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The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places is the first haunted directory written by the world's leading paranormal investigators. Edited and compiled by Jeff Belanger, the book features hundreds of ghostly locales from around the world.

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

It's Ghost Hunting Equipment Month here at Between now and the next newsletter we're going to explore the equipment, the methods, and the people who search for ghosts and spirits.

When people have asked me what piece of equipment is most critical to this pursuit, I've often answered, "breath mints." You laugh, but I mean it. I find that we speak to the living a lot more often than we do the dead, and it's critical to make a good impression on those we communicate with during an investigation. We're trying to establish our own credibility and present ourselves as professionals every time we go on a case.

There is very little agreement on what methods and techniques work best for ghost investigating, which certainly reflects the diversity of the ghost hunters. Some employ very esoteric means such as psychics, Ouija boards, or other channeling devices in order to establish whether there is a haunting or not; while other investigators would never dream of using anything that isn't scientifically based -- they may use EMF meters, thermometers, infrared photography, and other environmental measuring equipment to establish whether ghosts are present. Still, there are others who incorporate both the spiritual and the scientific. At, we applaud them all because paranormal investigators of all backgrounds are asking big questions and delving into the unexplained in an effort to shine some light down a seemingly dark tunnel.

Ghost investigators can't be stereotyped -- they come from all backgrounds, are varied in age from very young to the elderly, and live all over the world. Some do this work as a full-time pursuit, while other people are content with being a supernatural tourist and taking in the occasional ghost tour during family vacations. Whatever level of interest you have, this month we want to explore how we can all come to understand the supernatural a little better. Have an opinion on orbs? Want to get more serious about your own study of spirits? Let us know. Post in the message board of the month or submit an article.

Thank you to those who shared your thoughts and experiences on tarot, last month's theme. This community and living paranormal magazine continues to grow with your support. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter below.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

Monthly Contest
Congratulations to David Albaugh of Jamestown, Rhode Island, who was last month's winner of an autographed copy of Jeff Belanger's book, Communicating With the Dead: Reach Beyond the Grave, a window sticker, and a t-shirt!

This month, we're doing the contest again, but we ask that you first click this link: If it says, "The search is on" then we don't have a winner yet and go ahead and send in your answer. If you see today's date and "We have a winner!" that means you weren't the first to email us. Sorry, please try again next month.

On to this month's question: This question can be answered by reading a page on The first person to reply to this email with the correct answer will win this month's prize.

What's the city and state of the school that wouldn't allow author Charles J. Adams to mention death in his ghost stories presentation?

Once we have a winner, we will announce it on our home page as soon as possible. Good luck! (Only Ghostvillagers who have not won a prize from us in the last year are eligible.)

This month's prize: We're giving away an autographed copy of Jeff Belanger's book, Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales From Around the World, a window sticker, and a t-shirt!

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Supernatural Calendar
The Supernatural Calendar is the place where thousands will learn about your events of interest to the supernatural world. The service is only available to registered members of the message boards, and it's free! We'd like your help filling our calendar in -- so add your events for thousands of Ghostvillagers to see.

February 3-28: Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours - Fridays and Saturdays
February 18: Dead of Winter Event
February 19: Inaugural Tour of the Springfield Hauntings Ghost Tour
March 4: Jeff Belanger on Exploring Unexplained Phenomena
March 16: Troy Taylor presents "Weird & Haunted Illinois"
March 17: Chicago Hauntings Irish Ghosts & Haunted Pub Crawl
March 21: Troy Taylor presents "Weird & Haunted Illinois"
March 31: Spirits of the Civil War in Gettysburg

Who's Who in the Town Square?
Get to know some of your fellow Ghostvillagers.

>>Grim Undertakings<< - member since November 4, 2005

What is your name?
Robert Fader

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

What do you do for a living?
I work at a hotel. It's called The Overlook.

What got you interested in the supernatural?
The short answer is that there has to be a reason for all of these sightings of ghosts. Why do they exist? Why do they haunt? Do they have common behavioral patterns?

Is it possible to obtain photographic proof of the existence of ghosts?
Yes. For example, how can the picture of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall be explained?

What is your favorite junk food?

