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I'm hoping to add a new article in the "Legends" section on this Pittsburgh ghost hunt as soon as the research is done. I'd like to thank "Mrsspookypants" (see Town Square Message Boards) and her husband for the guided tour of this location. I promise we'll have more to come on this in the future.

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POSTED: May 3, 2001 by Kevin Black
Western State Hospital, in Steilacoom ,WA, was the hospital where the frontal lobotomy was perfected. A lot of screwed up research happened there. In the 30's, it was closed down, and a new hospital was built nearby. For years, the old building was left standing, and the biggest dare around was to go into the boiler room, which could only be accessed through the basement. I went in there once and couldn't stay more than 10 seconds or so. You can swear you hear screams and laughter from all around you...probably mind-games, but who knows. The structure collapsed in on itself and a 6 foot fence erected around it now.

Last week, myself and a couple of friends went up there around 2:30 AM. We walked around the perimeter and heard a noise on the inside of the fence. We went to check it out, and at the north end, above where the boiler room is, the rubble was shifting slightly. This went on maybe 30 seconds or so, then abruptly stopped. We looked at each other, then the fence in front of us started shaking VIOLENTLY. It was a cold night, but when the fence started shaking, I swear it got December cold. This was an average April night. We decided to get out of there REAL quick, and on the 1/2 mile hike back to my car, we all commented that it felt like we were being watched. When we got back to my car, the night felt like the normal temperature again, and all creepy feelings were gone. Quick Stats:
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