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2005 News:
Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation and the Centre for Parapsychological Studies in Canada Present the 2006 Canadian Paranormal Conference
December 7, 2005
Ghost Conference

ABC Television and Wife Swap are Seeking Families Involved in the Paranormal World
November 29, 2005

The Nightmare Encyclopedia Offers Insight into Our Darkest Dreams
November 17, 2005

Ghost Hunting 101 at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts October 29th
October 17, 2005

TLC presents Dead Tenants Premiering Thursday, October 13th at 10:00PM ET
October 10, 2005

California Author Launches Paranormal Animal Research Group
October 7, 2005

World's Leading Ghost Hunters Unite to Produce Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales From Around the World
September 29, 2005

Parapsychologist and Director of East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO) Has Opened a Business Office in Historic Downtown Washington
September 19, 2005

Paranormal Community Comes Together to Offer Relief to Victims of Hurricane Katrina
September 12, 2005

Author Seeks True Stories for Book on Animal Ghosts
September 9, 2005

The W Network In Canada Seeks High-Spirited Homeowners With a Haunting
August 31, 2005

HAUNT X, 2006 L.A. eXtreme Halloween eXpo - February 16th-20th, 2006
August 29, 2005
Ghost Conference

Ghosts In Reno? You Bet!
August 24, 2005

Haunted Hamilton Presents the Second Annual Paranormal Summit on October 1, 2005
August 23, 2005
Ghost Conference

2005 Mid-South Paranormal Convention to Be Held September 24th and 25th at Waverly Hills
August 17, 2005
Ghost Conference

1st Annual Paranormal Ghost Hunting Conference to Be Held in Cedar Key, Florida, August 20th and 21st
August 15, 2005
Ghost Conference

San Diego Pagan Pride Day 2005 to Be Held September 17th
August 12, 2005

Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge Conference to be Held July 1, 2006
July 25, 2005
Ghost Conference

The Learning Channel Seeks People With Haunted Possessions
July 19, 2005

Ghosts of Griffin Gate: Dinner, Ghost Hunting Workshop and Investigation
June 24, 2005

Biography Channel Launches Supernatural Series: Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters
June 17, 2005

Southern Ghosts Offers A Weekend in Haunted Savannah August 26-28, 2005
June 15, 2005
Ghost Conference

The 1st Annual Horror Writing Contest of the Writers Room of Bucks County
June 8, 2005

Las Vegas Paranormal Conference Beckons Ghost Investigators October 2-4, 2005
May 27, 2005
Ghost Conference

Communicating with the Dead... Truth or Hoax?
May 9, 2005

"Ghost Hunt Nevada" - an Exciting New Class at WNCC
May 4, 2005

"CONTACT" The Berkshire Paranormal Ghost Conference and Seminar Coming to North Adams, Massachusetts, July 15-17, 2005
May 2, 2005
Ghost Conference

Ghost Convention International: Convening Global Ghost Hunters and Researchers at the Haunted Queen Mary in Long Beach, Sept. 9 11, 2005
April 27, 2005
Ghost Conference

Smoking Gun Research Agency to Host ParaCon '05 in Stratford, Connecticut
April 13, 2005
Ghost Conference

Paraquest Paranormal Conference 2005
April 1, 2005
Ghost Conference

A Weekend in St. Augustine
March 28, 2005
Ghost Conference

New Jersey Ghost Conference 2005
February 11, 2005
Ghost Conference

Haunted Virginia Paranormal Conference
February 9, 2005
Ghost Conference

2004 Archive
An Evening of Supernatural Legends at America's Stonehenge with Jeff Belanger
September 23, 2004

New Page Books and Announce The World's Most Haunted Places
August 24, 2004

The Science of the Unexplained Summer Forum To Feature Key Speakers From Connecticut And Surrounding Area
July 13, 2004
Ghost Conference

TV Show Looking to Assemble a Paranormal Investigative Team
June 21, 2004

The ARC 2004 ~ Alternate Realities Conference
February 18, 2004
Ghost Conference

$50,000 for PROOF of Paranormal in Canada
January 16, 2004

2003 Archive Celebrates Four Years of Ghost Research, Evidence, and Discussion
October 20, 2003

September 19, 2005


Parapsychologist and Director of East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO) Has Opened a Business Office in Historic Downtown Washington

WASHINGTON, N.C. - Do you have ghosts or other paranormal happenings in your home or place of business? If you suspect that youre having a brush with the unexplained, contact Christine Rodriguez. Whether you just need to talk to a professional or want to have a full scientific investigation, Christine Rodriguez and fellow East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO) investigators can be of assistance. They will also provide you with oral or written documentation of their results.

No newcomer to exploring the paranormal, Christine Rodriguez holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Florida. She is prepared to step into a paranormal case at a moments notice anywhere along the East Coast. 

According to Rodriguez, the question she gets asked the most is how much does an investigation cost? The answer is usually nothing. ECHO is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Occasionally a donation to ECHO for gas expenses is requested when a potentially haunted site is out-of-state. In-state investigations are at no cost to clients who are often benefiting by receiving free peace of mind after dealing with intrusive, unexplained phenomena in their homes. Rodriguez wants to help.

Her investigations are based on scientific principles relating to the laws of physics. Ghosts, ectoplasm, vortices, and certain orb phenomena seem to exist in an Infrared (IR) range that emits electromagnetic energies, which can be analyzed with scientific equipment. Rodriguez's research is based on the theory that potential spirit manifestations may be comprised of plasma energy, a fourth state of matter.

Rodriguez has been directly involved in paranormal research on the subject for four years, operating the successful Paranormal Investigations in Florida (P.O.R.T.A.L.) and now her E.C.H.O. team after a move to North Carolina. She is also the author of nine fiction and nonfiction books, and has served as an instructor for college level writing courses to law enforcement officers in West Palm Beach.

When not conducting client investigations, Rodriguez researches historical sites, cemeteries, and abandoned buildings in search of possible spirit activities. She has worked with clients like the Ft. Lauderdale Historical Society and the Martin County Historical Society, and appeared in the Sci Fi show Proof Positive. Her documentation includes the photos of a ghost dog in a Florida pet cemetery, a shadow ghost in a North Carolina cemetery, and a vortex in a local abandoned farmhouse. Most recently, Rodriguez and team member Sonya Holley helped investigate the Raleigh State Capital. 

East Coast Hauntings Organization is an easily accessible group via their office or Web site. Rodriguez performs professional scientific investigations using modern equipment such as digital and 35 mm cameras, IR video recorders, digital thermometers, Electromagnetic Field meters, IR viewers or monocular scopes, and tape recorders to carefully document every investigation. Though detailing evidential paranormal data is important, people needing assistance are her main concern. 

For information:
Phone: +1.252.948.0006

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