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May 5, 2006

An Evil House

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Jovis666, Elmira, New York, 1990

This wasn't my first encounter but it was a life changing one. A friend of mine was renting an old 2 bedroom place, and had always had issues with the place: 
1) could never get rid of the flies,
2) lights would always turn on and off by them selves,
3) you could always find cold spots, even on hot days (not just a cool spot but down right cold),
4) you could hear foot steps, and doors close when no one was there,
5) voices, loud voices,
6) some of the smells in the house range from, violets to decay.

One night we were hanging out and drinking a 12-pack, and the lights in the front bedroom just started flickering like crazy. We ignored it and kept playing cards. The neighbors called us to make sure we were okay, so we tried to get the light to stop. When we got to the room the ceiling light was swinging around and stopped flashing. A cold draft blew over us and for the life of us, we couldn't get the light to turn back on. We went back to playing cards. Every time you would go to the bathroom you felt as if someone was staring you down. As the night went on the flies kept getting worse and worse. We tried to figure out where they were coming from, and when we opened the downstairs bedroom, the walls were covered in frost. I remember walking into the room and felling like I was falling. Everything went black for me. My brother dragged me out of the room and I awoke to a strange paralyzing feeling of cold, and a loss of air. The lights in the front bedroom were all going crazy.

I was dizzy and my brother dragged me outside and used a neighbor's phone to call a cab. I was still trying to understand what was going on as my brother was explaining to me that I fell out, and he just kept saying the house is evil... whatever. When the cab showed up the light in the window was still flickering. The driver asked us where we were going, then asked which one of us lived there. My friend told him he was renting it, and the driver said, "Do ya think it's haunted?" We said, "Hell yah!" As he started to drive away he said, "My grandfather hung himself in the upstairs bedroom." He went on to tell us that his grand-pop was dying from cancer and couldn't take it anymore. His mom was given the house after his death, and he grew up in the house with all the weird crap. They sold it when he was about 9 after they were scared out of the house and never went back. We thought he was full of it, but he pulled out a newspaper clipping of his grandfather's house all blocked off with cop cars. Headline was about a death from suicide. My friend moved out the next morning. The cabbie said his grandfather was an ass, kicking his mother out when she was 14. Two years later my cousin moved up from Florida and moved into the same house. She called me and wanted me to come visit. Like hell, not there. We talked on the phone and she said she couldn't get rid of the flies.

She only lived there for about a month. Her boyfriend overdosed on Heroin and acid. He kept telling everyone that he was Jesus for years. He's okay now but blames it on the house, says "I kept hearing voices." The house is on Ovid Street and if I could buy it and tear it down, I would. All the neighbors' houses are all nice and this place looks like a shack with clean paint. It's creepy with small doors and a low screened-in front porch. The grass won't grow very good and the landlord has a hard time renting it. "Go figure." I have never feared the paranormal again after that. It did awaken an inner self in me and I have never been the same. I know this: If I ever run into a thing like that again, I will devour it. It's good to be a Native American Scorpio, and a fast learner.

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