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September 28, 2009

I Had No Idea She Was a Ghost

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[Name Withheld Upon Request] - Bethany, New York - 2008

I am a paranormal investigator in New Jersey. I have been into the paranormal for many years. This story is one that I still find strange to this day. In 2008 I went with another group to Bethany, New York. I was very excited about the trip, and was hoping to catch a spirit on film. We traveled together communicating by cell phone to the location. When we arrived, the other group was not there yet. I pulled into the parking lot and saw a woman coming from the home located on the property. I got out of my car and she told me that we were not allowed to be there. I explained who we were and she told me that we could not be there until later on at the time arranged. I knew this was not the owner, but assumed it was her daughter as she came from the house. She was in her late 20s and appeared dressed for work. She was a bit short with me, but I assumed again that many people just show up, thrill seekers, etc. and they must get tired of telling them to leave. I did ask her how she liked living there and she shrugged with a look (not mean) but just a (sick of being asked look) and a grunt. So I apologized, headed to my car, and she walking back to the house.

As planned we went back and we had the whole group for the investigation overnight turning out some awesome pictures and experiences. This year, in 2009, I decided to take my group to Bethany. I wanted them to experience the things I felt, saw, and filmed. When we arrived we were greeted by the owner and we proceeded to the facility. I had informed my group not to show up early because of my encounter with the daughter the year before. After the video and breaking down into groups, I decided to say hello to the owner and to introduce my Assistant Organizer. We talked and we looked at old records of the place. I told her I was there the year before with another group. She was a bit upset that she was moving, and the place would be shut down this year for good. Somehow we got onto the subject of kids. I asked about her daughter and how she was doing. I told her I had met her the year before and that my group had been instructed not to show up early this year. To my surprise she told me her daughter was a very young a child. That there was no 20-30 year-old girl in her home then or now. I told her she had come out of her home. She told me that her friend ran the event that night. She didn't come until the scheduled time of arrival and she was nothing like I described (age, height, or weight). I didn't know what to say. I described her every detail as I remembered it. I quoted our exact conversation. Even the work clothes. When she pulled out a picture I could even point her out... only to find out she was someone from many many years ago that had been long gone. I was left in silence. There was nothing to me that didn't look or sound real about this girl a year ago. The owner and myself were just speechless. Had I spoken face-to-face with a ghost from long ago and yet had no question she was not real? Apparently I did. By far that was indeed my most unexplained experience in the paranormal.

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