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January 12, 2012

A Night In An Abandoned Asylum

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Steve -- Connecticut -- September 2009

This happened two years ago when I was 18 years old. Me and a group of friends went exploring in the abandoned parts of what used to be a mental asylum in Connecticut. There were seven of us (guys and girls) and we were all skeptics. Like most abandoned buildings, the place was super creepy but upon entering, I instantly got this inexplicable feeling of despair or fear -- something I couldn't really describe.

We explored the place a bit. Although everyone was seemingly brave, it was obvious we were at least a little creeped out. After about half an hour, I volunteered to stay by myself in what we thought was a patient's old room.

My friends were gone about five minutes when I got another inexplicable sensation. I felt nauseous and apprehensive. Suddenly the room started spinning and I fainted. At almost the exact same time two of my friends (one guy, one girl) swore they saw some sort of shadow that suddenly disappeared. They claim it was like the shape of a human but apparently had no distinct features.

Freaked out, they decided to come find me. They were ready to leave. Of course, their fear only increased when they rushed back to the room and found me laid out unconscious on the floor. One of the guys grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder, and we all filed out.

I gained consciousness once we were outside and I was then able to walk back to the car. I happened to glance at my watch ( a genuine Rolex Oyster Perpetual, a gift from my grandfather). My watch had frozen at what must have been the time when I collapsed.

I should clarify some points: This adventure was to primarily explore the abandoned asylym. It was not a ghost hunt, although there are some stories about the place which no one believed. I've never before or since fainted in my life. The watch wasn't broken from the fall. It had stopped but was working again soon afterward. It winds automatically and shouldn't have stopped at all. Also, the watch isn't old and is in good condition.

I completely believe my friends saw something. I know I experienced something weird.

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