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2006 Archive:
The Winchester Mystery House - Ghost Chronicles
December 28, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Investigating Jane Doherty - Ghost Chronicles
December 20, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Shadow People - by Lee Prosser
December 16, 2006

Column - regular feature

The Westford Knight - Ghost Chronicles
December 15, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Haunted Real Estate by Richard Senate
December 13, 2006

Traditions Behind Christmas By Vince Wilson
December 8, 2006

The Haunted Dibbuk Box - Ghost Chronicles
December 6, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Have Ghosts? Will Travel: A Ghostgeek's Guide to the RMS Queen Mary By Jen Brown
December 4, 2006

Thanksgiving: A Day of Forgiveness - by Lee Prosser
December 1, 2006

Column - regular feature

America's Stonehenge - Ghost Chronicles
November 29, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) - by Jeff Belanger
November 16, 2006

Ghost Hunt Seminar - Ghost Chronicles
November 15, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Ghost Photography: Orbs by Robbin Van Pelt
November 9, 2006

Pet Ghosts - Ghost Chronicles
November 6, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Ghosts Haunt the Inn by Richard Senate
November 3, 2006

Japanese Woman Artist - by Lee Prosser
November 1, 2006

Column - regular feature

The Ghosts of the Windham Restaurant - Ghost Chronicles
October 30, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

The Salem Witches - Ghost Chronicles
October 23, 2006

Ghostvillage Radio - podcast

Homan House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Report by John Sabol
October 20, 2006

What Does Halloween/Samhain Mean to You? - Compiled by Jeff Belanger
October 16, 2006

That is the Way of It - by Lee Prosser
October 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Fooling the Ghost Hunter by Richard Senate
October 11, 2006

Jack Kerouac - by Lee Prosser
October 2, 2006

Column - regular feature

Civil War Re-enactors and the Ghost Experience - by Jeff Belanger
September 15, 2006

Who Goes There in the Shadows? - by Lee Prosser
September 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Engagement and Data Analysis in Symmetrical Field Investigations by John Sabol
September 11, 2006

Occult Warfare by Richard Senate
September 6, 2006

Cats and Other Critters From Beyond the Grave - by Lee Prosser
September 1, 2006

Column - regular feature

Chicago's Strange Angles and Haunted Architecture by Ursula Bielski
August 25, 2006

I Have a Hunch: A Look at Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants - by Jeff Belanger
August 16, 2006

Geof Gray-Cobb - by Lee Prosser
August 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Orbs: Have They Become that Boring? by Tuesday Miles
August 14, 2006

A Night on Char-Man Bridge by Richard Senate
August 7, 2006

Five Union Soldier Ghosts - by Lee Prosser
August 2, 2006

Column - regular feature

A Visit With Author and Witch Kala Trobe - Interview by Lee Prosser
July 26, 2006

Perceptual Stratigraphy: Making Sense of Ghostly Manifestations by John Sabol
July 24, 2006

The Trouble With Witches - by Lee Prosser
July 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

A Look at Our Haunted Lives - by Jeff Belanger
July 13, 2006

An Active Ghost Hunt at a Haunted Bed and Breakfast by Richard Senate
July 7, 2006

Lee Prosser, 1969 - by Lee Prosser
July 4, 2006

Column - regular feature

My Theory on Spirits by Edward L. Shanahan
June 28, 2006

Ethnoarchaeoghostology: A Humanistic-Scientific Approach to the Study of Haunt Phenomena by John Sabol
June 19, 2006

Christopher Isherwood & Lee Prosser in 1969 - by Lee Prosser
June 16, 2006

Column - regular feature

ESP, M&Ms, and Reality - by Jeff Belanger
June 15, 2006

A Duel on the Airwaves by Richard Senate
June 5, 2006

Marjorie Firestone and Her Dream Predictions - by Lee Prosser
June 1, 2006

Column - regular feature

Until Death Do Us Part? by Rick Hayes
May 31, 2006

Part Four: the Conclusion: Primrose Road - Adams St. Cemetery - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin
May 22, 2006

Column - regular feature

Folklore, Folklore, Folklore with Dr. Michael Bell - interview by Jeff Belanger
May 16, 2006

Swami Chetanananda and Lee Prosser - by Lee Prosser
May 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Theatre, Sance, and the Ghost Script: Performances at Haunted Locations by John Sabol
May 5, 2006

Willard David Firestone and the River Ghost - by Lee Prosser
May 1, 2006

Column - regular feature

When the Spirits Held Sway at the White House by Richard Senate
April 25, 2006

Part Three: Investigation: Primrose Road - Adams St. Cemetery - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin
April 20, 2006

Column - regular feature

Talking Reincarnation with Dr. John Gilbert - interview by Lee Prosser
April 17, 2006

Billy Bob Firestone and the Ghosts of Pythian Castle - by Lee Prosser
April 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Cryptobotany: the Search for Lost Plants by Richard Senate
April 7, 2006

The Mysteries of Druidry Book Excerpt Part 4 of 4 by Dr. Brendan Cathbad Myers
April 6, 2006

Vedanta and Durga - by Lee Prosser
April 2, 2006

Column - regular feature

The Mysteries of Druidry Book Excerpt Part 3 of 4 by Dr. Brendan Cathbad Myers
March 30, 2006

Ritual, Resonance, and Ghost Research: The Play in the Fields by John Sabol
March 27, 2006

