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Graveyard Shift at Slater Mill
Saturday, September 28, 2013, explore one of New England's most active haunts!

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

What are you afraid of? Triskaidekaphobia: The fear of the number 13. Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders (and bad horror movies). Acrophobia: The fear of heights. Glossophobia: The fear of public speaking. This Web site lists hundreds of named phobias. The fear is real enough that some scholar studied it, gave it a label, and put it in some reference book. If you take a minute to skim through the list, you’ll see that collectively, we fear almost everything (also called Panophobia).

Fear is subjective. Have a bad experience with something (especially when you’re young), and chances are you have a phobia. Fear can be debilitating. But it can also be the perfect motivator. On a recent 30 Odd Minutes mission, I asked a panel of ghost investigators, horror movie icons, and television actors why we like to be scared. The answers were varied and insightful from people who make a living either scaring us or being scared to some degree. Fear, it seems, taps into something primal.

When we’re afraid, the adrenaline starts to course through our veins. Our bodies prepare for fight or flight. We feel alive. I know that exhilaration is part of the reason people go on a paranormal investigation. Something could happen. Just being in a place where a tragedy occurred, or where people have experienced paranormal phenomena, heightens your senses. Tales of haunts and ghost encounters get our minds and psyches wandering and wondering.

We fear the unknown. That’s natural. We fear what we don’t understand. And when we work through that fear, we come out stronger and better for it. I’ve heard some paranormal investigators scoff at some people who venture into haunts as “thrill seekers.” My response is always: “What are you talking about?! If you don’t find this thrilling, why are you doing it?”

Thank you, Ghostvillagers, for all of the great feedback on my 2014 Haunted New England wall calendar with photography by Frank Grace! If you haven’t picked yours up yet, you can buy them online or ask for it in your favorite bookstore!

I’m thrilled that the busy Fall season is upon us. I have tons of events and lectures booked for the next few months, and can’t wait to ghost hunt with old and new friends!

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

Twitter: @THEJeffBelanger
Facebook: Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger's Upcoming Events
This is the place to find out where author and founder Jeff Belanger will be speaking on the subject of the paranormal. If you're interested in booking Jeff for a conference or other event, please visit: for more information.

Events Scheduled:

SouthCoast Paranormal and Psychic Faire - Fairhaven, Massachusetts - September 22, 2013, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
A Supernatural Afternoon with Jeff Belanger at UMASS Dartmouth - North Dartmouth, Massachusetts - September 26, 2013, 3:30PM
Weird Massachusetts Evening with Jeff Belanger - Berkley, Massachusetts - September 26, 2013, 7:00PM
Graveyard Shift: Overtime at Slater Mill - Pawtucket, Rhode Island - September 28, 2013
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Bellingham Public Library - Bellingham, Massachusetts - September 30, 2013, 7:00PM
Chicago Ghost Conference 5 - Chicago, Illinois - October 4-5, 2013
Wareham Haunted History Night 2013 - Wareham, Massachusetts - October 12, 2013
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Medford Public Library - Medford, Massachusetts - October 17, 2013, 7:00PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Indianapolis Public Library - Indianapolis, Indiana - October 19, 2013, 7:00PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Wingate Healthcare, Inc. - Haverhill, Massachusetts - October 23, 2013, 7:00PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Uxbridge Public Library - Uxbridge, Massachusetts - October 24, 2013, 7:00PM
Jeff Belanger at the Capron Park Zoo Boo Event - Attleboro, Massachusetts - October 25, 2013, 6:00PM
Haunted Happenings in Cohasset - Cohasset Historical Society - Cohasset, Massachusetts - October 26, 2013
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - New Braintree Public Library - New Braintree, Massachusetts - October 26, 2013, 7:00PM
A Weird Massachusetts Afternoon with Jeff Belanger - Hanover Senior Center - Hanover, Massachusetts - October 28, 2013, 1:00PM
Animals and the Afterlife Conference - Boxborough, Massachusetts - November 3, 2013
The Spirits of the S.K. Pierce Mansion - Gardner, Massachusetts - November 9, 2013
The Spirits of The St. Nicholas Hotel – Cripple Creek, Colorado - November 14-17, 2013

Graveyard Shift: Overtime at Slater Mill

The creepy giggling of a little girl. The horrible shouts of a young boy in pain. Shadowy figures seen roaming about the grounds.

All in a day's work at Slater Mill.

Join us for an investigation of a great New England haunt! For more than 200 years, Slater Mill has sat on the banks of the Blackstone River. It was built in 1793 by Samuel Slater and was the first successful water-powered, cotton-spinning mill in North America. It is considered by many to be the birthplace of American industry.

Click here for more information:

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Southcoast Paranormal and Psychic Faire, Fairhaven, MA, September 29.

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