Last Month's Theme - Featured Content
Our last month's theme was tarot. Many of you weighed in on the subject in our message board of the month, and others contributed feature articles. Here's what you missed if you haven't checked in since last month:

Book Review: Three Oracle Card Collections from Connections Book Publishing
Book Review: Tarot Journaling by Corrine Kenner
Book Review: Babylonian Tarot by Sandra Tabatha Cicero
The Witchcraft Connection "The Fools Journey: A Magickal Roadmap to Life" by Lord Foxglove
Bide One's Time "Tarot and Spiritual Alchemy" by Lee Prosser
It's in the Cards - This month's feature article by Jeff Belanger

Supernatural Library's book reviewer, Lee Prosser, has brought us several new book reviews and author interviews since our last newsletter.

This past month's Library additions:

Three Oracle Card Collections from Connections Book Publishing

The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran by Robert Feather

The Sacred Power of Huna
by Rima A. Morrell

Hidden Language Codes
by R. Neville Johnston

Tarot Journaling
by Corrine Kenner

Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
by Margaret Starbird

Babylonian Tarot
by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Elemental Magick
by D. J. Conway

St. Mary Magdalene
by Tau Malachi

Coyote Healing
by Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Recent Encounters
We receive personal encounters from all over the world. Many are scary, some are touching, but they are always profound. If you would like to share your own experience, please click >>here<<. Since our last newsletter, we added the following new encounters:

A House Too Good to Be True - Pueblo, Colorado

Three Strange Knocks - South Boston, Virginia

Great Grandmother's Mirror - Jackson, Mississippi

Our Red Balloon - Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

Grandfather's Image - Delhi, New York

Creature Beyond - Milton, Florida [PIC]

Childhood Friends - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Floating Mass - Las Vegas, Nevada

Voices on New York Street - Long Beach, California

Catwoman's Bridge - Lancaster, South Carolina

Anya's Tom - Connecticut [PIC]

This is the place to find press releases and news items on paranormal happenings around the world. If you have a news item you'd like to submit, please see our guidelines.

Secrets and Lies: Fact or Fiction? - February 16, 2006

Penn State Paranormal Research Society to Film a Television Pilot - January 27, 2006

Our "Features" section is a place for editorials, research articles, open letters to our readers, and other content of interest to Ghostvillagers. If you have a topic on your mind, agree or disagree with something you read recently, we want to hear from you! For guidelines, click here.

New features added since our last newsletter:

Divination and Geomancy - by Lee Prosser - February 15, 2006 [COLUMN]

Spirit Messages from a Murderer by Richard Senate - February 8, 2006

The Ghosts of Springfield, Missouri - by Lee Prosser - February 3, 2006 [COLUMN]

The Ghost Storyteller: A Dinosaur Among Lemmings? by Charles J. Adams III - January 23, 2006

The Fools Journey: A Magickal Roadmap to Life - by Lord Foxglove - January 20, 2006 [COLUMN]

Jeff Belanger's Upcoming Events
This is the place to find out where author and founder Jeff Belanger will be speaking on the subject of the supernatural. If you're interested in booking Jeff for a conference or other event, please email us for more information.

Events Scheduled:

New Jersey Ghost Conference 2006 - April 22, 2006

2006 New England Ghost Conference - October 13-15, 2006

Paranormal Radio
There's only one place where you can tune in to the leading paranormal radio programs available online, and that's right here on's Paranormal Radio: 

Tune in to: A.P.S.R. Talk Radio, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, The Ghost Chronicles, Ghostly Talk Radio, The Graveyard Shift, Magick Mind Radio, Nightwatch, Weird Stuff Happens, and The 'X' Zone Radio Show.

Hot Threads in the Community
If you have registered for our message boards but haven't validated your account yet, it's simple to do! Look for the email that was automatically sent to you when you registered and click on the account activation link in the email (note: some spam filters may block this email, so you'll need to check your spam folder if the validation email didn't immediately come through). There are always great discussions going on in our huge message board community. We hope you'll get involved. It's free to register if you're not already a member. Here are some of the hot topics this month:

Most Haunted
Fact? Fiction? Annoying?

Never Bet the Devil Your Head
The psychology of human evil.

Haunted Jewelry
Can a ghost attach itself to jewelry?

Phantom Hitchhikers
One of the most common legends to be found.

Paranormal Investigative Groups
Got one? Want to start one?

The Old Salem, Massachusetts Jail
Come and read the history of a haunted jail, full of stories of lights and screams.

Spirit Photography
Is this an anomaly or something else? You decide.

Spirit Video
What do you think?

The Boiling Point
Dismayed by dog desertion.

To quote or not to quote, that is the question.

Get out of this room...

Board of the Month -- Ghost Hunting Equipment!
Come in and discuss the equipment and the tricks to tracking down ghosts and spirits.

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