of the ufologists and added it to their toolbox. At least on one point, ufologists and ghost hunters are on the same page.

A few months ago a small town in England announced that it had taken hundreds of calls on its version of 911 about paranormal and supernatural activity. The article passed without much thought, but then several others began reporting how much of the publicís money was being spent searching for ghosts, aliens, witches, and vampires. In early July, Nottinghamshire , England, publically released its report of over 80 instances of unexplained over the past six years, but they did not come out as part of a fluff piece to sell papers. They were forced to by the favorite law of the UFO people.

Paul Stevenson, editor of Haunted Magazine, had filed a Freedom of Information request for the statistics. The law, which is often associated with federal government records in the United States that may contain knowledge of the governmentís association with aliens and spacecrafts, can be used to solicit any information a state or federal office has that does not have a direct impact on security or agents of that office who might be undercover or in direct danger by revealing the information. In short, itís the publicís way to find out what the government knows or is looking into. Itís a relatively new technique for ghost people, who usually spend more time in the field or trying to piece together historical perspective from archives, newspaper clippings, and old stories.

Stevenson followed up this request with one to Lincolnshire which will be out in a few weeks. While he filed the reports to work on a story of modern hauntings, the method might be sound in getting other information as well. As in UFO documents, names, dates, and details of instances might lead to connecting with people who have had experiences that they might be willing to share or to making links between hauntings and their sources. It might also just reveal a heap of people who watch too much paranormal television or donít understand why their pipes make sounds and the light reflects into their bedroom a certain way.

Either way, Ghostvillage News will follow the details of the Lincolnshire report when it comes out and others that take Stevensonís model. It is important to remember that these are only reports police had to respond to because someone called them in need. In this case the importance of the filing is not in the information it gets, but in opening up a new way to canvas a local paranormal landscape. Police are more likely today to open up about an experience they themselves had on duty, and you can bet several of these follow-ups involved law enforcement coming up against something they didnít understand. Truth or just another tale for locals to turn into folklore, a new path is being cleared. It might be time to put down the thermal scanner and be more like a ufologists.

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