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October 4, 2004

Waiting for God

By Lee Prosser

I have been asked why I write essays. My answer is simple and direct. I write essays because I enjoy writing in this form of expression and because it allows me to share something I have encountered with readers. An essay is a sharing, and depending upon the subject matter of the essay, some people will enjoy it more than others!

For instance, look at the Witch approach to making a wish. Watch out for what you wish for because it might come true in a way you least expected it to come true! That is like seeing a ghost and wishing to see it again, and suddenly, you find your life is filled with strange paranormal events, which could be interesting or confusing depending on your perspective. And perspective is what it comes down to.

The Wiccans believe that what you do comes back to you. So, if for some reason, you are doing a jealousy wish or causing a person ill and harm, it can and does come back to haunt you. Suppose you feel you know so much better than you think somebody else knows for their own good, and you deliberately step in and attempt to alter the fate of that person's existence. Then technically, you are not waiting for God to come but have become God yourself by making the choice to attempt to alter that person's life!

If you alter a person's life, for good as you perceive it or for bad as you perceive it, you have shown you are impatient and have taken over the role of God, and not having to wait for God, then you do what you want to do. You are what you do.

But God takes many forms and God will not be cheated, unless of course that is part of the built-in backfire plan God has in store for you, personally! This applies equally well to Goddess, because Goddess will not be cheated either.

An example: A person carries a revenge motive against another person, or seeks to teach another person a lesson. That person acts in whatever magickal manner he or she decides upon. Time passes, and that person is taught some form of lesson. Somewhere down the road, the person teaching the lesson is taught a lesson, something that will have an equal response of hurt, something as simple as unknown robbers breaking into the home and robbing it bare. In this sense, waiting for God becomes very true, very deliberate, and very much with intent. Be careful what you do because you become what you do. Do not interfere in another person's life unless you want to share in the consequence of such an action. To wish good towards another human being is one thing, to wish harm is self-destructive.

Waiting for God can have numerous meanings to various individuals depending upon their perspective and faith system. Most usually, those people who act to change the fate of another do not take into consideration the moral consequences of their personal actions, and according, those people fail to understand when something in turn happens to them!

Waiting for God is best just that. Otherwise, you may well find that God is waiting for you. And you may just not like that smile on God's face when God says it is your turn and you no longer have to wait. Remember, the train leaves the depot at nine sharp, and what seat you have on it is what you made in an earlier choice of action. 

Make every wish a good wish and every action a good one. Be good and do good. If you make a good wish towards a person, you are making it towards yourself as well, and the results returning to you will be good.

Lee Prosser is's book reviewer and a regular contributor.

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