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February 27, 2009

The Witch on My Wall

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[Name Withheld Upon Request] - Charleston, South Carolina - 2000

Ever since I was young and throughout my teenage years, I had "problems" in our house. It first started with seeing faces on my bedroom wall, as if someone sketched a portrait. It was so real and stared into my eyes, I would get freaked out and close my eyes really quick and just try to go to sleep. One night when me and my younger brother used to share a bedroom (I was a teen at the time) I awoke hearing him making these weird noises, like he was shaking and kind of crying or something. I got annoyed because I was trying to sleep, so I called out his name and asked him what was wrong. He wouldn't answer, so I kept asking. I got fed up and turned around to face my bedroom wall, and all of a sudden this feeling came over me and something told me that I shouldn't open my eyes but they just popped open and I saw this face on my wall. I can only describe it as the face of a witch. I shut my eyes really fast and just laid there. Then my bed started to physically shake, it felt like someone was at the foot of my bed pushing down on the mattress. I put the blanket over my head and tried to block it out (my brother was still making weird noises as this was happening). It seemed like the more I tried to ignore it, the more my bed would shake. Even my headboard was shaking. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed for my mom and I heard her jump out of bed and run to my room.

As soon as my mom got near my door the shaking just stopped. She asked what was wrong in a panic, and I told her that something was wrong with my brother, that I saw a witch on my wall, and my bed was shaking. She told me I was dreaming and to go back to sleep.

Later, I asked my brother what happened that night and he told me that he saw a woman in white kind of floating, and she was moving toward him with her hands out saying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God." He said he just freaked out and couldn't speak. This "woman in white" has been seen by both of my sisters, also. I have never seen her, but I think I may have heard her.

On another day I was laying in bed and I heard talking, like in the next room. I heard my name mentioned, but I thought nothing of it because my older sister used to blab on the phone late at night. So I thought to myself, What is she doing on the phone so late, and why is she talking about me? Then the talking stopped and I heard my name called outside my bedroom door. Of course I freaked out and put the blanket over my head again. Then the voice called me some more and added, "I know you're there." So I started to pray for it to go away, and it did.

I went to church, got holy water, and put it on my bedroom wall, and I never saw the faces again.

Then an incident with my black cat: Before I entered high school one summer my black cat that I had since I was six-years-old, mysteriously died. Me and my mom buried him in our backyard underneath a banana tree. I put him in the hole and was crying and so was my mom, then I heard music that sounded sorrowful, yet comforting. I looked at my mom and I asked her if the neighbor was playing music. She looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. So I asked her, "Don't you hear that music?" She shook her head no, and was looking at me like I was crazy. Then she shook her head yes reluctantly.

Sometimes I would go in the backyard and visit my cat's gravesite, and I would hear humming that was sad, but so comforting. The humming sounded so close to me, it's like I could feel the humming vibrating on my skin. I got freaked out one day and ran out of the backyard when I heard it. Now that I'm older and don't live with my parents anymore, my mom finally admitted to my brother that she sometimes hears singing or humming around the house, but she would never admit this to me. My mom is very Catholic, and doesn't believe in ghosts. Back to the freaky backyard...

I stayed out late one night, it was past midnight, so I didn't want to wake my parents by ringing the bell. I went to the backyard to tap on my sister's window to have her let me sneak in the house. As I was tapping, the hair on the back of my neck felt tingly, and I felt a warmth very close to me, and something whispered, "Heeelp me." I went flying out of the backyard and rang the door bell. As soon as my mom answered the door she was fussing, but I didn't care. I ran in the house in a hurry. All of these "happenings" had me wondering and looking for answers, and that's when I started messing with the Ouija board...

I will not get into that right now. I wouldn't advise anyone to mess with that based on my personal experience. I also dreamt that my best friend's grandma would die on Christmas, one Christmas, and that is exactly what happened. Certain things that happened that day I had already dreamt the night before. As soon as my best friend's phone rang on that Christmas morning, I automatically knew what news that call would bring. I could talk about my encounters with the Ouija board, but that would be too long. To make a long story short about the Ouija board -- I cannot sleep in the dark on my own, and I'm 28 years-old. I cannot be in the house alone, even if it's day time, and I always feel that someone or something is with me all the time.

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