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Added April 24, 2002

Partying Spirit

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Ann-Marie Cloke, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, March 2000

On December 30, 1999, I found my old address book from ten years ago -- it contained all of the phone numbers of my friends at university, some of whom I had fondly remembered but lost touch with over the years. Many of my friends had moved out of their parents' homes by then and I was sending them Happy New Millenium messages via their parents. I contacted a long lost girl friend named Catherine, but a young man answered the phone -- it was her younger brother. He told me Catherine had died years before and as she came from another town, they didn't contact all of her university friends for her funeral.

Catherine had died of a heart infection at 21 years of age, childless. I drove 90 minutes to her home town and went to Camperdown Cemetery on New Year's eve morning and quickly found her grave. I sat and cried remembering our fun times and sat and wrote her a letter. I also left flowers on her grave.

Three months later, I went to a psychic medium at a spiritualist church and there, the 85 year old lady, Jo Howell, who didn't know me said I had a young blonde woman beside me. I said maybe it was either of my two late sisters, but it wasn't, she said the spirit was shaking her head -- it was my girlfriend Catherine, who said, "thank you for the flowers, she got their flower spirit in the next world and I shouldn't have driven all the way to Camperdown Cemetery, all I had to do was think of her and like a frequency, she'd tune into my thoughts of her!" The medium also said Catherine would be with me for the next few days and that night I went out and truly felt her partying with me. I now believe love and friendship doesn't die and that life goes on after we die.

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