February 18, 2002 - #10

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Connecticut’s Old Leatherman
The Leatherman article is now complete and online in the Legends section. The Leatherman is a wandering hobo who traveled in a 365-mile circle between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers during the second half of the 1800s. The article includes pictures of The Leatherman as well as images from one of his many caves in the foothills of Connecticut.

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From the Town Square - Explanation of Orbs from Olympus
POSTED: February 17, 2002 by Jeff Belanger

I have taken (and posted) pictures that contain orbs in them.  I emailed customer support at Olympus (the manufacturer of my camera) and asked their opinion on one of my pictures.  

I emailed them the original version of this picture:

Here is my email to Olympus:

>>Three of these semi-transparent circles are obvious (one over the rail on the right, one over the car, and one over the rail on the left.) Others are more subtle, like the semi-transparent circle between the two car doors on the white car, and a faint circle on the man's back.

The picture taken before this one and after it have no such circles.  Obviously this was taken in low light, but I have seen the same results in broad daylight (and not facing the sun, these are different from a solar glare).

Any ideas what's causing this, and what can prevent it?<<

The response from Olympus:

Thank you for contacting Olympus Digital Technical Support in the United States.

Under certain conditions, digital cameras may produce random white spots in pictures when using the flash.  This situation is usually more noticeable on camera designs where the internal flash is physically required to be close to the picture taking lens.

Although the exact cause of this situation is not known, this is believed to be caused by light (from the flash) bouncing off of an object in the picture scenario then reflecting back into the lens.  The "object" could even be dust or moisture in the air.  The light bouncing around inside the lens, also referred to as "lens flare", may cause these random white spots to occur in some pictures.  The spots are random, so the location, quantity, and intensity of the spots may vary from picture to picture and may not occur in all flash pictures.

Once downloaded to a computer, the picture can generally be easily corrected with minimal time and effort using an image editing program to remove the white spots.  Many image editing programs have a "cloning" tool that can be used to reproduce the nearest neighboring pixels to cover the white spots.  Please refer to the software program documentation for specific instructions on using the different tools and techniques to touch up the picture.

If the image quality due to this situation is deemed unsatisfactory, the option of sending the camera to Olympus for evaluation and/or service is always available.

...End of Olympus Email...

Their explanation doesn't account for daylight pictures that contain orbs where the flash isn't used.  I'll post more if I get any further explanation.

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