The Mysteries of Druidry Book Excerpt Part 2 of 4 by Dr. Brendan Cathbad Myers
March 23, 2006

Celtic This, Druid That, Saint Patrick Hit Me With a Wiffle-Ball Bat - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin
March 21, 2006

Column - regular feature

The Mysteries of Druidry Book Excerpt Part 1 of 4 by Dr. Brendan Cathbad Myers
March 16, 2006

Christopher Isherwood, Time Loops, and Ghosts - by Lee Prosser
March 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Druids - by Lee Prosser
March 3, 2006

Column - regular feature

Natural Selection and the Involution of the Gettysburg Ghosts by John Sabol
February 28, 2006

Part Two: Investigation: Primrose Road - Adams St. Cemetery - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin
February 20, 2006

Column - regular feature

Lights, Camera... Action! by Brian Leffler
February 16, 2006

Divination and Geomancy - by Lee Prosser
February 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Spirit Messages from a Murderer by Richard Senate
February 8, 2006

The Ghosts of Springfield, Missouri - by Lee Prosser
February 3, 2006

Column - regular feature

The Ghost Storyteller: A Dinosaur Among Lemmings? by Charles J. Adams III
January 23, 2006

The Fools Journey: A Magickal Roadmap to Life - by Marcus Foxglove Griffin
January 20, 2006

Column - regular feature

Tarot and Spiritual Alchemy - by Lee Prosser
January 15, 2006

Column - regular feature

Demons from the Dark by Chip Coffey
January 9, 2006

Spooky - by Lee Prosser
January 3, 2006

Column - regular feature

Dcember 13, 2006

Our Psychic World: Haunted Real Estate

By Richard Senate

Richard SenateLooking for a house is one of my least favorite things. Granted, having a root canal is worse but, not by much. The same can not be said of my wife, Debbie. Being psychic, she delights in the undertaking, deriving some perverse joy into looking at other peoples homes. 

We had moved out of the area several years ago and were trying to come back to Ventura County, California. Anyone who knows anything about the housing market knows that this is a real challenge. We looked at over fifty houses, all over the place. Most were far too expensive for us, or they were too small to meet our needs. Some of the places were incredible dumps, tottering in their dilapidation, almost uninhabitable. 

We knew that we must find something soon, or we would be reduced to being homeless and living on the streets. We spent one full day looking at places all over western Ventura County and as the hours passed, each place was deemed unacceptable for one reason or another. The sun was going down, and there was one house left on our sheet. As a lark, I urged our real estate agent to take us there. Out list of homes had a small picture of the house, and it didnt look too promising. Still, once we got there, Debbie was ready to leave. I urged her to look the place over before we called it a day. Upon entering, we found it was a roomy house with a brick fireplace, wrap around decks, a hot tub, and large bedrooms. It was the best we had seen and well within our price range. We learned the house had been on the market a long time, and the owner had just reduced the price.

Debbie and I felt the same thing. Something must be wrong with the house. The inspectors report indicated the foundations were fine and there were no termites. Still mystified we put in a bid. The house was too good of a deal to pass by. It wasnt long before we discovered the truth. The house was haunted! 

Several years ago the owner faced many personal problems, compounded by chronic depression, and took her own life in the house. At first she tried to gas herself by closing up the garage and running the car motor. That attempt failed because the garage isnt air tight. Next, she took a rope, lashed it to the garage door opener and hung herself. We learned she hung for two weeks before her body was discovered.

Acts of self destruction always leave negative energy behind, and many times where such thing have happened are haunted. Debbie had felt something strange in the garage when were first walked in, but it wasnt evil or threatening. We were not bothered by this disclosure and moved in. After all, shouldnt a ghost hunter live in a haunted house? At first nothing happened as we settled in. We did notice that our dogs refused to enter the garage and would bark at nothing at all. Dogs are more sensitive to supernatural things than people. This wasnt a good sign. 

Debbie began to smell lavender perfume from time-to-time and she began to feel a presence in the house. Once she saw a dark form moving down the hall at night. She did have one odd experience. While walking down the hallway, a wicker basket flew out of the den and hit her in the head. The basket was in a closet, and to fly out, it would have had to make a turn in midair. It didnt hit very hard, but it did un-nerve her. Then, I saw the apparition. 

As a ghost hunter I am a night owl. I was up late watching TV long after everyone had gone to bed. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a moving form. I quickly turned and saw the shadow of a woman moving from the kitchen toward the door to the garage. It vanished as it reached the door. It didnt last long but it was enough to send me to bed. The strangest event happened when Debbie was doing the laundry in the garage. She smelled the distinct exhaust of a car. She called me out to the confirm the smell. I smelled it as well, yet the garage was empty at the time and when I checked, there wasnt any cars running near the house. It was a very strong odor. Then, it just was gone. Our daughter, Megan, saw something in the bathroom mirror when she was getting ready for school. She said it looked like a lady's profile. She too smelled the lavender perfume. Megan said she was creeped out by the odd events and having grown up with ghost hunting, she isnt a shrinking violet when it comes to the paranormal. 

In time, the events seem to become less and less. Our dogs became less skittish and would even go into the garage on their own. Whatever was haunting the place had moved on. The ghost did one good thing, it helped to lower the price of our new home. Perhaps on the anniversary of her death the ghost lady will return for a visit. If she does, she is more than welcome. 

Richard Senate is a California-based author and lecturer and a regular contributor to His latest book, The Ghosts of California Missions, is available now. Visit his Web site at:

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