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Dear Ghostvillagers,

Happy 2012! I hope it’s a good one for all of us.

This past week the paranormal community lost a great researcher. This month’s Theme of the Month was going to be something different until we noticed how little attention the passing of Dr. William Roll has received. No, Dr. Roll never starred in his own reality show (though he was interviewed on plenty of television shows related to the paranormal during his career), but he did do something that is sometimes forgotten in today’s ghost community: research. Tons of it.

William George Roll II was born July 3, 1926 in Bremen, Germany. He studied at the University of Berkeley, Oxford University, and received his Ph.D. from Lund University. In 1957, Bill and his family moved to Durham, North Carolina for a position at the Parapsychology Lab at Duke University. This is the group that would go on to form the Rhine Center under the direction of J.B. Rhine. During his time at Duke, Dr. Roll researched the poltergeist phenomenon.

Many of you may have read about the story of Tina Resch. This photo is arguably more well-known than the facts of the case. In 1984, then-teenager Tina Resch was allegedly exhibiting telekinesis events around her. This phone flying across her lap picture was taken by newspaper photojournalist Fred Shannon of The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio. Tina’s story is tragic. The media wanted more, and Bill Roll wanted to study her. Tina said she couldn’t make the telekinesis happen on-demand, nor could she control it. Dr. Roll set out to document Tina’s abilities as best he could. As with any big claim, controversy followed. Tina was caught on video camera knocking over a lamp, though she later said she did it so the reporters would leave. Tina’s life only got worse. In 1992, she was jailed along with her boyfriend for the death of her three-year-old daughter. She is currently serving a life sentence for the crime.

Between 1964 and 1985, Bill served as director of the Psychical Research Foundation where he continued lab testing on ESP, out-of-body phenomenon, and RSPK – Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis. He also tested psychics and mediums.

Dr. Roll did the research. He went on the investigations, and he published his theories. No, not everyone accepted his theories. Unexplained powers of the mind have not been accepted by mainstream science yet. But perhaps Dr. Roll moved us all one step closer by documenting his work. He never stopped pursuing the research or studying the field, right up until his death on January 9th. We could all learn something from him. This month, will remember him and his work.

2012 is already looking great here at We’re working on a complete Web site overhaul in the coming months. If you’re a programmer who wants to help, please let me know. We have big plans on keeping our site the biggest and best ghost site out there. More content, more user-friendly features, more of everything related to this amazing discussion.

I also have many events planned for the winter and spring, and my fall is already booking up. Be sure to check out the event we have coming up at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in April. It will be an amazing dinner and investigation!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter below.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

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Dracut, Massachusetts, USA

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Happenchance, a near-death experience, and a bizarre set of events. I decided to use my scientific background (I have a degree in environmental science) to try to make sense of the unknown, unexplained, and the unbelievable world of the paranormal (not to prove to the world the existence of ghosts, but rather to explore it for my own personal edification).

What is your objective for the Ghost Chronicles radio show?
It is a vehicle to explore the many facets of paranormal and to share my personal experiences in investigating the paranormal with the rest of the known world.

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The Windham Restaurant, the Houghton Mansion, oh... and Old Hill Cemetery (I did get slimed there!).

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Who has time to eat ice cream?

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From the Desk of Christopher Balzano, News Editor
It’s hard to deny that the media helps to mold our understanding of things. Just listen to the newest buzz word dropped in a prime time comedy or the surge of trips to the hairdresser when the biggest star in the world changes her look. I remember years ago when I worked at a bookstore and we would stack dozens of copies of a book the days after a book appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Think of the methods and ideas about looking for ghosts that have become solidified as the best practices based on the television shows that feature ghost hunters on television. The influence is there, right or wrong.

Those trends are like slaps in the face. They attack you from the front, like a blitzkrieg, and in a modern world built on reaction and overreaction, we can see it and comment on it quickly. But there is a more subtle influence that media has over us as well, and one that builds over time to shape how we see things. Instead of being a part of pop culture, it slips into the cracks and becomes our culture.

I am a teacher, and this week we have been studying the effect of connotation and denotation on writing, so maybe I have been in the right mindset to see it. The media, and the news is a reflection of the media, has long held paranormal terms as go-to expressions, and none of them are positive. Often when looking to express something scary or something overly negative, reporters reach into the ghost bag for something they know will impact the reader. When I search for news, I use keyword expressions, and I am always surprised at the news articles that have nothing to do with the paranormal, that borrow its expressions.

When you commit fraud and create people who do not exist to collect money for them, they are called ghosts (this might go back to the old Chicago tradition of registering the dead as voters to win elections). When there is something you can’t get over, a horrible memory or challenge you can’t conquer, you are said to be haunted by it. A quarterback is never haunted by the memory of throwing three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win a playoff game. You may, however, need to exorcise the ghosts of the past to get over a bad loss (no one has ever bothered to tell these writers that one can’t exorcise a ghost).

A movie, play, or sound that unsettles you is said to haunt you. There is something dark or overly emotional about it, and your goal is to try and get to normal again. When something strays from that standard, it is paranormal or supernatural, which may be close to the literal definitions of these words, but which taints the cultural use of them.

With all of these terms used as fall-back expressions for reporters, it is no wonder people are scared of ghosts. People are well-programmed to shriek when something happens out of the norm, and it is more than just lessons they’ve learned from horror movies. Ghosts are something to triumph over because they weigh you down. You need to run from those scary things that are trying to derail you now and make sure there are no holes in your life, which also happen to be referred to as ghosts by the news. There is a bump in the road (or in the night, but don’t get me started on that expression) and people respond by being scared and calling their local church or paranormal investigator to get the thing out. There is very little room for understanding.

So be careful when you read. Notice paranormal expressions when you are reading your local news, especially when the story is about politics and sports. See how they are being used, and be aware you are being programmed. It might not come as part of a grand conspiracy, but rather reflects a tradition that has been taught and handed down by generations. It isn’t just about wearing the same shoes as Snooki; sometimes the media whispers in our ear when we expect them to shout.

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General Board
Shadow People: Are they malevolent?

General Board
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If ghost exist, why can't anybody prove it?

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