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December 13, 2010

Sam's Angry Spirit

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Renae - Ohio - October 10, 2010

I had see this grey figure standing between the kitchen and the living room of my very small apartment several times, but I just passed it off as nothing really. On this one night I was in the tub, and as usual my son has to go the restroom. I shouted through the door that I was in the tub and he would have to go outside or wait.

I had seen this man who I have come to now know as Sam (he told me his name by writing it on the mirror in the bathroom). Sam apparently does not like somewhat hostile conversations since I shouted at my son who I always ask before I bathe if he needs to go. Sam flew so fast into my face and gave me this terrifying look of anger. At this stage of the event I was very scared thinking that I was in some sort of danger. I only have recently been able to hear and see spirits. 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010) was a major day as I am sure you all know. Being that I am very new to seeing spirits and being able to hear them, I thought it was just my imagination when I saw with my eyes closed someone in my face giving me the evil eye as I refer to it. I kind of ignored the first getting-in-my-face and quickly got out of the tub.

As I was putting some hair products in my long and very curly (frizzy) hair, I was charged again. I ran out of the bathroom so fast and called my mom who has been dealing with this kind of thing for years and she said I was to assertively tell him to leave. I sat down in what I call the heart of my home -- the kitchen -- and could still feel a very tense Sam standing almost on top of me, and he was very upset. The strange thing is that day I had chosen to wear red, I mean even the headband I was wearing was red too! This I read later helps to create energy.

My son was lying down when I came out, and I had realized the reason I went to take the second bath of the day was I felt so drained. Now I know why Sam was stealing my son's and my energy to finally build enough energy for me to be able to see him. As I sat in the kitchen I was scared and angry that this entity had basically spiritually attacked me and was stealing all the good energy in the house to do it. I demanded that he leave. The more I spoke to him the more angry he became and finally I saw him (eyes closed) fly over my son's right shoulder back into the bathroom. It took some time, but I finally figured out why Sam was here. He has not been here the whole time I lived here, he just suddenly showed up. I think the reason I got the evil eye is I had chosen to ignore him for so long. Now that I realize that Sam is not here to cause trouble only to stop the mother and teenager shouting that sometimes takes place, my son and I are actually talking... no more shouting because if one of does, Sam will take action. He will touch me and I get chills and know it is time to settle. Once my 16-year-old son decided to pop off at the mouth and was standing in the kitchen and Sam actually flung open the cabinet door and could have whacked my son had he chosen to do so, but he was just warning him. My son realized what had happened and shut down the cocky teenage mouth.

My niece has also seen and heard Sam. I have been trying since I found out that my not-so-friendly spirit was here to help and not to scare us, been trying to find out where he could have come from. My sister is very good at listening to the dead and has spoken with Sam. She was able to get his name and that he was blind while living. Samuel Robert Harris is his full name. I know that sounds like a huge bunch of… well, you know. But that is what happened on just one encounter with Sam. There are many more but I will save it for another day.

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