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2010 Encounters:
The Girl in My Wall - Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Bloody Mary's Haunting Us - Colorado

Sam's Angry Spirit - Ohio

Screaming for Help - Needles, California

Captain Eli's Lamp - Belleville, Illinois

Blue Apparition by the Tree - Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Ghost picture

My New Haunted Home - Elmer, Louisiana

Smelling Grandmother's Perfume - Greenwich, Connecticut's 1000th Encounter - Paris, France

Grandmother's Warning in the Cottage - St. Helens, Merseyside, UK

Gore Orphanage Remains - Vermillion, Ohio

The Man at the Foot of My Bed - Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

My Ghostly Handyman - Sarasota, Florida

The Ghost Cat - Belleville, Illinois

Tingling My Skin - Wayzata, Minnesota

My Grandfather's Voice in the Field - Bihar, India

A Vision of Lucifer - Rockford, Illinois

Meeting My Spirit Guide - Arlington, Texas

Our Haunted Adobe - Taos, New Mexico

Huaka'i Po/Night Marchers at Keawaula Beach - Yokohama Bay Makaha, Hawaii

The Demon In My Bedroom - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

The Tall Dark Figure - Eagle Pass, Texas

Apparition in Brookdale Lodge - Brookdale, California
Ghost picture

The Entity in My Living Room - Aasiaat, Greenland

Dragging Sounds in the Hallway - Monticello, Florida

Blue Apparition in a Park - Henderson, Nevada
Ghost picture

Dark Figures Over the Bassinet - Queens, New York

Hitting a Ghost on Hwy 1942 - Crosby, Texas

The Haunted Reading Chair - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wedding Visitors and Joplin Spook Light - Joplin, Missouri

Dad's Doppelganger - Oslo, Norway

This is My Ghost Story - Milton, Florida
Ghost picture

Attacked in My Room - Malvern, Iowa

The Teddy Bear on the Floor - Milton, West Virginia

Ghosts Watching Me - Cascapedia St Jules, Quebec, Canada

The Crying Baby - Tampa, Florida

The Ghost of Nicole By the Bridge - Rochester, Illinois

The Spirit in My House - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Seneca Spook Light - Seneca, Missouri

The Presence in Our Home - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Civil War Soldier Visitor - Manassas Battlefield, Virginia
Ghost picture

A Ghost at My Birthday Party - Walla Walla, Washington

Visits From Freddie - Youngstown, Ohio

The Face in the Cellar Door - Groton, Vermont
Ghost picture

My Guardian Angel Uncle - Chiloquin, Oregon

The Lady in My House - Greensboro, North Carolina

Pop Pop's Goodbye Dream - Jacksonville, Florida

The Creature in My Lucid Dreams - Thessaloniki, Greece

My Brother's Protective Spirit - Ormond Beach, Florida

Encounters With My Grandfather - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Soldier by the Steam Pipe - West Haven, Connecticut
Ghost picture

The Thing on the Ceiling - Chemung, New York

Our Protective Spirits - McFarland, Kansas

Demon in the Hall Tree Chair - Houston, Texas

The Ghosts Set the Table - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The Dog We Tried to Save - Ashland, Kentucky

The Brown-Robed Figure - Yuba City, California

An Arm Across Our Windshield - Outside Helena, Montana

The Cold, Haunted Mansion - Brevard, North Carolina

Ginger's Nightly Visits - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One More Snuggle With Critter - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bowl, Pestle, and Bad Luck - Springville, California

Dad's Spirit at Our Toast - Cincinnati, Ohio
Ghost picture

Blue Man Apparition - Milton, Florida
Ghost picture

Haunting Wearing Me Down - Willow Springs, Illinois

October 31, 2010's 1000th Encounter

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Jeff Belanger - Paris, France - September 2003 was launched 11 years ago today. It's fitting that this encounter you're reading right now is our 1000th encounter published in this section so far. People from all over the world have shared their experiences, photos, videos, and audio clips that have shaken the foundations of what they believe.

When I started the site more than a decade ago, my idea was to take an objective approach, to welcome all view points on the subject, and to explore all things ghostly. That's still the objective today, however, I've made a few observations along the way. This encounters section has offered many people comfort.

I've received hundreds of emails over the years with similar tones: "I thought I was the only person who experienced that…," or "I live in that town and know exactly where that building is -- I also saw the ghost in the window." The Web site has offered a lot of validation for people -- an unintended, but really cool side-effect of this haunted Web destination.

I started in this field as a journalist. I still strive to present all sides in my research, but I recognize now that pure objectivity isn't possible. You can't spend 15 years studying a phenomenon and not reach a conclusion. Either A.) This stuff is all bunk and made up stories; or B.) It's real-there's more to it than just ghost stories.

I reached the latter conclusion in September of 2003 on a trip to Paris, France. While walking through the Catacombs 30 meters below the city streets among six million human skeletons, I saw something I can't explain in any other term but: ghost.

While walking through a narrow hallway lined with skulls I witnessed a dark, shadowy figure the size of a man move from the right side of the tunnel, to the left, and back again. I froze in my tracks. Time stopped, and my brain began running through a checklist of possibilities: Did someone walk by me? No, impossible, the hallway was too narrow. Is there some side-tunnel or offshoot? I checked. No. Is there lighting on the floor so a tiny mouse could cast a huge shadow? No. The lighting was shoulder level aiming down. Am I of sound mind and body right now? Yes. It was around 11 in the morning, I was sober, and under the influence of nothing.

If I close my eyes right now I can relive that event. What was only two or three seconds of my life has changed everything. Since then I have had a few other experiences I can't explain. I live for those moments. I find them exhilarating. I want to see more. In short, I believe.

We can debate the rest of our lives as to what these things are, be they residual hauntings, angels, demons, lost souls, trans-dimensional beings, or what have you; but I can't debate that this stuff is here right now. I've placed my flag in the ground and have moved forward.

Thank you to the hundreds of other people who were brave enough to share their sometimes deeply personal stories with Ghostvillagers and with the world. I can't wait to read the next 1000!

-Jeff Belanger

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