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Dear Ghostvillagers,

Where did October go? I swear I just left it right here and now I can’t find it anywhere! Hopefully you have some memory of the month because I don’t. It was a whirlwind. I had more lectures this past month than ever before. I’ve been in a bunch of different states, and got to hang out with thousands of you. Thank you for that!

I’m currently hard at work on two new books, I’m creating new lectures, and already booking events and projects for 2012 -- if you want more information on booking me for something, please visit my lecture page.

November is a time of Thanksgiving and a time for family here in the United States. I know I’m looking forward to seeing mine and taking a couple of days off. Family also got me thinking about the concept of “crisis apparitions.” Last month I did an interview with on this subject. Interviews have a way of forcing you to explore subjects more thoroughly -- so what exactly are crisis apparitions?

The logical side of me understands that in traumatic times, it’s obvious we would envision people we love coming to our side -- maybe we’d even create that hallucination for ourselves. If I were hurt and dying in some field somewhere, seeing my long-deceased grandfather coming to my aid would bring me great comfort. But this is only one side of the equation. What about those people who have a kind of precognitive experience with an apparition. Meaning you’re healthy and going about your daily routine when you see the apparition of a family member or friend who you know (or at least think) is alive and well? You might even talk with that person, and then later learn that they had died before your conversation.

I’ve heard many a military version of this encounter as well. The story typically goes that a group of soldiers are resting in some building when an officer walks in and tells them they need to move down the road immediately. The soldiers comply just before an explosion destroys the building they were in. When they search for the officer who shuffled them out, they learn he died the day before.

The power of the human spirit has always amazed me. It can cure diseases, create amazing works of art, it can stir great numbers of people into action, and it can cause destruction. I accept the fact that this same human spirit could project itself in its final moments if that’s what we willed it to do. This month we’re going to jump into the theme of crisis apparitions a little deeper in our message board of the month.

Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. If you’re looking for something for that paranormal person on your list, I do have autographed copies of most of my books for sale on my Web site. Check it out.

Also, I'm currently doing some research on time travel. If you believe you have experienced time travel, I'd love to hear from you.

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Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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Jill from Falls Church, Virginia believes she received a message from her Grandma back in 1998. What was that message?

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>>lonely leonie<< - member since June 8, 2005

What is your name?
Leonie-Jade Briggs (aka Leo)

How old are you?
Seventeen. Yeah pretty young, but I come across as very mature. I'm not your average seventeen-year-old.

Where do you live?
West Yorkshire, England

What do you do for a living?
I am currently doing a BTEC National Diploma in Early Years. Most of the course is based on work experience, so I'm just working with three to five years at the moment. It's really rewarding, but I hope to work with disabled children in the future.

What first got you interested in the supernatural?
I'm not sure, a number of things really. I've always been interested, but my really big turning point was my granddad's death.

Do you believe we all have psychic abilities?
I think we all have a part of us that we don't allow to surface, whether it is psychic or not. I'm not sure, but it allows us to reveal things about ourselves and find new inner powers.

What's in your CD player right now?
David Bowie!

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October 17, 2011

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From the Desk of News Editor, Christopher Balzano:
Crisis apparitions rarely make it into the news. Most times they are personal moments between the living and dead -- once time hiccups of the paranormal that can’t be measured or investigated or understood. Their nature, popping up and only confirmed in stories afterwards, makes them something passed from person to person, not from person to newspaper or newsblog. They are lost to the world and yet held close to those who experience them.

The make it from time to time, but almost always it involves someone we know. Movie stars and musicians and the people who love them tend to come back and say goodbye. The Carradine brothers both reported seeing brother David the day he died. This week people were getting messages from Amy Winehouse, although it doesn’t seem like she is clear enough in the next world to have a farewell message. And she’s been dead too long to qualify. Every month has a few more stories like this, and the bigger the star the more people claim to have been visited.

Then there is the anomaly. A few years back the news covered the rare moment where a crisis apparition makes headlines and no one involved was famous. A train derailed on the West Coast and people were injured and killed. One man, who they determined was killed on impact, was able to make a phone call to his wife hours later as they struggled to find survivors in the wreckage. No one was there to take the call and no message was left, but the call went through.

Now, there might be a reason for the call, and the original article I read was quick to point them out. There might have been an impact to the phone that triggered it to ring. There might have been a crossed wire. Maybe the time of death was wrong. I waited and waited and followed the story, hoping there would be a follow up. Nothing. I contacted the paper who originally covered it and got no response. I wanted to contact the woman who had received the call, but thought it might be in bad taste. I inquired a few other places, but the story stalled, and those involved seemed to file it somewhere in between legend and weird news, although that woman seeing that caller ID would probably object to that.

Going through old files yielded nothing for me. I know I had covered it and I’m pretty sure I had written a Ghostvillage Newsletter spot on it, but like the faded news coverage, the story crept into some crevice and resists the light of day. In that way, it’s a lot like the crisis apparition. The story itself now sounds like the background of an urban legend, like the train that killed all those little kids on the school bus. But this one was real; we just need the evidence to prove it. A few decades from now the location will change and the man will probably be making his call to get the emergency vehicle to his location to save his young son he is shielding from the heat.

You all have an assignment this month. Take a look at your favorite urban legend and try and track down a real news story to confirm it. Try and focus on good ghostly ones, like the stake in the cemetery or the visit from the priest. E-mail me the links at, and we’ll try to make sense out of these things. After all, if we find an article that talks about it, something in print or from a reputable source giving background or a reason or shining a light on the story at least, it must be true.

Right? I mean, I read about it in the news.

This month's headlines:
Movie stirs up talk of supernatural secrets of Munger Road The Beacon News Bartlett, Illinois - October 31, 2011 [EXTERNAL NEWS]
Brothers charged with stealing steel bridge haunted by 1940s prom queen Mail Online Lawrence County, Pennyslvania - October 17, 2011 [EXTERNAL NEWS]

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